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California Swimwear At It's Finest

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California Swimwear At It's Finest

BeachCandy Swimwear is more than a brand, it is our promise to you that you will feel your absolute best in our swimsuits. Locally made in California, every BeachCandy Swimsuit has a flawless fit guarantee. Wearing one of our swimsuits will change the way you experience swimwear. We are devoted to enhancing confidence in all women and making one-of-a-kind products.


Our founder, BritB, knows that as women, we all seek to feel sexy and beautiful in a swimsuit. From the beginning, her journey by taking sewing lessons at Joanne’s fabrics, Brit moved to New York City at 17 to pursue a degree in fashion at the Pratt Institute. 

In New York, she mastered how to design exquisite, high quality swimsuits. After graduating with Honors, Brit moved back to California to launch her BeachCandy dream and the rest is history. She now lives in Laguna Beach with her rescue pup, Tiki Bon Bon, and her husband, Ryan, who is also the official BeachCandy photographer. At the age of 33, Brit has built an inspired brand around her passion for empowering women that has only continued to flourish since.

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Trademarked in 2007, BeachCandy has successfully changed the way women think and feel about swimsuits. Named the “Swimwear Savant” by Riviera Magazine, Brit has been widely recognized for her unique designs. She has worked tirelessly to make swimsuits that women love and feel confident in.

BeachCandy Swimwear is a thriving female-run brand that has already made historical strides for women in the swimwear industry. BeachCandy has bloomed from a cozy beachfront boutique in Newport Beach, to an expanded loft in Costa Mesa. A sign that BeachCandy’s message is growing, women from all around the world are seeking in-person or online fittings with Brit herself. 

In 2012, BeachCandy was named Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated and has since been featured on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Our timeless pieces can be found on Amazon, select luxury boutiques and worldwide hotels, and always at BeachCandy Swimwear. We proudly work with local charities such as Oceana Based and Susan G. Komen, because we stand for and behind empowered women.


Each exquisite swimsuit is handcrafted in our Orange County showroom because we value the authenticity of locally made products. Here at BeachCandy, we take your individual body measurements to design a custom swimsuit just for you. Our team prides itself on making a swimsuit that upholds both comfort and style. 

What makes our swimsuits unique is that they are handmade from high quality fabrics that will last for more than one season, so we know you will be back for more. Every single piece of our Signature Swarovski beading is made in our showroom.

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With complete transparency in supply chains, each and every swimsuit is handcrafted ethically in California. We can also say with utmost confidence that we have listened to thousands of women about how a swimsuit should feel and fit, and have perfected the swimsuit of your dreams. Learn more about our high quality bikinis.


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