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BeachCandy Customer Testimonials

I am so in love with my first BeachCandy swimsuit, I would like to do another. I actually was supposed to send it in to their team for a slight alteration, but simply could not part with it during the summer. I LOVE my BeachCandy! It might sound silly, but it made my trip to Mexico much better than if I was wearing another suit. One day I put a VS bikini on and was immediately aware of the difference in fit and quality. Wore it for an hour and took it right off. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence I felt when I was wearing my BeachCandy. I worked very hard on getting my body where I wanted it, but without the right suit, all that work would have been for nothing. I could go to the beach and feel good about how l looked for the first time. My husband and I are headed to Las Vegas and I know this time I will be able to walk by the pool feeling like a rock star because I won’t be worried about my top cutting me in an unflattering way or where my chest is. That is a priceless feeling! Can’t wait for my second sexy swimsuit by BeachCandy. Thank you so much!

Emilie, New York

Shopping for womens swimwear has always been a much dreaded nightmare for me and my sisters. In fact, I know of very few girls who look forward to the grueling task. “Let’s go try on bikinis that don’t fit and leave the dressing room feeling great about ourselves” said no one ever! My search for a cute bikini started after VS stopped making swimwear. Why the closing of a company who made swimsuits that never fit me right was what prompted me to finally make the commitment to feel good about myself is a mystery. I should have made this decision and investment long time ago. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. Working with BeachCandy was the most pleasant and easy process you could possibly imagine. I live In NY and their location is in Cali, and they were easier than going to my local swim shop (I did that too and left crying). My 32dd chest was supported, my bottoms stayed on. And I surfed, hiked, paddle boarded and sunbathed, and looked amazing doing it. Coming from someone who has never walked down a beach in a bikini feeling confident, I will NEVER buy a swimsuit for larger busts from another company ever! BeachCandy has literally changed the way I view my body!

Chrissy, New York

I could have found many many places to buy womens swimwear but I didn’t want that, I wanted more, I wanted perfection!!! I came across BeachCandy Swimwear from a Google search and immediately fell in love with their swimsuits and apparel on their site. Being a curvy woman, I called and asked if getting a piece custom made even possible since I lived in Texas and they replied, happily, YES. From start to finish, their expert team remained in constant communication with me whether via text, phone or email to create the perfect swimsuit for my curvy body. Because of my dimensions, and their designers striving for perfection, I was able to send in photos and videos, in addition to “meeting” over FaceTime. I felt completely comfortable with the team and my needs. I would highly and unequivocally recommend BeachCandy Swimwear for the best swimsuits and unique swimwear designs, hands down. Top notch designer with top notch service!! Thank you BeachCandy!

Cimone, Texas

I was cautious to order over the phone, but once I had the measurements right, it was almost like I was there in person fitting for my suit. So many women aren’t able to find swimsuits to cover a c-section or tummy tuck scar, and all we need is a few more inches, but it’s been impossible to ever find a bikini that provided the coverage but was still flattering and sexy before now. I am super pleased with my swimsuit, and already have a few other styles I’ve picked out for my next pieces. It is such a personal thing to be in a swimsuit, and working with the team at BeachCandy I never felt hurried or rushed, they took their time to make sure I was comfortable and the result is a bikini that fits PERFECTLY. I couldn’t be more pleased with my whole experience. BeachCandy Swimwear truly engineered the perfect bikini, and it is exactly what I wanted. I’m now able to go out on a boat this weekend with this huge confidence boost, when in the past I wouldn’t have felt comfortable to go at all.

Michelle, California

From the moment I stepped foot into BeachCandy I fell in love with their innovative bathing suit designs and their gorgeous first class style. This was exactly what I had in mind for a perfect bathing suit scenario, a custom bathing suit for me that I could wear like a piece of art and no one else had the same thing on as me at the beach, pool, or on vacation. I brought in a favorite old weathered swimsuit and they not only recreated the silhouette, but perfected the fit, and added a little bit of Swarovski ‘Candy’. I wore my first BeachCandy suit to Vegas on a girls trip and was showered with compliments.

