Sustainable Swimwear

Luxurious Sustainable Swimwear for Women

Sustainable Swimwear for Women

Luxurious Sustainable Swimwear for Women

Finding a sustainable brand in general can be difficult; in swimwear, it is seldom. BeachCandy Swimwear is one of the select few sustainable swimwear brands out there. We have countless conservation practices within our business that make us very eco-friendly beyond recycled plastic. 

BeachCandy Swimwear’s signature distinguishing feature of “candy” is our main earth friendly practice. We are partners with the world renowned luxury brand, Swarovski, who is 100% certified in being sustainable. Unlike other brands who use plastic beading, Swarovski beads are made from glass. Glass is a lot better for the environment because it is biodegradable and not toxic to the planet. 

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There is an overwhelming amount of plastic in the world. The images of plastic floating in the sea is very disheartening because plastic is so toxic to the environment. It takes decades for it to decompose if ever! 

A lot has washed away into the ocean. As you may have heard, there is an ever growing chunk of plastic, fishing nets, and plastic bottles in the ocean. 

There are actually five garbage patches, but one of them is far larger than the others. Ocean currents take the trash in routes and they eventually build up. The largest one is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It's so large that it equates the size of Eastern Australia or two states of Texas. 

It continues to grow, but there have been efforts from various organizations and brands around the world. It is our duty as product producing brands to salvage and even utilize recycled polyester and oeko tex plastic. 

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Our outstanding high quality is another reason why we are an environmentally friendly brand. Some people may not get how quality is associated with being sustainable. Well, that is because with higher quality garments last you a lifetime. Therefore, you don’t need to consume as much.

High quality garments are under appreciated in this material world. Having an article of clothing that you can enjoy wear after wear is a gift that keeps on giving. Women go through countless disposable swimsuits with minimal cup support. 

But the amazing xtra life lycra swimsuit with real support will last you years to come. It is the equivalent of having your favorite go-to denim jeans, but a swimsuit. 

Make memories with it. In other words, one of our swimsuits will last you longer than perhaps two to five cheaper alternative ones. It is also more financially sustainable for you as well!

Many people aren’t fully aware or consider the fact that ethical human labor is a sustainable act. The concept tends to be confusing for people first encountering it. Being sustainable is defined as being able to maintain minimal waste in your business practices. In other words, to not overwork or overdraw any resources. 

Understanding the general definition we can now fully comprehend getting to the specific concept of social sustainability. Specifically described to be a framework or process which promotes the wellbeing within an organization’s own members. While also supporting the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community. 

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At BeachCandy we always put quality over anything else and that principle applies to our work ethic as well. We don’t put out anything we are not proud or confident about. If that requires delivering later then planned, then that is exactly what we will do. 

Our facilities in Los Angeles are completely safe and ethical. Our workers are treated like family, never overworked, or denied any of their human rights. Our brand is handcrafted in the United States and able to ensure we use ethical practices. 

On occasion, we will donate or partner up with other brands or organizations. This is another way to be socially sustainable and give back. Currently, we are temporarily donating to the charity of Feeding America to help our national community get through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many children get most of their meals from schools. And they would otherwise go without those meals due to regional shut downs if it weren’t because of generous organizations like them. 

An ongoing project of ours, is partnering up with Susan G. Komen OC to help find the cure for breast cancer. A percentage of our #StrongerTogether Collection profits go to fund their efforts. Check out our affiliate links page to learn more. 


On top of that, we like to recycle nylon fabric materials where we can.  Such as re-purposing our fabric scraps by constructing individual bikini bags! Cute, functional bags that are 100% recycled. This is a rather new approach we proudly adopted here at BeachCandy. 

We noticed there was still some unnecessary waste. Our teams are always seeking a potential for this fabric that would otherwise go to waste. 

As for other materials, we try to utilize leftover recycled fabric for a few limited edition pieces. A very creative take on recycled materials and regenerated nylon we encourage others to adopt. 

Here at BeachCandy we are always looking for ways to improve and become even more mindful and earth conscious. After all, if we don’t protect our planet for the generations to come who will. Shop with a purpose with BeachCandy Swimwear this summer and for a lifetime to come. Learn more about our sensational California swimwear >


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