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Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic

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Our exquisite organic cotton long sleeve tunic, a garment that beautifully blends style, sustainability, and ethical craftsmanship. Handcrafted in India by skilled block printing artisans using organic plant dyes. This tunic embodies the power of non-toxic fashion and the essence of slow fashion movement.

100% organic Indian cotton.
Handcrafted in India - Ancient block print techniques.
Ayurveda organic plant-based dye traditions.
Flare statement long sleeves.
Experience our famous fit S-XL.

Size: S
Color: Organic Indigo


Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic

Introducing our exquisite organic cotton long sleeve tunic, a garment that beautifully blends style, sustainability, and ethical craftsmanship. Handcrafted in India by skilled block printing artisans using organic plant dyes. This tunic embodies the power of non-toxic fashion and the essence of slow fashion movement.

Every aspect of this tunic has been meticulously designed to promote a sustainable lifestyle. The use of organic dyes ensures that harmful chemicals don’t find their way into the environment or your skin. By opting for organic dyes, we embrace a more conscious approach that supports biodiversity. Significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional dyeing methods.

As we, at BeachCandy, continue to release our Organics line, we are overjoyed to present our long sleeve tunic to you.

Composed of 100% Organic cotton, the long sleeve tunic is designed to flatter your body in all the right ways.

The blouse comes in three unique shades, including the organic mud dye, organic indigo and organic pomegranate.

When shopping for tops, it can oftentimes be difficult to find one that is comfortable, yet aligns with your style. With the fashion industry being completely saturated with similar looking tops. It can be frustrating to find one that meets your needs. 

With gorgeous flared sleeves, alongside a daunting “V” neck, the top is individual to itself. Built to move with you and your lifestyle. 

How to Care For Your Naturally Dyed Fiber Clothing Here

It is important to BeachCandy that no harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used in our organics collection. The long sleeve tunic is dyed with natural dyes and fibers. You never will need to worry about skin irritation or other negative reactions to unnatural substances. 

With the summer months in full swing. The BeachCandy long sleeve tunic is both lightweight and breathable. Allowing you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. While being warmed by the woven cotton in the evening hours. 

Wondering How To Style Your Tunic? 

Tunics are shirts that typically are longer in length and looser in fit. An excellent option to pair your tunic with is a pair of your favorite jeans. Either slim fitting or wide legged, pick your vibe. Paired with a platform sandal, you will be comfortable throughout the day while flaunting your style. 

Let’s dive into our organic plant-based dyes specifically…

Organic Mud Dye

Mud Dye (Block Printing Technique in India): Ancient Indian block printing techniques involve using a mud-based dye. To create intricate organic patterns on fabric.

Organic Indigo Dye

Organic Indigo Dye (Block Printers in India): Block printers in India utilize organic indigo dye. Derived from the indigofera plant, to create beautiful blue hues on fabrics using traditional block printing methods.

Organic Pomegranate Dye

Organic Pomegranate Dye: Pomegranate dye, derived from the skin or rind of the fruit. Is an organic dyeing method that produces vibrant colors on textiles, often used in traditional Indian textile crafts.

With each design in the organics line, including the BeachCandy long sleeved tunic. BeachCandy is working to bring back individuality, authenticity, and honesty within the fashion industry. 

In a society that values money over health, wellness, and the overall well-being of others. It is no surprise that this mindset is extremely prominent within the fashion industry. Bringing back the element of creativity in fashion, is something that we, at BeachCandy, pride ourselves in each day. 

Why is Organic so Important to Us at BeachCandy? 

At BeachCandy, the word organic is more than just an adjective to describe a food, textile, or material. As we have transitioned away from synthetic materials, which many products are made from nowadays. Oftentimes, consumers are quick to overlook what their clothing is made of, especially if they think it is trendy and cute. We have all been in the position where our clothing seems to disintegrate. 

While this position is extremely frustrating to be in, the story behind how those clothes are manufactured is much more gruesome. Too often, retail giants will overlook the conditions for their workers and their products. Only focused on the monetary element, and not caring what happens after the product is sold. 

The Dangers of Fast Fashion 

Environmental Impact: Fast fashion relies on cheap materials and quick production cycles, leading to increased resource consumption and pollution. Organic fashion, on the other hand, promotes sustainable practices by using organic materials that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Human Rights Violations: Fast fashion often involves exploitative labor practices. With workers in factories subjected to low wages, long hours, and unsafe working conditions. Organic fashion emphasizes fair trade and ethical production. Ensuring that workers are treated fairly and provided with safe and healthy working environments.

Chemical Exposure: Fast fashion garments are typically made with synthetic fabrics that contain harmful chemicals. Such as dyes and finishing agents, which can be absorbed by the skin and cause allergic reactions or other health issues. Organic fashion prioritizes natural and organic materials, reducing the risk of chemical exposure and promoting healthier clothing options.

- Waste Generation: Fast fashion encourages a "throwaway" culture, where clothes are quickly discarded and end up in landfills. Organic fashion emphasizes durability, quality, and timeless designs. Encouraging consumers to invest in pieces that will last longer and contribute to reduced waste generation.

