Collection: BeachCandy Swimwear Bestsellers

Famous for fit, BeachCandy Swimwear believes every woman deserves to shine in a swimsuit. Shop this collection of supportive bikini tops, slimming swimsuits, & unique beach cover ups. Welcome to the wonderful world of BeachCandy where built-to-last quality, timeless style, & made in USA matters. Women owned & operated with love since 2011.

Best Designer Swimwear: Sexy Bikinis, One Piece Swimsuits & Cute Tankinis

BeachCandy’s Best Selling Swimwear Collection ranges from skimpy, yet supportive bikini tops and bottoms to slimming full coverage one-pieces & countless styles of the best designer swimwear in between. So no matter what you are shopping for; sexy, modest, or full coverage, we have exactly the best designer swimwear you need. BeachCandy offers 2000+ variations from modern looks to vintage inspired styles within the product pages throughout our collection because we truly understand that every body is different. From young to mature women and moms, we have designed the best designer swimwear just for you.  Our wide range of best designer swimwear styles mix and match well, so you can put together your perfect, unique look! 

Shop our best designer swimwear styles that BeachCandy has to offer. Brit B., our founder, CEO, and designer known for expert fit and tailored swimsuits for women started BeachCandy Swimwear in 2011 to serve all women the best designer swimwear to suit their needs. At BeachCandy, we believe everyone; mothers, breast cancer survivors, curvy bods, and women of all body types deserve to feel their best in the best designer swimwear at the beach, pool parties, gatherings, and vacations around the world. We have designed sexy and modest swimwear for women perfectly tailored for the issues that come after motherhood and for women of all ages because BeachCandy understands the challenge and is here to provide the solution.

Sexy Bikini Tops

We provide bathing suits from sexy one-piece swimsuits with tummy control to perfect and flattering two-piece bikinis, and a vast variety of supportive famously fit styles of swimsuits for women. From high neck one pieces for sun coverage to off-the-shoulder bandeaus for no tan lines, you are sure to find your perfect BeachCandy in our best sellers.

Our triangle bikini tops are the most supportive in the world and fit every cup size. The ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is our interpretation of the classic triangle bikini with an unbeatable construction that fits anybody.

For women looking to avoid tan lines, we have a variety of chic and adorable strapless bikini tops. With excellent support and unique designs, there is sure to be one that satisfies your desires! We also have underwire bikini tops to help our ladies with larger cup sizes to feel comfortable and well-lifted!

Supportive Bikini Tops

Another great push up choice is the ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top. This halter top is named BEST for a reason! This top will enhance and lift any cup size. The lift and support can’t be beaten and the fashion-forward design makes it a must-have addition to your beach wardrobe. You won’t ever want to take this amazing top off! The best part is its glamorous yet simple design allow it to be matched with any one of our amazing bottoms, so feel free to mix and match as much as you want,

Shop our Luxe Gold Bikini

If you are looking for a top that is unique and decadent (without all the sparkle) our GOLD Bikini Triangle Top is the ideal choice for you. This top is a limited edition so make sure to grab it before it’s gone! The best part about this gold stunner is it is our most supportive design! Feel carefree while looking like the golden beach goddess you are! This top gives you rounded cleavage for the ultimate sexy bikini vibe. You can have it all with our Gold Bikini.

Lace Up Bikini

Another unique and chic swimsuit all our BeachCandy Babes love is the HALLE Corset Bikini Top. This bikini was inspired by our favorite “Bond” girl herself, Halle Berry. This top is recommended for our babes who like to be extra active in their swimsuits. This top fits and stays like your favorite sports bra, without the bulky design. The corset tie in the front gives you full control over how tight your top is. Create more cleavage or cover up- wear it however you like it!

Swimwear for Tummy Control

For extra coverage without a matronly look we offer amazing one-pieces and tankini tops. Our one pieces range from full coverage to sexy and cut out! One piece is such a great option for any woman wanting to look sexy, yet remain totally comfortable. Other great options for extra coverage are tankini tops. A tankini is a perfect blend between a one piece and a two piece. Our tankinis give you total tummy control while remaining super stylish.