Adina, Newport Beach, CA

I’ve lived near the beach my entire life and have gone through hundreds of swimsuits that would either have a short life or wouldn’t fit right. It wasn’t until I discovered BeachCandy Swimwear that I realized what a true swimsuit should be. The team at BeachCandy is the very best I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Their team really cares about each customer creating a the perfect suit for their needs and with their attention to detail, passion for design, and dedication to beautiful elegance, BeachCandy seamlessly accomplishes perfection. I have personally ordered from BeachCandy on 4 supportive cute swimsuits, one of which was my Bridal Bikini for my honeymoon, and it was such a great experience. I described the style I wanted, picked the color, they measured me and gave me their expert design opinion (which I of course took!) and I told her how much Swarovski ‘Candy’ I wanted. I came back in a couple weeks to pick it up and I have never worn something that fit me so perfectly. Any time I wear one of my custom BeachCandy suits, I am approached by people asking me where I got my suit and how they have never seen anything like it before. They truly are one of a kind.

Maggie, California

I am so happy with my purchase, this is the best fitting suit I have ever owned! Usually the suit shopping experience is not pleasant. Shopping at BeachCandy was a wonderful experience. You made everything so easy! I especially love the black mesh cover up and the canvas bag I got as well. The next stop for my suit is my birthday trip to Cabo later this spring


I am a full figured women who has never been able to wear off-rack swimsuits because my top half and bottom half are not typical department store rack size. Brit’s assurance and confidence that I would love my swimsuit, feel sexy, and be appropriate for a family trip was an under statement! I looked and felt sexy in my swimsuit just as Brit assured me. The bottom part fit perfect, it covered my full rear (my junk in the trunk). The top was made to cover the sides of my breast (the part that can hang out over the sides of your bra) I was very secure and confident every time I stepped out in my custom-made BeachCandy.

Tawnia T, Sacramento, CA

Brittany custom-made my suit for my bikini competition. She put so much attention to detail and had several fittings to make sure I looked nothing but fabulous.On my big day, I felt so confident going out on stage knowing that my suit was absolutely stunning and it stood out so much from the rest. All of the other competitors asked me where I got it from.This is by far the best quality suit I ever had for any of my competitions. Thank you Brittany so much for all your help and love! I look forward to having you make another one for my next show.

Lisa L, Huntington Beach, CA

The unique beauty of every woman’s body…. BeachCandy intricately and lovingly accents every figure type with powerful talent of design and tailoring, bringing out the absolute beauty of every unique figure. After years of just trying to find a suit off the rack that never really made me feel anything but self-conscious, I was blessed to find this incredible brand who invited me to come in and have the perfect suit custom made for me. I had such a fun, unique experience, and the result was the first swimsuit I ever owned that made me feel beautiful. I could run my playful side swimming in the ocean confident that my fitted suit was intact in surf or on sand! Some gals like to sit by the pool or on the sand and just look really good…..but BeachCandy's suits really do make you “Beach Candy”. Then there’s the gals like me who like to swim and play…..They create perfect, gorgeous suits for that as well. I own 4 fabulous BeachCandies & they are ALL coming to Italy with me. Ciao Bella!!!! Honestly gals, we’re all a little insecure about our figures in swimwear to some degree, but BeachCandy creates the most comfortable, figure flattering suit, you will most definitely have the most stunning result.

