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When it comes to bridal beachwear, nothing can compare to BeachCandy Swim. Suiting iconic brides around the world since 2011 -- BeachCandy's famous quality and fit is one-of-a-kind on this planet. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, handcrafted locally in Los Angeles. Don't miss this once in a lifetime moment to shine your brightest.

Bridal Swimwear

Make every moment count and have fun being a bride by picking out the perfect bridal swimwear that best fits your personality. Picking out the perfect white bridal suit from our bridal swimwear collection will give you that beautiful distinctive feeling that will make every second feel special. You will definitely stand out and be the wife of the party! Bridal swimwear is the key to the best bachelorette weekend.

 There are a ton of things on your mind during your wedding season and bridal swimsuit shopping does not have to be an overwhelming portion of the list. BeachCandy Swimwear offers a variety of white bridal swimwearbathing suits that are made stress-free to choose from.  

We want you to choose something that reflects both your personality and taste. Different styles of white one piece bridal swimsuits and bikini sets are available to be chosen to your liking. You can mix and match different bikini tops with bikini bottoms that you prefer best and really curate your own style for your bridal swimwear with each piece that we offer. Be creative and have fun with these options because really the celebration is about you! 

We want to make bridal swimwear as easy as it can be for our beautiful brides. So if you would much prefer to pair a bikini as a set, we have aligned each piece on our bridal collection as the perfect matching set. For example, in the bridal swimwearswimsuit collection we have paired our RACHEL White Halter Bikini Top  with our RACHEL White Boyshort Bikini Bottoms to complement well with one another.  

Truly you can approach bridal swimwear in your own style in many different ways; it just depends on what you like and what you are comfortable with.  

If you would like more assistance in searching for the perfect bridal swimsuit, you can always leave us a message. We will be more than happy to work on giving you the best bridal bathing suit experience during this momentous time of your life.  

Bride Swimsuit

There is nothing more special than building moments with your family and friends during the events that lead you to your own wedding day. So what’s a better way to celebrate the bound arrival of your wedding day than with a memorable bride swimsuit?  

Beach and pool bachelorette parties are the perfect way to celebrate with your loved ones. You absolutely need to search for that perfect bride swimsuit that will distinguish you the most. If you're looking to do more of a bachelorette weekend getaway to elongate the fun, then you might even consider more than one bride swimsuit. You can do a mix of bride bikini swimsuits and a one piece bride swimsuit to do something special and different each day. A BC bride swimsuit will have you all set for the most perfect weekend before your big day.  

There are also other things to consider if you want to recreate a nostalgic movie feeling during your bachelorette party of a bride squad. Bridesmaid bachelorette bathing suits will be a fun addition to the bachelorette event making it an unforgettable time for everyone.  

All across our collections of swimwear, we do not only stop at the bride swimsuit.  Bachelorette swimsuits are available for everyone from bride bathing suits to bridesmaid swimsuits as well. You can choose the color according to your wedding color theme to match beautifully in your bachelorette party. There are several options to choose from in terms of color and style to meet the comfortability of each bridesmaid and what they prefer in terms of bikini sets or one piece swimsuits.  

Bachelorette party swimsuits can be easily found at BeachCandy Swimwear. We want our brides to find the perfect bride swimsuit for themselves and their bridesmaids as we understand that it is a difficult time with so much going on. Ultimately we want our brides not to panic because we are here to help you get that perfect bride swimsuit and make your shopping process easier.  

White Bride Bikini

Picture this: it’s the aftermath of your wedding and you need an eye catching attractive white bride bikini for your honeymoon. Your new bikini is fancy and its glamour can not be easily replicated. When the sun hits you, the white bride bikini glows almost like a spotlight is hitting you everywhere you go. What options do you have that will make your wedding look last longer, making you feel and look good?  

Why not go all out with a white bride bikini embedded with swarovski candy from top to bottom. There are a few options that will make you feel lavishing and in the wedding moodwedding ready even if your wedding has already passed. We hope bride’s find the perfect white bride bikini, we want our brides to feel like their wedding era is continuing onto the honeymoon stage. A white bride bikini is the perfect addition to anyone’s wedding season.  

Here are a few recommendations on our shiny candy white bridal bikinis:  

The first suggestion is our ALEXA White Triangle Bikini Top, which is our classic white bride bikini top lined with swarovski candy on the bust. This white bride bikini top can be easily paired with its match, the ALEXA Tie Side Bridal Bottom to give you more of a subtle look. Or if you are looking for a more outgoing twist to this classic approach, you can go for our special VIP Swarovski Bride Swimsuit Bottom. This bottom has swarovski candy all along the straps of the hips with the option to go either cheeky or full coverage. Both bottoms work amazingly with the ALEXA triangle top to make for a beautiful white bridal bikini.  

The second suggestion is the THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Honeymoon Swimsuit Top and the THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Honeymoon Bikini Bottom match. Now this is the ultimate white bride bikini set with honeymoon right in the name. The top and bottom of these matching pieces are decked out in swarovski candy to really give the bride that luxury look. After wearing this set you will definitely feel like the star of your honeymoon destination.  

When you’re picking out your white bridal bikini, you really want it to feel special because these moments are hard to get back. So why not take advantage of this once in a lifetime occasion, spoil yourself and shine bright.