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MIA Crescent Moon Necklace

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The MIA Crescent Moon Necklace is the perfect statement piece for any getaway. This timeless piece is made of a lightweight wooden beads, complete with a gorgeous adjustable pendant. This one-of-a-kind statement piece will be your go-to accessory.
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The MIA Crescent Moon Necklace

Whenever you wear MIA, all of the stars will align in your favor. BeachCandy loves making different jewelry accessories that our Babes will love. Make a statement with this exotic hand-beaded necklace with adjustable slider in the back so it can be worn in style.  

The felted material is soft and delicate on your neck, it is lightweight for all day wear. You can match MIA with any of our BeachCandy Bikinis, or even with your favorite T-shirt and jeans. 

This necklace can make this outfit come together perfect. MIA is a BeachCandy favorite because it matches with anything you wear. Make sure to grab your own must-have MIA.

SCARLETT Statement Necklace

Everyone needs at least one statement necklace in their jewelry collection, luckily we have the perfect one for you! SCARLETT was designed to add a pop of color to any outfit. SCARLETT is an orange-red necklace that will fit just around your neck. The circles on SCARLETT make her larger than normal, but the perfect size to make a statement. 

If you are wearing an all white bikini or outfit, SCARLETT is perfectly designed to give your outfit the right pop of color. You will not feel overbearing with this necklace on. In fact, be prepared for everyone to ask you, “Where did you get that necklace from?”

JACKSON Long Pendant Necklace

Our JACKSON Long Pendant Necklace is perfect for any Babe who wants to walk on the wide side. This necklace gives everyone Western vibes and we’re not upset over it! JACKSON is designed with an exotic golden style and shimmers with golden pendants on the ends.

The pendant will fit right in the middle of your cleavage area. JACKSON is the perfect necklace for a random night out or you just need a little jewelry to give your outfit edge. If you want, make sure to pair this necklace with your favorite cowgirl boots.

SEYCHELLES Summer Blazer

Blazers can make any outfit come together, especially if you are just wearing a shirt and jeans. At BeachCandy, we designed the best summer blazer, SEYCHELLES. This blazer is made out of the best material, it is comfortable and not to constricting.

You will be able to move around in this blazer super easily! Since it is summer, we designed it with our Palm Print to give more of a summer vibe and look. You can match this blazer underneath your bathing suit or with your favorite black pair of jeans.

PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

BeachCandy loves to design many different styles, regarding if it’s a bikini or not. We wanted to step out of our comfort zone with PENELOPE! PENELOPE is one of our cutest dresses we’ve ever designed. It is super unique and it is guaranteed there is nothing else like it.

You can wear PENELOPE on your next vacation or even at a wedding. This dress will just fall above your knees. PENELOPE isn’t too constricting and it will give you a flowy feel. This dress is so much fun to wear, you will feel like a Disney Princess in this dress.


Our BARBADOS Head Scarf will make you feel like you are in a paradise. BARBADOS is made with an underwire so you can design the head scarf however you like. This head scarf is made from 3 different colors, Emerald, Sol, and Rosas. 

BARBADOS gives you the perfect amount of color for any vacation outfit. Our head scarf will go through any of our BeachCandy Bikini looks. Especially if you wear our stunning one pieces, you will look amazing! BARBADOS is the best head scarf that you need!

DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress

It is a guarantee once you put on DONATELLA, you will fall in love with this cover up. This maxi dress is the perfect vacation outfit! We designed DONATELLA to have leg slits so any Babe can have their Angelina Jolie moment.

At the torso, DONATELLA has a V-neck line so you can show off your cleavage area if you’d like. Just at the waistline is an adjustable belt strap, so you can adjust it to however feel comfortable to you. DONATELLA looks amazing above any bathing suit you wear, so chose any BeachCandy Bikini you want!

DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up

At BeachCandy, we love designing the perfect beach cover ups for everyone. We designed our DINA Knitted Beach Cover up to have elegance and confidence. DINA features fringe hems at the end of the cover up that will go right underneath your knees. 

At the waistline, DINA features a tie so you can choose to cover or open up! BeachCandy designed DINA with a sparkly knit material so every Babe will shine in the night time. We made DINA available in two colors, Champagne or Black. This cover up will go perfectly with any of our BeachCandy bikinis, so choose your favorite one and match it with DINA.

