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Organic Cotton Robe

Organic Cotton Robe

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This exquisite organic cotton robe is masterpiece of craftsmanship, sustainability and the timeless elegance of ancient Indian block print techniques. Experience the unparalleled comfort and purity of organic cotton, plant-based organic dyes and eco-friendly practices.

100% organic Indian cotton.
Handcrafted in India - Ancient block print techniques.
Ayurveda organic plant-based dye traditions.
Cropped mid-calf hem + flared kimono sleeves.
One size fits most.

Size: S/M
Color: Organic Indigo


Organic Cotton Robe with Long Sleeves

Introducing our exquisite organic cotton robe with ancient Indian block print techniques. A masterpiece of craftsmanship and sustainability. This meticulously crafted robe combines the timeless elegance of ancient Indian block print techniques. With the unparalleled comfort and purity of organic cotton. 

With plant-based organic dyes and eco-friendly practices. It promises to bring lifelong peace to your wardrobe and make a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Crafted from the finest organic cotton, this robe is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Our cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, ensuring a toxin-free and eco-friendly product. By choosing organic cotton, you are not only taking care of your own well-being but also supporting a healthier planet.

The ancient Indian block print techniques used in the creation of this robe add a touch of timeless beauty. Each intricate design is carefully handcrafted using wooden blocks that have been passed down through generations. This traditional method imparts a unique and authentic charm to every piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

To enhance the beauty of the robe, we employ plant-based organic dyes sourced from nature's abundant palette. These dyes are free from harmful chemicals and ensure that the colors remain vibrant and fade-resistant over time. The result is a stunning array of hues inspired by nature itself, bringing a touch of earthy elegance to your wardrobe.

Robes have many functions, they can be worn after a shower. As a beach cover up over a bikini, or around the house. Could also be worn as a wrap dress or even over a dress as a trench coat style. 

The cotton robe is so stylish it can be worn in the house or out of it. No more embarrassment in wearing your robe out in the morning. instead, your neighbors will be asking where you got it from to buy their own. The versatile piece will be your everything throughout each season due to its warmth and breathability. 

The cotton robe comes in three patterns. The first is a deep, dark indigo blue color with a third-eye design and a border around the edge. Our pomegranate block print pattern uses the ancient, traditional art of block printing from India for all of our pink lovers. For a more neutral look, there is a natural clover eight-star block print with a border. 

Of course our cotton robe is made with all-natural fabrics and dyes. So there are no harmful additives or bleaches used on the fabric. Our cotton robe will be your new favorite pajama, loungewear, and swimsuit cover-up. It is everything you could want and more. 

The cotton robe is a kimono style, with long wide sleeves, and it hits just below the knee area. The cotton robe is cinched at the waist by a substantial fabric tie. 

A Robe-olution: The Confident Comfort Trend

The all-natural kimono-style robe is a stylish and comfortable piece. Perfect for relaxing at home or lounging by the pool. It was created with all-natural cotton, which makes the fabric extra soft and breathable yet absorbent. With its combination of natural materials and unique design, the kimono robe is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

However, those of us who aren’t robe people may be thinking, what is the point of a robe? Why do I need a robe now? Either you are a robe lover and can’t live without one. Or you’ve worn one once or only in the hotel room when they provide it for you. 

However, robes are such versatile garments that have a wide range of benefits and uses. The addition of a robe into your life could be just what you need right now. Here’s some reasons why robes are helpful and needed in life:

  1. Convenience – So easy to wear as you’re getting out of the shower or getting out of the pool. You can put it on over clothes or your undergarments, tie it at the waist, and be good to go. No one will ever know what’s going on under there. 
  2. Warmth – The all natural cotton provides heat during those colder months. It is the perfect layer to add over your pajamas in the morning as you sip on your coffee. 
  3. Protection – A robe can protect your clothes from getting dirty when doing chores around the house or cooking.
  4. Comfortable – The fabric is soft and smooth which makes it the best cozy option for lounging around the house.
  5. Versatile – They can be worn over casual clothing as well and it can be left untied for an open tunic look. However, robes also can be worn over a bathing suit, pajamas, or nothing, whatever you need!

All Natural, All Good

All-natural cotton provides many benefits for the environment and for us as humans. Robes need to be made from the best of the best because of the importance they have in our lives. By crafting a robe with all-natural cotton and dyes. This robe will be all that and more and unparalleled to the robe you have or don’t have right now. 

