Collection: BeachCandy Ranch Collection

Welcome to BeachCandy Ranch, a legendary swimsuit sanctuary for women around the globe. What began as a local custom swimsuit shop on the coast of California has since grown into a global-beloved brand, 11 years later. Our famous fit has developed from over a decade of real fitting room feedback. Sight a BeachCandy swimsuit in the wild from a mile away thanks to it's legendary famous fit, all-American quality, and locally hand-beaded details. BeachCandy is proudly worn by legends around the world who believe in the power of a perfect swimsuit.

BeachCandy Ranch: Where Western Fashion Meets Swimwear 

Inspired by the glamorous fashion of the West, the BeachCandy Ranch Collection is a fusion of Western wear and the beachy aesthetics of California. It’s the same BeachCandy that you know and love, with high quality materials and long lasting products, just with a Western twist. 

The Ranch Collection closet houses accessories, clothing, Western swimsuits, and jewelry. With an array of colors that are featured throughout the entire collection, it’s easy to create the perfect Western ensemble: just pair any of the Western swimsuits, clothing, and accessories together! 

Feel transported to the lands of the West wearing one of the gorgeous flowy maxi skirts or the textured edgy fringe skirt over your Western swimsuit. And elevate any outfit by adding a chunky and statement-making belt. 

You can channel your inner cowgirl wearing one of our many stunning wide brimmed hats, and decorate your décolletage with an elegant necklace, elevating your Western swimsuit look to chic new heights. Many of the Western swimsuits, clothing, and accessories in this collection are influenced by nature and its simple beauty--we hope you enjoy them! 

Just like all of your favorite products from past collections, all Western swimsuit in the BeachCandy Ranch Collection were handmade in California and will last a lifetime. They have all been carefully developed and crafted with every woman in mind. Western swimsuits designed by women, for women. 

The ALMA Turquoise Ring 

This ring is the perfect companion to any of the Western swimsuits and clothing pieces that are part of BeachCandy Ranch. Made with beautiful pieces of turquoise set in stylishly tarnished silver, this accessory is sure to become a talking piece. 

Styled with a striking geometric and symmetrical design, you’re sure to be the envy of those around you. The ALMA has been crafted with a stretchy band, which means it will accommodate a variety of ring sizes. 

The WYLD Linen Wrap Skirt 

We adore this piece for its simplicity and style. Designed with a straps around the waist, you can tie the WYLD as snug or loose as you feel best in. This piece creates a classic silhouette that flatters everyone. 

The linen fabric is lightweight and flowy, and the hem has a wonderful subtle ruffled look to it. This skirt is easy to back into a beach bag and is the perfect cover up to wear over your favorite BeachCandy swimsuit. 

The ANKOR Bamboo Bangle Bracelet 

Eastern nature meets the West in this bracelet. We love the boho-chic vibe of this piece! It’s a simple accessory but its stunning natural colorings immediately catch the eye. 

Couple this bracelet with your favorite pair of earrings from our BeachCandy Ranch Collection, or maybe with your go-to BeachCandy swimsuit. It’s an extremely versatile piece so you can go from poolside to dinner without having to change your accessories. We highly recommend it! 

The BANDITA Two Piece Skirt Set 

The classic Western striped linen fabric is the foundation of this set. Composed of a halter top and mid length skirt, this two piece set is sure to become a favorite. And the skirt has an adorable layered design that adds great dimension!  

Made with an adjustable tie around the waist, you’ll feel extremely comfortable while wearing the BANDITA. Pair this getup with one of our belts from the BeachCandy Ranch Collection, you will feel like a Western goddess. 

The BANDITA is the perfect beach look, or you can wear it out while hanging out with friends. It can even be used as a cover up! It’s the perfect all-purpose outfit. 

The DALLAS Bolero Necklace 

Inspired by the bolo tie, we created a product that’s a feminine version of that famous piece of western fashion. The DALLAS features a large piece of turquoise in a raindrop shape, framed by silver and gorgeous oval beads. 

The chain is a braided faux leather, and the pendant slides up and down, allowing you to adjust how loosely or tightly the necklace will sit. The ends feature sterling silver to give the piece a sleek finish. 

Women's Concho Belt 

One of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks about Western fashion are cowboys and their large belt buckles. We took that iconic image and added our own BeachCandy twist, creating an entire unique line of concho belts. 

Each belt features a chain of bold pendants, with the classic turquoise and silver pairing included. Two of the belts feature a gorgeous flower inspired pendant, made of either turquoise or white beads. 

If you’re looking for a simpler piece, check out the bronze concho belt. The neutral coloring makes it easy to pair with any outfit, while still making a splash. 

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