Collection: 2024 Beach Accessories

Be extraordinary & accessorize your BeachCandy look poolside or beachside. It is our passion to provide you with everything you need for the perfect getaway. Our team works tirelessly to bring you a curated collection of resort ready must-haves. From cute statement earrings to iconic fringe beach umbrellas, our exquisite collection of beach accessories have got you covered. 

Don't miss out on our famous fit swimwear for women worldwide. Handcrafted in the USA by women for women for over a decade in business. From a worldly curated collection of beach accessories to the highest quality swim, we have got you covered.

Women owned & operated since 2011. Shine On & Shop Now.

Beach Accessories

Our beach accessories are must-haves to add to your new bathing suit. We tailor these beach accessories just for our shoppers, and we want them to be perfect to go with your swimsuit. Our beach accessories cover head to toe and include anything from earrings to sandals to complete your look, and tote bags and beach umbrellas to bring with you on your next tropical vacation. Our best beach accessories are very versatile and can be worn during the day by the pool and at night, making them quick easy pieces to throw into your luggage. Our customers don’t have to compromise when it comes to their swimsuits, beach accessories and resort wear making BeachCandy the perfect one stop shop.

Accessorize Your Swimsuit

Shop our beach accessories for women to complete a perfect head to toe look. No matter what your destination is, we have the perfect accessories to help you look trendy and fun. If you need help styling any of our swimsuits please feel free to reach out to us and we will gladly help you.

Shop our hand-picked exotic selection of beachwear and must-have beach accessories. We sell every beach accessory that you could ever dream of. From vegan leather/water resistant beach bags to beach umbrellas, we have it all. The perfect beach outfit is not complete without crystal sandals, earrings, sunglasses and a beach bag. 

While shopping our bikini accessories, you will find a variety of colors, materials and styles to keep you on trend. The best way to implement the best beach accessories of our BeachCandy fashion line is know how accessories add that extra flare to any ensemble. And to top it all, our custom made accessories are functional with a purpose. For example, those sun rays will look even more beautiful underneath BeachCandy’s best designer sunglasses.

Designer Sunglasses

One of our top selling shades are our Blake Sunglasses by IVI in which bring a sleek and feminine touch to classic Aviators. These aviators are durable and more importantly, comfortable. These shades also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection with clarity. BeachCandy features four different sunglasses by IVI including the BONNIE, BROOKS, BEVERLY, BLAKE, and DAGGERWING. These sunglasses are all great options and fashion forward. You are not compromising when purchasing any of these sunglasses as you are getting the correct care for your eyes and the style that every BeachCandy babe deserves.

IVI Vision

The BONNIE Sunglasses are a cat eye sunglasses combined with superior wayfarer design. These glasses are meant to be work with confidence! Be a fashion forward dive wearing the BONNIE glasses. 

The second style that we carry here at BeachCandy are the BROOKS sunglasses. The BROOKS glasses are the signature round iconic Hollywood inspired round shape. A classic, sophisticated look, the BROOKS glasses are suitable to just about any face shape and size. 

The BEVERLY sunglasses are an oversized rectangular shape with soft curves. They are appealing to many face shapes. These glasses are finished off with lenses from Carl Zeiss to finish the optical precision.

The BLAKE sunglasses take on the classic aviator look, while also being made by a luxury brand designer. With bridge shape design and luxury custom edging on the outer edge, these glasses are in high demand. These sunglasses are designed to last! They are designed for balance and comfort and are even made for impact resistance. The lenses are polarized, protecting your eyes the best way possible.

The DAGGERWING sunglasses are stylish oversized Cat eye sunglasses. These feature a retro, or throwback, design to give your look that extra flare. These sunglasses are made with premium Italian acetate and handmade nickel silver. We describe this look as feminine and intriguingly chic!

Red Tassel Earrings

What better way to listen to the ocean breeze than to pair your swimsuit ensemble than with our collection of bikini jewelry accessories line like our Red Tassel earrings. These earrings are a great piece to bring out a more luxurious vibe. These red tassel earrings are bold, beautiful and not too busy. The best part of this bikini accessory is that earrings like these or any of our earrings in our shop can be worn to the beach, a pool party, a girls’ night out or anytime you want to add a touch of exotic glamour. There is no limit for occasions to wear these beauties.

Although these earrings maybe some of the most popular and one of our best sellers, we have tons of options when it comes to earrings. We want to provide something for all of our beach babes. We will tell you more about some of our drop earrings later in this post! Our earrings are all handcrafted and made just for you. At BeachCandy we want you to fully complete your look from top to bottom. Our earrings are striking and utilize bright colors, as well as keeping it simple. Whatever earrings catch your eye, let us know so we can get you a pair with your newest bathing suit!