A great choice for anyone looking for style AND substance is the DARLA One Shoulder Swimsuit. This one-piece grants you that full tummy coverage you want without being matronly. DARLA’s design gives it a chic and modern look. The one shoulder strap is not only sexy but gives you great added support. This piece hugs with the body without squeezing and has moderate coverage in the back.

For a one piece that hides the tummy and slims the waist take a look at our ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Bathing Suit. This one piece is a true masterpiece and everyone who has tried it on has fallen in love. The glamorous straps are adorned with our famous Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle. The ruched sides bring in the waist showing off your bodies natural curves.

For more advice on picking out the best swimsuit check out our Tummy Control Swim Bottoms Blog filled with everything you need to know to help guide you in picking the right fit.

Sexy One Piece Swimsuits

From our latest FRIDA collection we have the SAMANTHA Sexy One Piece. This one piece is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. It fits like a bodysuit for maximum comfort. The material hugs your natural curves giving you a sexy hourglass shape. The corset front and back give you both style and coverage for the ultimate look.

Another amazing one piece is our PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece. Yes, that’s right, sexy one-piece swimsuits, you read that right! So many of us believe wearing a one piece will hide our bodies and not flatter them at all. At BeachCandy we are here to prove that stigma wrong! Our PRISCILLA will have you feeling as flirty and confident as any two-piece bikini. With a deep plunge front, cheeky bottoms, and extra bust support you will be a total knockout.

Tankini Tops

Tankinis are another hot option for babes wanting more coverage. Our tankinis come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to make you feel comfortable and confident. One of our favorites is the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. This top is definitely unique and utterly chic. It comes in a strapless design allowing you to tan without those awkward strap marks. But don’t worry! This tankini has great built-in support so no matter your cup size it won’t fall down or twist around! The JENNA has a flow-y handkerchief bodice that gently covers your front. This is great in adding coverage without squeezing you.

Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

To add to your BeachCandy swimsuit set we also listed some of our best selling, perfectly sized bikini bottoms as well. The great thing about BeachCandy is any top can be matched with any bottom! This gives you full control over the style, fit, design, and amount of coverage you get. For extra coverage go for full bottom bottoms like the KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms are a triple threat: With tummy control, full coverage, & no squeeze at the hips, you’ll have the most comfortable bottoms out there!  This bottoms will never show insecurities or cause unwanted squeezing. Be completely carefree all day long in these amazing bottoms. Shop our incredible selection of full coverage bikini bottoms

Chic Swim Skirt

For tummy control we offer a variety of amazing choices. For a girly and flirty look check out the KYLIE Swim Skort. These bottoms are both a bathing suit and an adorable skirt. With built-in full coverage bottoms, this skirt will have you looking great and feeling even better. A great choice for a woman wanting more style out of their bathing suit bottom.

Another amazing choice for tummy concerns is the MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. High Waisted bottoms are the latest trend everywhere! This retro design gets a modern twist with our MADDY bottoms. The coverage in the front takes care of any tummy concerns, while the back is also covered and supported. Your natural curves will be hugged for a perfect and sexy hourglass shape.

Sexy Bikini Bottoms

If you are looking for a sexy fit purchase any bottom in a cheeky fit, or search our collection for some of the hottest bikini bottoms on the market! A great go-to is our SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini. This is definitely one of our smallest and cheekiest bottoms to date. The SAINT TROPEZ were made for our babes who aren’t afraid to show off their beautiful booties. The back has minimal coverage and added scrunch so your booty is extra lifted and shaped. To make these bottoms even better, we’ve added our Swarovski “candy” crystals on the hips.

THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI for our Yacht Life Babes

Speaking of our “candy” crystals you definitely need to take a look at THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI Luxury Bikini Bottoms. Nothing sparkles more than these. Our most decadent and delicious pair of bottoms to date. THE BILLIONAIRE BOTTOMS are hand-sewn with our precious and genuine Swarovski crystals. They even have more crystals added to the side straps. You will look and feel like a billion bucks in these one-of-a-kind bottoms. You are sure to stand out and outshine any woman on that beach. A truly sexy and glamorous choice for our babes who like being a bit extra!

