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Western Fashion x BeachCandy Ranch - Spring ‘22

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BeachCandy’s Spring 2022 Collection debt is just days away from making the biggest splash in BC history. It is with great pride we present this all-American-made collection, BeachCandy Ranch. Inspired by summers in Wyoming, fishing in the Wind River and drinking in the Wild West air, each and every iconic style carries our legendary legacy - our world famous fit

Did you know BeachCandy got its start as a beachside custom bikini boutique in Orange County, California? We have worked with countless women from around the world in our fitting rooms, always discussing the elusive topic: what is the perfect swimsuit for you?

Celebrating 11 years in business and over a decade of real fitting room feedback, the BeachCandy babes know just what it takes to create a masterful fit for any body. And this season we are trading in our signature Swarovski sparkle for a bit more dust on our boots. 

Oljato-Monument Valley
Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ Photo by Soly Moses from Pexels

Set the standard this season with an inspired piece of Western wear from the BeachCandy Ranch Collection.

From suede French-cut bottoms to a denim look with grommets, topped off with real turquoise beading, this season’s ranch style is one of a kind. Cinched waistlines, cascading fringe, and sunset tones will transport you to mesmerizing western life. Handcrafted by local artisans in California and finished in the high desert, each exquisite piece from the collection exudes powerful feminine energy.

This spring, we will slowly and ethically launch new pieces each month from the collection. There are also plans to bring fresh color drops and some best-selling silhouettes. Make sure to read until the end of this article and learn how you can be the first to know of new arrivals. 

Woman with Hat and Horse

Go Beyond the Bikini

In more exciting news, BeachCandy is going Beyond the Bikini with Wellness Wednesdays and a holistic approach to nurturing our beautiful bodies. BeachCandy’s female founder, Brit B., holistically heals and thrives from a rare autoimmune spinal disease. 

Only recently discovered after 12 years of being misdiagnosed, Brit is sick of silence. As women we are always stronger together and we believe sharing is caring. We welcome you to join the conversation of tried and true holistic health practices. 

Crave, Covet, Collect for a Lifetime

After years of mastering the perfect swimsuit, we have developed a timeless fit you can cherish for a lifetime. In fact, most BC babes can’t stop at one; one is the gateway to never wearing another brand again. In a world where quality is scarce and quantity is killing us, we choose lasting quality that is collectable season after season.

More often than not, women blame their bodies when swimsuit shopping, but after years studying the market across the globe, Brit believes quality tailored swim is a dying art. That is why she works tirelessly to ensure every woman feels her best in a swimsuit. You can even find swim skirts and dresses in the essentials collection if more coverage with style is what you're looking for.

All too often just a little extra supportive coverage can create extra challenges. It can be impossible to find a fuller coverage bikini with a sexy vibe and feel. This leaves women in a compromised position that leads into two categories: comfortable or uncomfortable. As a brand, we take a firm stand in saying let’s set the standard together and never let another flimsy swimsuit make us feel less than again.

Shop Our Famous Fit for Women

Experience our one of a kind swim for women worldwide. All-American made by local artisans since 2011. Read: How to Choose the Most Flattering Side Tie Bikini Bottoms.

Our Why?

Because babe, you were born to shine.

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