Why We Love Organic Cotton…

  1. Durability – This robe will last longer than other robes because all organic cotton is sustainable and strong. So it can withstand daily wear and tear. Even with frequent washing, the robe will last for a long time.
  2. Absorbent – All-natural cotton is highly absorbent. So it will quickly absorb moisture from your body and leave you feeling comfortable and dry. This is perfect for when you're getting out of the shower or after swimming in the pool.
  3. Sustainable – Since cotton is a renewable source that is also biodegradable and eco-friendly. There is no harm to the environment when making this garment. All natural cotton farming is actually good for soil health and promotes successful growth. 
  4. Hypoallergenic – Since there are no toxic additives or chemicals in the process of production. This is great for sensitive skin types and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. 
  5. Comfort – The all-organic cotton is so soft to the touch yet breathable, so you don’t feel trapped inside it. The fabric will keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed all day long. 

It’s time to toss the other robes, and move towards sustainable and ethical fashion. The all natural cotton kimono robe will make you forget about your old robe. There’s always room for ethical, all natural cotton garments in our wardrobe. 

What is Block Printing?

The amazing, ancient art of block printing comes from India and has been practiced for thousands of years. However, with the rise of machinery and technology, the ancient tradition of block printing art was starting to dwindle. 

However, we couldn’t think of a better way to support our talented team of artisans in India. Then to incorporate their art into our new collection. The patterns are handmade and are absolutely beautiful.

The technique uses hand-carved wooden blocks to print intricate designs on the fabric. The process is very labor intensive and takes a lot of time to perfect the patterns in the wood. The blocks are created in different sizes, depending on the length of the fabric and the complexity of the design. 

Once the blocks are carved, they are dipped in all natural dyes. Either made from vegetables or mud, and stamped onto the fabric. The process is continued multiple times. Each block is carefully placed to ensure the patterns are aligned to create a seamless pattern. 

There are a wide range of patterns that can be created by block printing. One of the most used style of block printing is called “Ajrakh” which originated in the region of Gujarat. This style uses a beautiful deep blue color and intricate patterns.

Not only is block printing a beautiful, ancient art form, but it is an important piece of India’s cultural heritage. By supporting block printing artisans, we are helping to preserve the art and helping local economies. 

Living for All-Natural Dyes

Have you ever thought about what your turquoise shirt or bright pink skirt was dyed with? We see these bright colors for spring and summer, and put them right on. However, a lot of these vibrantly colored textiles are created with harmful dyes and chemicals. 

Instead of layering chemicals and toxins on your skin, we recommend wearing all naturally dyed fabrics. There are many pros to wearing all natural dyes instead of synthetically dyed clothing such as:

  • Environmentally Safe – All natural dyes are made from plants or vegetables. Which are biodegradable, and do not harm the environment during the production process. In comparison, synthetic dyes often are made by petrochemicals and when leaked into the environment, can be harmful. 
  • Sustainable – When you support naturally dyed fabrics, it also promotes sustainable farming practices and the use of renewable resources. Natural dyes, additionally, can be used to repurpose discarded plant matter into useful products. 
  • Healthy – Natural dyes are generally considered safe for skin and are unlikely to cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Some natural dyes have even been found to have properties that are healing medicinally. 
  • Less water used – In contrast to synthetic dying methods, natural dyeing uses less water. An invaluable resource we need to protect. The process of extracting natural dyes is performed in a variety of different ways. That don’t require large amounts of water. 
  • Biodegradable – The waste produced during the process of natural dyeing is safely disposed of and biodegradable. So it won’t harm the surrounding environment. On the other hand, synthetic dyeing releases toxic waste that is difficult to dispose of safely. 

We would never pour chemicals, bleaches, or toxins on our bodies. So why do we allow them to be in our clothes? 

Many people are harmed by these dyes and chemicals, whether that be by an autoimmune disease or allergic reactions. Unfortunately, companies continue to use synthetic fabrics due to the cheap production costs and the mass quantity. However, they do not care about the effects it has on you. 

We never would think that our clothes could potentially be making us sick. Harming our skin, but that is the reality of fast fashion. By supporting all organic cotton and natural dyes, you’re helping your health, the environment and supporting ethically sourced products.

We’re Breaking Up with Synthetic Fabrics and Dyes

Fashion, once known for its creativity and artistry, has gradually become a source of toxicity in today's society. The detrimental effects of pollution in the fashion industry have caused severe damage to our ecosystems and environment. From the rise of fast fashion to the use of harmful chemicals and the disposal of massive amounts of textile waste. The fashion industry's impact is undeniable.