Must-Haves For Vacay

The Rosé Tassel Earrings put a spin on the traditional hoop earrings! With two separate hoops that dangle from your ears you will have the hottest earrings at the party. The hoops and tassel dangle approximately three inches below your earlobes and are nickel plated.

Neutral Earrings 

The Pewter Teardrop Earrings are like no others on our website. With a two inch drop , every part of this earring is beaded yet simple. Try these earrings for your next pool party or take them on your next beach vacation. Check out our complete earring selection on the website as we did not cover every single pair that we carry. Again, we are happy to assist you in finding any earrings that may fit what you need!

Stylish Handbags 

And if you are packing light, but wanting to make sure your bag does not get damaged, we offer the must-have beach bags for any chic beach going babe. Our most famous stylish bags are stylish, elegant, colorful, vegan leather and also water resistant. The Beach Bag with Vegan Leather and Water Resistant created by House of DE-VESI, can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a tote bag, with a translucent material to see your cute beachy items inside. A bag is a part of the must have beach accessories, pool party accessories, or even daily activity accessories that simply holds all the essentials.

Beach Bag with Vegan Leather

This Beach bag with vegan leather is a water resistant bag that we carry in colors red, yellow, black and white. This bag also has more than one purpose, it can be used as a tote or shoulder bag. It also has a clear translucent material so you can easily keep track of all of the items that you are carrying inside of it! Do not worry about having to rummage through your bag anymore with the BeachCandy bags! This bag is perfect for a pool bag, gym bag, diaper bag, and beach bag. It is vegan leather, and glass plastic.

Shop our Best Beach Bags 

Looking for even lighter bags? BeachCandy showcases the Chic Bamboo Handle Handbag made from genuine bamboo, perfect sized for the essentials while looking fashionable and has a zipper enclosure so none of your prized possessions fall out.

We also have our BeachCandy Tote bag. The sturdy canvas beach bag is the perfect beach tote that has thick rope handles and carry with ease.

The Rounded Straw bag is another great piece to add among the best swimsuit accessories. The rattan bag has multiple types of wear, sized to fit perfectly all the essentials to carry on the next vacation, beach trip or daily activities.

Make sure to step into our luxury sandals like our Crystal Rhinestone Leather Sandals. Each pair of sandals take over eight hours per pair to be created with genuine worldwide discovered gems, crystals, and natural stones. Stylish, chic, and glamorous, these crystal sandals can be worn at the beach, pool side or even a special night out.

NAMASTE Bamboo Handle Handbag

The chic bamboo handle handbag is also a great option when choosing a new tote. It is a textured handbag that is a high fashion statement and perfect for any outfit or bathing suit. The inside is lined to ensure that all of your belongings are safe and fit. A zipper finishes the bag so it closes tightly and none of your belongings will fall out. This is the perfect bag for your day to day routines.

If you are looking for something on the smaller side, check out the bohemian round straw handbag. This bag can be worn in a few different ways including the over the shoulder look or even hand carried. This bag also has a zipper enclosure and an inside lining to keep all of your belongings safe. Keep this bag in mind for your next beach trip or even just everyday errands!

Shop Signature BeachCandy Tote

For a classic canvas bag, check out the Signature BeachCandy Tote. This bag is perfect for any need and it is built to last anything. The thick rope handles hold the bag to keep it sturdy and able to carry anything and everything that you may want to bring to the beach. It's great for holding beach toys and other goodies safe and sand free. Do not forget to keep this bag in mind when you are purchasing a suit for a gift as it is a great choice to use as a gift bag! All of our bags are made just for you. With the variety of bags that we have in our collection make sure that there is something to satisfy all of your needs!

Say Goodbye to Cellulite...

Never fear wearing your favorite BeachCandy Swimwear with our JAN MARINI Cellulite Cream. CelluliTx is an anti-aging cellulite cream enriched with beneficial ingredients that provide improving visible signs for not only your beach body but overall better treatment for skin. Well known ingredients include caffeine which stimulate fat cell degradation while preventing new fat cells from arising, retinol for increasing cell turnover and collagen production that hides appearance of dimpling fat, and even glaucine that inhibits synthesis while reducing water retention / inflammation.