Juli, California

With only a month away from my very first fitness bikini competition I hadn’t yet even picked a bikini to wear on stage. I spent all last summer flipping through pages of magazines, looking online and finally found exactly what I was looking for; BeachCandy. I wanted something that best represented myself on stage and something I could still wear again and again. I immediately called the store and booked an appointment with BritB, the designer/owner, for a custom fitting. While my body was changing size and would continue to change up until the day I stepped on stage, I needed someone who was a professional and someone who would be honest with me about what shapes, cuts & colors accentuated the right areas for my figure. Walking into BeachCandy feels like you are on vacation! She helped me pick the right color, tried on different styles, hand picked my own Swarovski Candy for my bikini and I even found accessories and my jewelry in the shop to compliment my new Beachcandy bikini! Before my bikini was done I was called to come back in for a final fitting to make sure everything was perfect. Its so important to feel confident in your bikini, with BeachCandy I felt sexy and comfortable in my swimsuit knowing I had the best fit for my figure and an amazing designer helping me complete the look I wanted. The day of my competition every girl backstage was oogling over my bikini and the quality of it, thank you so much BeachCandy for making my first fitness competition such a great and memorable experience!

Brandi W, Orange County, CA

My BeachCandy suit is my favorite suit in my closet. It fits perfectly because it was made just for my body. I love being able to pick the style and pattern I want. Brit is awesome at helping create the most flattering and beautiful design.

The quality is amazing! This was my first experience getting a custom suit and I am thrilled with the results. I can’t wait to get my next BeachCandy.

I had a custom bathing suit made at BeachCandy Swimwear because I was unable to find a bathing suit that fit me properly. All the really cute 2-piece bathing suits were just an inch or two too skimpy. At BeachCandy Brit took all my measurements and now I have the perfect fitting bathing suit. I don’t feel like I am going to fall out of my suit when I am in the water with my kids! The hardest part was trying to decide what color/pattern to choose first! The best part is she keeps everything on file and when I want a new color/style all I have to do is give her a call and she can make one with the measurements she has on file. My husband figured that one out! Amazingly, it was my husband that encouraged me to go to Brit in the first place. He saw how discouraged I was when I couldn’t find a proper fitting suit. I love to stop by her store, because I can always find something to buy….a cover-up, a pair of shoes, there is always something fun!

Kirsten P, Corona del Mar, CA

I shop a lot, and I particularly like shopping for swimsuits. We all know that shopping for swimwear isn’t easy, because let’s face it how many of us truly look that good in a bathing suit? Years of good living perhaps having children and neglecting work-outs can all take a toll on our confidence in stepping out in a new suit. So I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to run across BeachCandy in Corona Del Mar, CA. As I walked by I spotted the eye catching Candy of the bathing suits on display I immediately knew that to wear one of those stylish suits on display would make me feel like I was a Sports Illustrated Model.

When I wear that Fourth of July themed BeachCandy that I spotted in the window last June 2011, I am confident it is the best bikini out there in fit, design, quality and detail. And when I wear that BeachCandy suit, and other suits I have purchased at BeachCandy since, I experience the confidence of knowing that while I may not truly look like that 20 something year old SI model I’m still turning heads which at my age of 44. Having had those moments, I congratulate Brit, the owner of the store. And what used to be hard, shopping for swimwear is now so easy that I call BeachCandy and order from my home in the Bay Area without even having to try the suits on anymore!

Terri, Bay Area, CA

I have 5 BeachCandy swimsuits. Yes, it’s an addiction! Everything about a BeachCandy makes you want more. The fact that you can design and create everything you’ve ever wanted in a swimsuit is unheard of.

Also, the darling owner, BritB, takes great care to provide you with the experience of feeling beautiful and fully comfortable in your BeachCandy! The fabrics are of supreme quality as is the attention to detail. Oh, did I mention the suits are topped off with sparkling Swarovski crystals? Need I say more?

Lisa, Newport Beach, CA

My name is Rachel and I am a 34F so as you can imagine finding a swimsuit that fits has been quite an ordeal over the years. I hated the whole experience since I was young and dreaded summer because I knew I was not going to find something that made me feel good about being on the beach. I was always having to settle on fit and style. When I heard about BeachCandy Swimwear's fit I knew that I had to check it out. I had never been able to wear a supportive swimsuit without underwire and that tied from the neck and back. I was assured that it could be done and would be very supportive. BeachCandy truly has an expert understanding of how swimwear should fit a woman’s figure. I was able to custom design the print along with the color of the crystals I wanted on my suit. The finished product turned out gorgeous. Their designer personally fit the suit and made any adjustments I needed. For the first time I was able to walk out of a place with a swimsuit I loved. Overall wonderful experience, really changed how I felt about wearing a swimsuit. You won’t be disappointed if they can fit me they can fit anyone.