Carbon Footprint: Fast fashion relies heavily on global supply chains, resulting in high transportation emissions. By supporting organic fashion, which often prioritizes local sourcing and production. Consumers can help reduce carbon emissions associated with the fashion industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Meet Brit -- Founder, Fashion Designer, Pattern-Maker, + Autoimmune Activist.

BeachCandy strays away from this mindset and practice completely. BeachCandy founder Brit B has spent tireless hours researching how to improve the fashion industry as a whole. And what she can do as a business owner to make a difference. 

Brit spends her time with textile artists and seamstresses who make your BeachCandy clothing. To ensure not only the quality of the items. But also the quality of the work environments for those who are producing them. Learn more about our incredible brand story here.

As we begin to release our organic line, we are overjoyed to see the welcoming reaction of our community. At BeachCandy, strive to make every woman feel beautiful in her own body. Embracing her femininity, while caring for both her well being and the environment. Organic holds such a heavy weight here at BeachCandy as we embrace our core values. 

Placing fabric that was treated with respect on your body will forever change your viewpoint on the clothing industry. Our Be the Change Collection makes organic high fashion accessible for all.

The artistic expertise of the block printing artisans shines through in every intricate detail of this tunic. Each pattern is hand-printed using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece by today’s fashion standards. When supporting these skilled artisans, we contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and sustainable livelihoods.

In addition to its sustainable production, our tunic embodies the essence of slow fashion. With its classic design and timeless silhouette, it transcends seasonal trends and ensures longevity. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this tunic is made to withstand the test of time. A cherished piece in your wardrobe for years to come.

Be the Change with BeachCandy Organics

By choosing slow fashion over fast fashion, you actively combat the detrimental effects of the latter. Fast fashion promotes a throwaway culture, characterized by mass production, low-quality materials, and exploitative labor practices. The result is a significant environmental impact, from excessive waste generation to water pollution and carbon emissions.

With our organic cotton long sleeve tunic, you make a statement for a more sustainable future. You support fair trade practices and contribute to the preservation of artisanal craftsmanship. Prioritize your well-being by embracing non-toxic fashion.

Moreover, you become a part of a movement that challenges the status quo. Promoting conscious consumption and a more ethical fashion industry.

Indulge in the beauty of sustainable fashion with our Be the Change Collection. A symbol of style, integrity, and the power of making mindful choices. Embrace a wardrobe that tells a story, showcases your values, and makes a positive impact on the world.

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Size Guide

BeachCandy Size Guide


BeachCandy Size Guide 


At BeachCandy, we believe all women deserve to shine their absolute brightest. From our ethically handcrafted American-made products to our signature Swarovski beading and now upgrading into the world of natural fiber organics. Experience our promise of quality over everything -- each and every design detail rooted in extreme quality and lasting power.

What began in 2011, as a famed custom swimsuit shop in Corona Del Mar, California is now packaged and shipped around the globe. Ultimately, we know what it takes to provide supreme support & coverage without compromising style. If you are looking to end the compromise when shopping, this is the woman-owned brand for you.

Our Signature Swarovski Candy beading is just one detail that ensures our customers feel exquisite in our famous swimsuits. When it comes to our world famous fit we are the best in the business. Tried, tested, and true on countless women from around the world. Our brand is built upon over a decade of fitting room feedback from women worldwide.

We recommend that you take your measurements first, then find your size on our chart above. See image that demonstrates how and where to measure yourself to find your perfect fit. If you have any doubts or questions about sizing, please feel free to contact our expert tailors at

Care Instructions

Plant-Dyed Organic Garment Care Instructions


How maintain your long lasting sustainable natural fiber garments — learn how to take care of your products, while extending their lifecycle and vibrant colors. 

— When it comes to washing your garment, you will want to wash on the “delicate” setting in cold water. Once complete, hang or lay your garment in the shade to dry.

— With all organic plant-dyed pieces, there is a possibility of natural bleed from the garment. Wearing your garment multiple times in between washes can help to prevent over-washing. We highly recommend using chemical-free detergent to keep these precious non-toxic garment pristine — even add a splash of white vinegar to preserve the color.

— When it comes to ironing your BTC organics, you will want to do so on the ‘wool setting’ of your iron. This allows the job to get done, while treating the fiber with gentle care. 

Be the Change Organics provide high frequency fashion made from natural fibers with benefits of sustainability, improved comfort, scientifically elevates your vibration (frequency), and reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.


BeachCandy Swimwear Care Instructions


BeachCandy swim is carefully handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, made to last season after season when cared for properly.

Start by filling a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear. Soak your swimsuit with a capful of swimwear cleanser and repeat this hand wash process after each use and only in cool water.

Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas. We recommend soaking the swimsuit for 20-30 minutes until it does not smell like chlorine or the beach any longer. Hang it to dry naturally in a shady cool place. 

Do not wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet. Chlorine and chemical exposure may increase the chances of damaging your suit. Rough surfaces, and/or heat may also shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric and Swarovski candy. We also recommend that you don’t accidentally toss your BeachCandy in a washing machine, dryer, or spot clean with harsh chemicals. 


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