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DRISHTI Yoga Necklace

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The DRISHTI Yoga Necklace will give you balance throughout your day. We love to stack our small and large styles together as our everyday wear. Shop these rare sacred pieces from the mountains of Peru & Tibet.
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Stay Grounded Stone Yoga Necklace

We think one of the greatest parts of BeachCandy is our ability to help women create their vision for raw beauty. 

This vision captures a small speck of what mother nature already provides to us. This look attracts women who choose to stay grounded with the natural essences of the most beautiful aspects of the world. At BeachCandy, we are adding on to our variety of clothing and accessories that help women achieve that vision. 

These new accessories will help form the charming look for when you’re relaxing on a hammock, walking in the farm side, or performing a tranquil, yoga practice to ease the mind. 

BeachCandy is introducing our new assortment of yoga om necklace styles made with stones of the Earth. Take advantage of the elegantly smooth and attractive moonstone and turquoise stones that nicely wrap around the neck. 

The moonstone is iridescent and consists of a white and clear color in its properties. The illuminating waves of transitions from transparent to opaque, under the sunlight is known as opalescence. What a lustrous word, it really brings beauty to the stone doesn’t it.

The turquoise stone contains dark, weblike lines that can be really useful to layer on top of our wide and varied selection of our black swimsuit coverups. The intricate lines that line the vibrant top coat add a beautiful contrast that does the color pop. 

The turquoise, yoga necklace has an opaque, bright blue and green mixture of colors – a mineral that consists of hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. 

The alluring chain part of the yoga necklace is hand-made with seed beads in Peru – along with the horn pendant on the longer necklace originating from Tibet. Stylize your look this season with hand-picked pieces from around the world.

The traditional source for the vibrant green color in turquoise is of the Nashapur district of Iran, in which they describe the color of the stones as “robin’s egg blue” or “sky blue” – even if they weren’t actually mined in Iran. 

These yoga jewelry are an add-on for women who want to start their natural stone collection – or who've already invested in them for its practical and aesthetic use. Both the turquoise and moonstone necklaces are authentic, meaning each piece is meant to be as real as you! 

This lovely yoga necklace adornment was made to not only fit your vision, but it’s great candy eye to match with other parts of our swimwear and accessories. Imagine adding some yoga inspiration to your elegant swimsuits with the earthy stones around the neck. 

Complete the Look with our Famous Fit Swim

For instance, the MICHELLE High Neck Bikini Top covers the chest area, allowing you to steer attention closer to the neck. In effect, the necklace adds a subtle glam with an extra piece to your fit placed nicely on the chest. 

Another BeachCandy halter swimwear is the Heidi High Neck One Piece Swimsuit that can be matched with our new yoga necklaces. The HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit is the piece that will let the translucent moonstone necklace gleam under the sun, almost like the shallow water in a serene pool. 

One piece that we think will fit perfectly with a more western vibe is the GENEVIVE Crochet Bikini Top that matches the deep tan color of damp sand. Any necklace – the soft moonstone or the vibrant turquoise – will really pop with the earthy tones of the woven swim top. 

But, if you are thinking of still wearing a halter top with the necklace, we definitely have a choice for those women who just want to chill.. The BANDITA Two Piece Skirt Set is the perfect fit that will allow the necklace to bring together that peaceful vibe you bring to the poolside. 

Shop Most Wanted Beach Accessories

Want to create a more complete look? Our beautiful selection of high-quality earrings will have you wanting to buy everything in turquoise or moonstone shades! 

Let’s start with which earring would look great with the moonstone necklace. The beautifully pure white in the moonstone would compliment the white-colored NATURAL Tear Drop Earrings so perfectly. 

Or if you’re feeling like giving a little more attention to the turquoise yoga necklace, we would highly-encourage pairing it with the NATIVE Seed Bead Earrings.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to your natural, earthy look that will create the perfect union to your swimwear lounge, your western beachwear, or your uplifting yoga-inspired fit. 

Make your life stress-free by choosing both moonstone or the turquoise yoga necklaces to expand your fashion palette.

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