Fast fashion, characterized by its rapid production and consumption cycles, has contributed significantly to the toxicity of the fashion industry. This business model thrives on quick turnover and low prices, enticing consumers to constantly purchase new clothing items. 

However, behind the allure of affordable and trendy garments lies a dark reality. Fast fashion relies on the exploitation of cheap labor and unethical working conditions in developing countries. 

Where workers are often subjected to long hours, low wages, and hazardous environments.

Moreover, the production processes involved in fashion contribute to the release of toxic chemicals and pollutants. The textile industry is one of the largest water consumers and polluters globally, accounting for significant water contamination. Many textile manufacturing processes involve the use of chemicals such as dyes, bleaches, and finishing agents. Which are often released into water bodies untreated, leading to the pollution of rivers, lakes, and oceans. 

These pollutants harm aquatic life and disrupt fragile ecosystems, threatening the biodiversity of our planet.

Additionally, the fashion industry is a major contributor to air pollution. Factories emitting toxic gasses and particulate matter during the production of textiles and clothing release harmful substances into the atmosphere. These pollutants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Directly contributing to air pollution and having adverse effects on both human health and the environment.

They contribute to the formation of smog, respiratory problems, and the exacerbation of climate change.

Furthermore, the disposal of fashion waste poses a significant environmental challenge. Textile waste often ends up in landfills. Where it decomposes slowly and releases greenhouse gasses like methane, a potent contributor to climate change. 

Synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, commonly used in fast fashion, take hundreds of years to break down. As a result, landfills become clogged with textile waste, further exacerbating the environmental impact.

The detrimental devastation caused by the fashion industry's toxicity extends beyond the immediate environmental consequences. It also affects the health and well-being of those living in proximity to textile manufacturing centers. Communities near these facilities are exposed to higher levels of pollution, leading to respiratory issues, skin problems, and other health concerns. These communities, often marginalized and economically disadvantaged, bear the brunt of the fashion industry's harmful practices.

However, there is a growing awareness and movement towards sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Many fashion brands and designers are adopting eco-friendly materials. Implementing cleaner production methods, and ensuring fair treatment of workers throughout the supply chain. Consumers, too, are becoming more conscious of their fashion choices, opting for sustainable brands, thrifting, and embracing slow fashion principles.

The toxicity of fashion today, particularly in the context of pollution and fast fashion. Has resulted in severe consequences for our ecosystems and environment. From the exploitation of workers to the release of harmful chemicals and the accumulation of textile waste. The fashion industry's negative impact is widespread. 

Addressing these issues requires a collective effort from industry stakeholders, policymakers, and consumers to promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Only through systemic change and conscious choices can we mitigate the toxicity of fashion. In hopes to safeguard the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Be the Change with BeachCandy

The kimono robe is a useful, and incredibly versatile piece that provides a wide range of benefits. Whether you are looking for warmth, protection, comfort, or ease, a robe can provide that on all counts. Just imagine coming home after a busy day and slipping into a soft, all natural cotton robe.

Or imagine a pool day with your family. Once you get out of the pool and throw on the robe for a post-swim lunch. Not only is the robe perfect for the summer, but it also is a necessity for the colder months. An additional layer over your pajamas as you relax at home. 

The organic cotton kimono robe is going to be your new favorite piece. The versatility and comfort that it provides are groundbreaking. The Kimono robe can be worn with pajamas or to a pool party and back to post-shower relaxation time. You will never want to take this comforting organic garment off.

The benefits that come along with the all-natural fabric and dyes are unbeatable. From the environmentally safe production to the all-natural dyes. This traditional, beautiful block printed pattern robe has it all. 

The Kimono robe is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. That’s why we are so proud to offer this amazing product to our BeachCandy community. 

All About the Organic Details 

The piping detail along the seams adds a subtle yet sophisticated touch to the robe's design. It showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every stitch. Elevating this piece to a level of true timeless artistry. 

The perfect pocket adds functionality, providing a convenient space to store small essentials. While the tie around the waist ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Every aspect of this robe is beautifully tailored to perfection, reflecting our dedication to creating garments of the highest quality. It is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, effortlessly elevating any outfit. Whether it's a casual day at the beach or an evening soirée. The softness of the organic cotton against your skin will make you never want to take it off.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this robe embodies the principles of sustainable fashion. By choosing organic cotton and supporting ancient Indian block print techniques. You are contributing to the preservation of traditional crafts and the empowerment of artisans. You can wear this robe with pride, knowing that it is a symbol of conscious consumption. 