Looking for some added scrunch to your sexy bikini bottom? Take a look at the JENN Brazilian Scrunch Bottoms. With a seamless bottom and three strap side, you won’t have to worry about squeezing or falling out. The JENN keep everything tight and in place while flattering your bottom and hips. While these do come in full coverage, we recommend getting them in their original Brazilian cut. Nothing is hotter than a Brazilian inspired bottom and our JENN is sure to make you the hottest babe on that beach!

If you are inspired by the Brazilian design of the JENN, we also have the JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms have that same sexy and desired Brazilian cut just with side ties instead of straps. A great option for our ladies who want to show a bit more booty while having that side tie control!

Best Swimsuits for Moms

BeachCandy believes age shouldn’t define if women can wear a sexy bikini or not. We offer so many styles that anyone can feel amazing and confident in one of our bathing suits. Moms especially love our one-of-a-kind one-pieces and flattering tankini tops. Some of our favorites swimsuits designed for moms are our high waisted swim bottoms and supportive underwire sweetheart tops for our nursing mothers. We have designed countless mom swimsuits and more modest swimwear for women, that will fit your needs upon trying on.

With swimwear specialized for postpartum, moms can conceal their stretch marks and/or c-section scars with our variety of swimsuit options along with our famous one-of-a-kind cover-ups, pareo wrap sarongs, tunics, caftans, swim skirts, and so on.

Not only do we offer the best swimsuits that are great for mom’s postpartum, but we also offer styles that are great for breast cancer survivors. Check out our #StrongerTogether collection for post-mastectomy suits in an exclusive floral print (also available in black.)  At BeachCandy we want you to feel your best no matter what features you are trying to hide or accentuate. Unlike other luxury designer swimwear brands, we offer styles that are sure to make you feel fabulous about being in your own skin.

These are each of our world famous bestsellers, based off of what you, our valued beach babes wear time and time again. Giving you the best of both worlds, our luxury swimwear is sexy, yet brings you thoughtfully designed comfort and support. Easily the best women’s swimwear on the market. Each swimsuit is designed with the best quality to ensure a perfect fit. Our goal is to ensure that every woman feels confident in sexy in a bathing suit. Any and all insecurities can be forgotten when you put on a luxury BeachCandy bathing suit.

Swimwear for Real Women

Named the best women’s swimwear time and time again, comfort is the key to our success with each and every BeachCandy swimsuit. We provide a variety of suits that are wireless, yet supportive and/or tummy controlling. A designer swimsuit made well should be empowering and absolutely elevate your experience with ease.

Here at BeachCandy, we tailor and engineer our larger bust size swimsuits to remain fashionable and on trend. Whatever style you are looking for, we have researched and developed the perfect fit. Looking for ruffles, swim shorts, or classic swim tops, we have them all. On top of having all the most fashion-forward swimsuits, we also offer comfort in each of our different styles. At BeachCandy swimwear we believe that comfortability is something that women should not have to compromise on when shopping for swimsuits. We guarantee that each of the different styles will be some of the most comfortable, yet cute swimsuits you will try on.

One of our top bikinis every season is the RACHEL Halter Top. This top has it all- support, style, lift, and comfort. The RACHEL fits every single cup size and is sure to enhance your natural features. This top will continue to lift and flatter you all day long, while paired with our RACHEL Cheeky Boy short Bottoms for the ultimate BeachCandy bikini set. The RACHEL Boyshort Bottoms our perfectly seamless for your overall comfort. A great choice for any babe looking for extra coverage in the front with a cheeky backside.

We embrace curves with our Brazilian scrunch bottom bikinis, but also provide a comfortable choice of full coverage, laid-back styles like our halter neck tops and statement pieces everyone will love. Your confidence while in a BeachCandy swimsuit is a natural result of our hard work to ensure comfort, coverage, and support with each and every style. Since we know that not every woman has the same body type, we strive on making swimsuits that are great for plus size women, petite women, tall women, short women and everyone in between.

