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BeachCandy Swimwear Wholesale

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to shine their brightest in a swimsuit. With quality as our priority over everything, we ensure women of all ages and sizes feel precious and exquisite. There is not another brand in the world that inspires each design with over a decade of fitting room feedback. Each and every style is tried, tested, and true to the real wants and needs of women around the world.

Furthermore, no other brand also stands behind their swimwear with a beading guarantee. This solidifies our sustainable efforts as brand to limit waste and also keeps our loyal BeachCandy babes collecting our priceless products. Shop our curated collection of ready-to-wear swimsuits directly inspired by real women worldwide.

There is nothing quite like the fit, quality, and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit. From our Signature Swarovski beading for a touch of shine to our American ethical craftsmanship, this is a brand in a league of its own. Trust us, if you want to tantalize your sophisticated customer, BeachCandy is it.

Serving as a swimwear sanctuary since 2011, BeachCandy provides the supreme swimsuit to women around the world. Feel free to reach out to our expert team for assistance in creating the perfect order for your ideal customer.

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