LORI Two Piece Cover Up

The LORI Two Piece Cover Up Set is a BeachCandy favorite when it comes to resort wear! The top of LORI is designed out of a stretchy, slip proof material that is guaranteed to stay on. It will feel and look like a bandeau top.

You won’t have to worry about any mishaps in this top. The pant set has a flowy feel to it. It is made out of a lightweight material that won’t feel too constricting on your legs or at your waist. LORI also features leg slits so you can show off your legs. 

TIFFANY Oversized Beach Hat

If you are looking for the perfect beach hat, BeachCandy has the perfect one for you. TIFFANY is the perfect oversized, chic hat that will look great on any bikini look you have. It doesn’t matter how floppy the hat is, it is the perfect look for anyone.

TIFFANY is designed with a ribbon just along the crown of the hat. The ribbon gives the finishing touch to this hat. TIFFANY is offered in the color, Black, so it can match with any BeachCandy Bikini. Our recommendation is matching it with one of our white swimsuits.


If you aren’t into the floppy TIFFANY hat, GWYNETH is the perfect BeachCandy hat for you! GWYNETH is made out of a straw material, therefore, it will match with any of our bikini looks. GWYNETH also features a brown tie ribbon just at the crown of the hat. 

GWYNETH is designed perfectly to be the must-have hat of the season. Every BeachCandy Babe needs this hat in their closet. GWYNETH also is perfect for any Beach Vacation, everyone will be asking you wear you got this hat! Make sure to grab your own GWYNETH fedora today.

TAMARA Long Pants Romper

At BeachCandy, we design the perfect fits for vacation wear. One of our favorites is our TAMARA Long Pants Romper.TAMARA was designed to have the perfect fit for every Babe who buys it! At the torso part of the Romper, it features a strapless, slip-proof top with a ruffle that will end at the waistline. 

The waistline features an elastic band that will make you have an hourglass waist. After that, TAMARA goes down to your ankles to make the perfect leg line! TAMARA will look flattering on everyone who wears it. You can match TAMARA with any of our jewelry and bags.

Rose Fringe Earrings

One of our most elegant, yet simple pieces is our Rose Fringe Earrings set. This earring set is designed with two circles, intertwined with one another to give the earrings length. At the end of the earrings is a fringe tassel, which will give these earrings a flirty look.

These earrings are perfect for any beach vacation or pool party. These earrings will match with any BeachCandy bikini you own. Or, you can match these earrings with a random T-shirt and jeans you have. These earrings are designed with an orange red color, so grab yours today.

JESSICA Mesh Cover Up

One of our sexiest looks is our JESSICA Mesh Cover UpThis JESSICA Mesh Cover Up is the best combination of sexy and modest! JESSICA is a floor length maxi dress with a high neckline. 

You will be completely covered, but make sure to wear your favorite BeachCandy bikini underneath because the mesh material makes JESSICA see thru. JESSICA also features cutouts at the hips so you can show off your hips! JESSICA will make you feel like Jessica Rabbit, especially in our red color way. 

DAISY Mini Flapper Dress

We love going back in time and designing dresses that are timeless. Our DAISY Mini Flapper Dress is the perfect outfit if you are going to a costume party. Our flappy dress will fit anyone but it will be super comfortable, you will forget you are wearing a dress. 

DAISY features adjustable shoulder straps, so you can adjust to your needs! You shouldn’t be afraid of any mishaps in this dress, everything is in the right place. You can wear DAISY anywhere and people will fall in love with your dress.

Round Straw Handbag

We love designing different handbags that every Babe will love. Right now, the trend is straw bags! That’s why we designed our Round Straw HandbagThis bag is completely made out of a straw material, and it will match with any outfit you put on.

Our round straw handbag features an inside lining and a zipper enclosure at the top of the bag. This handbag is perfect for you to take anywhere, regardless if it’s on vacation or not. Make sure to rock this bag, because everybody will ask you where you got this bag from! This bag has essential accessibility, so it is a must have for every BeachCandy Babe.

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

At BeachCandy, one of our favorite cover ups is the MARIA Long Sarong Wrap. MARIA looks just like a designer cover up that came just out of the runway! The best part about MARIA is that it can be worn in different ways. 

You can tie the wrap at your hips for a classic look, or you can tie the wrap at your neck for a dress style cover up! MARIA is made out of a sheer material, so you have to wear your favorite BeachCandy Cover up underneath. Choose wisely and take the perfect picture with it.

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