Sexy Cover Ups

And to top it off, we provide versatile pieces like our four-way cover-ups that can be worn as varies dresses or as a simple skirt cover-up. Our clothing can be used for a multitude of occasions showcasing comfortable, support and luxurious style. You are destined to find the perfect resort wear to go with any of our styles here at BeachCandy Swimwear. Not only do we offer a wide range of stylish resort wear, but we also specialize in what goes underneath the resort wear and what some say is the most important part, your swimming suit. Each swimsuit is thoughtfully designed with attention to each hem, seam, strap, and fabric to ensure quality and style.

Cover-ups are the perfect and most necessary accessory on your vacation. A good cover up not only adds to your tropical look but gives you so many style options! From maxi dress designs to simple skirts we offer something for everyone. One of our newest and favorite additions to the Bestsellers List is the FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress. This stunning piece is lightweight and super chic. A perfect cover up for anyone wanting to add a bit of glamour to their wardrobe. For a more classic and simpler look check out the CHARLIE Tunic. This cute dress is the perfect addition to any bikini.

Sarong Wrap Cover Up

Another go-to favorite of ours is the MARIA Sarong Wrap. This piece goes great with any beach look! The best part about the MARIA Sarong is its amazing versatility. Tie it on the hip for a quick skirt on the go. This design gives you that perfect tropical vibe while still showing off your BeachCandy bikini top. For more coverage, tie the MARIA around your neck for an adorable cover-up dress. The MARIA is extremely lightweight and flexible making it easy to pack and carry on any trip. This sarong comes in two different lengths giving you the option to add more material or show more skin!  No wonder this item is one of our top sellers every single season!

We also offer a variety of classically chic “robe” cover-ups. For a more romantic cover-up, we have the ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up. This cover-up is ideal for anyone on their honeymoon or romantic getaway trip. The ROLANA has a soft mesh material that gently flows over the body. This cover-up comes with long sleeves so you will look elegant while gaining extra sun protection (yay a win-win!) The front ties gives you full control over how much skin you show!

Another absolute stunner is the HARUKO Kimono Cover Up. The HARUKO has a beautiful lace design making it a one-of-a-kind. This cover up also has long sleeves for added sun protection. The robe like ties make it versatile and the heavier material makes it better for coverage. The HARUKO comes in two lengths allowing you to choose between Maxi dress and a mini dress.

If you are interested in seeing more of our cover ups, then look through our cover up collection page. 

Vacation Swimsuits

Looking for the ultimate Las Vegas swimsuit? Our designer swimwear has really made a splash in Las Vegas Bathing Suits Scene. BeachCandy is one of the top brands sold and worn in Vegas and has been coined the Ultimate Vegas Swimwear. Sold at the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Mandalay Bay, and ARIA Resort and Casino, you can pick up a perfectly Las Vegas bikini before heading out to the pool. So, the next time you visit make sure to shop the best swimsuits in Las Vegas… BeachCandy Swimwear. 

No honeymoon can be complete without the perfect bikini. Our best sellers are sure to stun on any tropical getaway. Look your best and dress to impress in any of our luxury suits. He will be speechless when he sees how sexy you look in one of our designs. From strapless tops to tan into active bikinis for crazy adventures-we have you covered! Never worry about your bikini falling off or coming undone! Our perfect fit, superior design, and construction will have you feeling carefree on any trip!

Wanting to add some sexy Spanish flare on your next vacation? Check out our newest collection-The FRIDA Collection. These bathing suits, cover-ups, and designs were inspired by Frida Kahlo. With vibrant colors, beautiful patterns, and an overall sexy, yet refined design. Our FRIDA collection is sure to inspire your bikini wardrobe. From two-piece sets to one piece to cover-ups, this collection has something for everyone. Already listed on our bestsellers--you won’t be disappointed! 

Live your best life in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun in our one of a kind best-selling BeachCandy swim line; whether that is in our one shoulder one piece swimwear or in matching push up halter top and hipster’s bottoms. No matter what, BeachCandy will provide that chic ideal look.

Looking to give BeachCandy as a gift?  We also have gift cards available!