Rachel, Arizona

My name is Charlie Q and I live in Orange County, California. As a fitness model and bikini competitor I am always on the lookout for a great eye catching bikini that can make my already toned body look even better. When I walked into BeachCandy, my mouth started salivating. Maybe that is why it is called BeachCANDY!! There were so many beautiful colors and styles to choose from in addition to all of the gorgeous Swarovski crystals glittering all around me. As if that weren’t exciting enough, their swimsuit designer was on-hand to custom tailor fit my bikini. It is hard to imagine that one could go in for three separate fittings for a bikini but that is exactly what I did. And this was not because I was dissatisfied in the least. It was because of their famous fit and how their team wants each suit for each and every customer to be perfect!! And perfect it is. I later had pictures taken in that gorgeous bikini that I now use on my business cards and on my website. BeachCandy, you are the best!! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Bikini season is fast approaching and I can’t wait to see you all again soon! From supportive bikini tops to cute swimsuit bottoms, they've got you covered.

Charlie, California

What could be better than a custom made swim suit? Off the rack just can’t replace the exceptional individual fit achieved by Brit’s custom-made approach.

Beach Candy offers a truly unique style which couples custom fit with Swarovski crystals. You won’t run into anyone with the same suit at any backyard barbecues! (Incredibly handsome and fun boyfriend not included! ;))


BeachCandy created the most brilliant emerald green suit for me to wear on and off stage. Brit, I want to thank you for how you listened and put into action my design ideas, request for cut and style into the suit. My bikini flatters my figure and color tone perfectly. Heads turn every time I wear it! The fabric, beading and construction of the suit are top of the line! I’m already starting to dream up the next suit we can create together!

Jenn, Newport Beach, CA

Several years ago, I bought a bikini that I loved at a resort in the British Virgin Islands. It had a unique strapless top that was really flattering and fit well. It finally “died” and I looked everywhere for something to replace it …and even bought a few new suits but they all seemed to need a strap to stay in place. When I found BeachCandy, I brought my old top to the designer and owner, and she assured me that she could duplicate my top.First we had to find the right print and after she ordered some swatches for me several times, I found one that I really liked. Next, we had two or three fittings to make sure the top and the bottom fit the way I wanted. I always felt that their priority was to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and I never felt rushed when making a decision about some aspect of the fitting process. As promised, I received my new suit in time for my trip to Buenos Aires. I came back with a great tan and a great new suit. I would definitely recommend this swimsuit atelier to my friends and will use BeachCandy again for my next strapless bikini.

Jill, California

My bathing shopping experience has always been anything, but pleasant. Find the right top but the bottom doesn’t fit. Or the bottom fits perfect but the top is too small. Needless to say anytime I wanted to bathing suit shop I would have to take a shot of some libation just to keep calm. Then, when I found something that looked decent, it would barely last through an entire year because of cheap fabric. Thank goodness I found BeachCandy. I now have two sexy swimsuits with great material. One is a black BeachCandy style with the beautiful Swarovski crystals. It holds me in very well, yet looks super sexy and elegant. The other is fun, cute, comfortable and unique. The team at BeachCandy Swimwear knows women’s bodies. Ask them a question regarding a cut or style and they will tell you, expertly, what they think. For example, I have always hated how my bottom looks in suits. They told me their secret and gave me a cute bottom by fitting their high quality swimsuit just right. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with BeachCandy. You will go in as a customer and will end up with a friend of each member on their team. I truly loved my entire experience. No libation needed.

Goldie, California