Wanting to soak up the sun and not get sun burned in the process, bring along our portable beach umbrella or the BeachBrella®. The BeachBrella® is a designer luxury beach umbrella created because this beautifully designed must-have fringe umbrella had not been made in the market before. This custom umbrella has eye catching patterns, 100% UV protection, water resistant and weighs less than 5 lbs. And when your hands are full with kids, picnic foods or other beach must haves, this umbrella comes with a denim over-the-shoulder carry bag that makes carrying trouble-free.

Shop Curated Accessory Collection Online Now...

Shop our curated BeachCandy beachy accessory collection for the most stylish, functional and easily packaged to be the best pool party accessory, beach accessory and overall fashionable swimsuit jewelry accessory options. If you need help styling any of our swimsuits please feel free to reach out to us via chat, email, or a phone call. It would be our pleasure to assist you in achieving the perfect look for any occasion.

Shop Comfortable Beaded Leather Sandals

The genuine crystal leather ankle sandals are a beautiful addition to your beachy vibe. These sandals are in fact jewelry for your feet, without losing any comfort. Just like the bathing suits, they sandals are beaded with genuine Swarovski crystals. Both the upper and lower soles are of pure, genuine leather as well. Stay stylish and comfortable with these sandals! We also carry one other sandal, which are very similar to the ankle sandals but do not have the ankle strap, and fit more like the traditional sandal. These are also beaded with genuine Swarovski crystals and can be rocked anywhere from the beach or the grocery store! Use these to spice up any look you are going for!

Beach Umbrella by BEACHBrella

Relax on your beach towel or beach blanket with your favorite drinks and snacks beneath one of our eye-catching beach umbrellas! At BeachCandy we have a couple different options for beach umbrellas to keep you in the shade when you need a break from tanning. These umbrellas can also work perfectly in your backyard, or anywhere that needs a pop of style! They are different than any umbrella that you have owned before. Be sure to read below to find out how.

The Fringe BeachBrella is a must have designer luxury beach umbrella. This umbrella contains vintage designs and has amazing fringe! It is also one hundred percent UV protection from the sun and also will stay nice forever with fade and water resistance. The umbrella is also light in weight, in fact it is under 5 pounds so just about anyone is able to carry it! To go along with the umbrella, you will receive a denim carrying bag that comes with a canvas strap for hands free walking. This umbrella comes in a variety different designs and colors, so you can choose how you want to customize your experience. Go with the black and white option if you want to keep it simple, or bring out your wild side with the bright colors and bold patterns.

How May We Assist You?

At BeachCandy, we genuinely want your experience to be one that you remember for the best. We carry a couple different products that will help your experience with our suits. One of these products is Jan Marini anti cellulite cream so that you always feel confident in your bathing suit and also luxury swimwear cleanser to keep your bathing suit good as new. This cream will keep any areas that you are self conscious about smooth and toned so your worries about them stay at bay! In fact, the cream does not just manage your cellulite for the time being, it actually diminishes it. The anti aging cellulite creams caffeine and retinol enriched formula deals with cellulite while also invigorating skin cells. Look to this skin care item if you are in need and want a little boost of confidence for your bikini ready body.

Add Luxury Swimsuit Cleanser at Checkout

Another care item that we carry is not for you, but for your gorgeous new BeachCandy bathing suit! The luxury swimwear cleanser is a soapy, sudsy, quick drying cleaning solution that drives to clean your suit of any toxins like dirt, sunscreen, salt, chlorine, and even sweat. It will give your suit the deep clean that it needs after a long day at the beach or pool and reverse the harmful effects to maintain the vibrant colors and elasticity.

We want your suit to last as long as possible, and although we make our suits at the highest quality it is important that you do your part to make sure that you also get the most out of your bathing suit. The ocean and pool have many toxins that will tarnish your bikini and we want to make sure that we can do all we can to prevent this and keep you in your BeachCandy suit forever!

All Your Womens Beachwear Needs

Wherever your next trip or vacation may be, BeachCandy has all of your essentials. Remember to keep in mind that we have all types of accessories to assist not only your beach vacation trips, but also your everyday life. If you want something of high quality and also high fashion, make sure that you are shopping BeachCandy! We will not stop until you are completely satisfied and love your BeachCandy experience.

Our team is thankful that you took the time to check out all of our accessories that we provide to compliment our bathing suits! We hope that you have found some of the things that you were looking for, and that some of the items that we carry have inspired your next summer vibe! If you have and questions or suggestions feel free to contact our customer service team to get more information! Thank you again for taking a look at all of the accessories we carry and make sure to check out all of our bathing suits from bikinis to swim dresses!

These are the trendiest must-have accessories!