One step at a time towards a more sustainable future…

In conclusion, our organic cotton robe with ancient Indian block print techniques is a work of art. Combining the elegance of traditional craftsmanship with the purity of organic cotton and eco-friendly practices. Its timeless design, attention to detail, and sustainable origins make it a perfect gift. 

Quite the lifelong companion for anyone who values both style and sustainability. Add this exquisite piece to your wardrobe and embrace the harmony it brings to your life.

Shop the Be the Change Organics Collection

Each piece in the BTC Collection has been handcrafted by artisanal block printers in India. Sewn and constructed by the most expert tailors on earth. Each and every piece is an essential staple to a non-toxic lifestyle in vibrant color. There is nothing more beautiful than the infinite power of nature turned to fashion.

What began as a luxury swimwear brand twelve years ago, has turned to the organic side. With a commitment to make an impact in an industry carelessly devastating our natural resources. Take your wardrobe to the next level with pieces that transcend any toxic trend into a space of timeless treasure. Since BeachCandy’s start, we have always believed in sustainable ethical practices.

If you would like to experience the swimwear that made us famous you can shop our Heritage Collection online. Browse bestsellers that have appeared on the pages of Sports Illustrated and countless episodes of the RHOC. But in truth, the most rewarding moments throughout the years… everyday women that our famous fit makes the difference for. Nothing thrills us more than to see a woman illuminated with confidence in BeachCandy.

Follow Along + Be the Change with BeachCandy

Size Guide

BeachCandy Size Guide


BeachCandy Size Guide 


At BeachCandy, we believe all women deserve to shine their absolute brightest. From our ethically handcrafted American-made products to our signature Swarovski beading and now upgrading into the world of natural fiber organics. Experience our promise of quality over everything -- each and every design detail rooted in extreme quality and lasting power.

What began in 2011, as a famed custom swimsuit shop in Corona Del Mar, California is now packaged and shipped around the globe. Ultimately, we know what it takes to provide supreme support & coverage without compromising style. If you are looking to end the compromise when shopping, this is the woman-owned brand for you.

Our Signature Swarovski Candy beading is just one detail that ensures our customers feel exquisite in our famous swimsuits. When it comes to our world famous fit we are the best in the business. Tried, tested, and true on countless women from around the world. Our brand is built upon over a decade of fitting room feedback from women worldwide.

We recommend that you take your measurements first, then find your size on our chart above. See image that demonstrates how and where to measure yourself to find your perfect fit. If you have any doubts or questions about sizing, please feel free to contact our expert tailors at

Care Instructions

Plant-Dyed Organic Garment Care Instructions


How maintain your long lasting sustainable natural fiber garments — learn how to take care of your products, while extending their lifecycle and vibrant colors. 

— When it comes to washing your garment, you will want to wash on the “delicate” setting in cold water. Once complete, hang or lay your garment in the shade to dry.

— With all organic plant-dyed pieces, there is a possibility of natural bleed from the garment. Wearing your garment multiple times in between washes can help to prevent over-washing. We highly recommend using chemical-free detergent to keep these precious non-toxic garment pristine — even add a splash of white vinegar to preserve the color.

— When it comes to ironing your BTC organics, you will want to do so on the ‘wool setting’ of your iron. This allows the job to get done, while treating the fiber with gentle care. 

Be the Change Organics provide high frequency fashion made from natural fibers with benefits of sustainability, improved comfort, scientifically elevates your vibration (frequency), and reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.


BeachCandy Swimwear Care Instructions


BeachCandy swim is carefully handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, made to last season after season when cared for properly.

Start by filling a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear. Soak your swimsuit with a capful of swimwear cleanser and repeat this hand wash process after each use and only in cool water.

Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas. We recommend soaking the swimsuit for 20-30 minutes until it does not smell like chlorine or the beach any longer. Hang it to dry naturally in a shady cool place. 

Do not wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet. Chlorine and chemical exposure may increase the chances of damaging your suit. Rough surfaces, and/or heat may also shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric and Swarovski candy. We also recommend that you don’t accidentally toss your BeachCandy in a washing machine, dryer, or spot clean with harsh chemicals. 


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