Collection: Be The Change | Organics Collection

After 12 years in the synthetic swimwear space, BeachCandy has grown into its higher purpose with organic natural fiber. Our female founder who healed herself holistically from a spinal autoimmune disease is leading the way into a non-toxic future hoping to be the change she wants to see in this world. Join our journey as we travel around the globe in search of ancient traditional artisans who struggle to survive with industrial fashion factories carelessly destroying lives and our precious natural resources. After all, as our founder likes to say, wellness is the most timeless trend of our lifetime.

Organic Womens Clothing

As a future organic women’s clothing brand, BeachCandy plans to do even better and change our ways in which we produce our products. Natural fibers are the future for our organic women’s clothing journey. We are eager to share with you all the ways we aim to support non-toxic living. Here at BeachCandy, we produce the best high-quality products for our customers, and moving forward we will be offering epic products with natural fibers. After 12 years in the fashion industry, BeachCandy is restructuring itself into an impactful organic women’s clothing company. If you want to follow our journey into transforming BeachCandy into an organic women’s clothing brand, follow us on our social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. With that said, no one is more proud of what the brand has accomplished, than our founder Brit. In innovative ways, our founder is continuing to rebuild BeachCandy the best possible organic women’s clothing options. Be the Change with BeachCandy, support our first step into natural fibers with the launch of an organic women’s clothing collection. The organic women’s clothing collection will include fibers such as cotton, hemp to name a few. This is an entirely new chapter for BeachCandy that we are thrilled to share about. We can’t wait to share this incredible journey as a new and improved organic women’s clothing brand with you. Stay tuned on our social platforms for more. 

Sustainable Swimwear

After 12 years as a company, BeachCandy is proud to announce that we are starting a raw journey as a sustainable brand. We are producing biodegradable natural fiber swimwear baby. As seen in our blog for Wednesday Wellness, we spoke about how synthetic fibers are a toxicity in fashion and how it's one of the main top pollutants of our planet. We also spoke about changing our ways on how we produce our products. Crafting sustainable swimwear that will not only help our only planet, but continue to help women find the confidence they seek. With our new and improved, sustainable swimwear, we plan on using natural fibers that are not only good for the planet but good for women’s health as well. Not only providing you with comfortable confidence, but keeping our famous fit in tact. Our sustainable swimwear will also be breathable against the skin and as it will be produced to have a high absorption quality, which will not store bacteria and fungi. The high quality absorption will also create ventilation through the fabric, making our sustainable swimwear feel dry, when you are wearing using it. Our sustainable swimwear will also have a long lasting lifecycle, which means that our products will last a lifetime or can be recycled to give new life. So don't worry about our products ending up in landfills once they're worn out, you can wear our sustainable swimwear as often as you like and afterwards recycle it. We will help our precious planet by continuing to reduce our carbon footprint by making responsible sustainable swimwear choices and sticking to producing natural high-quality products for the sake of our planet and for our loyal customers.


Hemp is another natural plant fiber BeachCandy will utilize for the production of our new non-toxic products. Hemp is a bast fiber, which means that it comes from the stem of a plant which can include bamboo, jute, flax or ramie. As BeachCandy transitions into becoming an organic brand, we are eager to educate you on the many benefits of hemp. By utilizing hemp as a natural fiber for our products, we are helping remove A LOT of carbon from the atmosphere. Hemp “takes in high amounts of carbon dioxide” in order to grow. What we are saying is that the more hemp plants are grown the more toxicity we get rid of, which we feel is a win-win for not only us but our planet. When hemp fiber is a finished product, it looks and feels like cotton, but better. Another known fact about hemp is that it can be grown in almost any climate as it helps purify the soil it is in, plus it kills most weeds. For our athletic beach babes, hemp is known to be breathable and resistant to bacteria. Hemp, as being one of the most sustainable fibers on the planet, it has a very short harvest cycle, which is great news as we can produce so much with it. BeachCandy is proud to produce organic products with natural fibers such as hemp. As we continue to become the change needed for our planet with this exciting new chapter of sustainable swimwear and beachwear for women.


As a natural fiber, cotton has become the number one to-go natural organic material that, sustainable brands are using for their products as it not only helps better the environment, but our cotton does not include utilize chemicals while being produced, as synthetic fibers do. Cotton when made ethically is a safe sustainable fiber choice, that we are eager to use for our womenswear. Made from the natural fibers of cotton plants, cotton is an insoluble organic compound, which makes it one of the strongest sustainable fibers, ever. Aside from being one of the strongest fibers, cotton is an easy-to-care-of fiber that you can wash as desired.  As we are dedicatedsticking to createcreating high- quality organic womens fashion, we at BeachCandy believe that cotton is a must. Thise natural fiber is known to be a soft, yet strong fiber which will continue to make our products have a lasting lifecycle. Some facts about cotton is that it is stronger when wet, which makes it very absorbent. For our skin-sensitive beach babes, cotton is hypoallergenic which means that you can still enjoy our products that will remain comfortable, so everyone and anyone can wear them. Our natural organic material products will not only use cotton, but other natural fibers like hemp and silk. As we have mentioned, BeachCandy will continue to help women find the confidence they seek in our swimwear. While making eco-conscious choices, as we work to be the change for our planet and future generations.