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BeachCandy’s Guide to Organic Beachwear

Are you pursuing an organic holistic wellness journey? Making changes to your diet and activity is a great start, but did you know that your clothing choices can make a difference as well?

Why Does Shopping Organic Matter? 

Choosing to shop organically allows an opportunity for you to not only improve your health, but to also improve the health of those creating your clothes. Far too often, we forget the humanity of the workers creating our clothing and the chemicals they are exposed to. Toxic chemicals such as glyphosate, heavy metals, and formaldehyde are then directly exposed to you and your skin. 

Shopping organically allows you to be comfortable and stylish while also supporting businesses and brands that use natural fibers and eco-friendly organic practices. 

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A textile worker in action

Are Organic Clothes Better for My Overall Health? 

Yes! Organic clothes do not expose you to chemicals that many plants are treated with. Opting for the highest quality cotton, hemp, and silk will allow you to reach the highest level of comfort while staying safe from chemicals. 

Why BeachCandy Cares

At BeachCandy, our eco & quality promise is something we take very seriously. We promise to not only take the best care of our BeachCandy babes, but also those behind the scenes. We are committed to creating a safe and fair environment for our textile producers. 

BeachCandy’s Be The Change Organics Collection was created with 100% plant-based and natural materials. Created from textiles and sewing patterns native to India, the organics collection is our first step into the organic beachwear industry, and we are overjoyed to have you join us. We cannot wait to introduce you to our organic beachwear. 

Block Print Long Sleeve Tunic

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic

Often, when we think of swimwear, we think of synthetic materials that seemingly dry fast. BeachCandy is working to change the story of swimwear, opting for swimwear and beachwear that are created with materials like hemp and cotton, allow you to reach maximum health and comfort. 

Hemp and cotton have many impressive traits such as breathability, UV protection, and are hypoallergenic. Too often, women are forced into swimwear that is uncomfortable and not beneficial to our health. Synthetic materials such as elastane, spandex, and nylon can oftentimes irritate the skin, and cause both internal and external infections. To read further on the disadvantages of synthetics, check out BeachCandy’s blog, Is Synthetic Underwear Bad? 

Organic Cotton Wrap Skirt

Organic Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt

Our Organic Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt is the perfect option for your next beach trip. The Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt was handcrafted in India by skilled artisanal block printers using natural dyes to create four beautiful hues. BeachCandy is currently offering the Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt in Organic Turmeric, Organic Mud, Organic Indigo, and Organic Pomegranate.

When styling the Organic Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt, you can pair it with our Organic Cotton Khadi Crop Top, which is offered in the same assortment of colors, making the perfect matching set. If you are looking for a two-toned outfit, pairing the Khadi Cotton Wrap Skirt with a white or cream tank or t-shirt makes the perfect summer outfit. Pair your bright and colorful outfit with your favorite pair of sandals or sneakers. 

Organic Cotton Caftan

Organic Cotton Caftan Dress

Our Organic Cotton Caftan Dress is the perfect combination of carefree and elegant. The Organic Cotton Caftan Dress is handcrafted with 100% organic Indian cotton using ancient block print techniques. The dress is currently offered in two hues, Organic Indigo, and Organic Turmeric. The organic cotton is dyed using ayurveda organic plant-based dye traditions.

What we love the most about our Organic Cotton Caftan Dress is its versatility. The Caftan Dress can be worn with its belt, without its belt, or even as a robe. When it comes to styling the piece, we recommend taking your Caftan Dress on a sunny breakfast, or a day at the beach. BeachCandy recommends pairing the piece with a sandal or sneaker. Check out our Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals!

Loose Organic Cotton Pants

Organic Cotton Flare Pants

Our Organic Cotton Flare Pants are a stunning style, curated for anywhere life takes you. The Organic Cotton Flare Pants are made of 100% Organic Indian Cotton, handcrafted in India using ancient block print techniques. Like many of our Be The Change Organics items, the Cotton Flare Pants are dyed using ayurveda organic plant-based dye traditions. The elastic band on the waist allows for ultimate movement, allowing you to move freely. 

When styling the Organic Cotton Flare Pants, pairing it with the Organic Cotton Khadi Crop Top or our Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic in its matching color makes a stunning matching set. The flare pants are currently offered in Organic Mud, Organic Indigo, and Organic Pomegranate. If you are looking for a bit more casual of a look, try pairing the flare pants with a basic cotton tank. 

Looking to accessorize? Check out our Traditional Indian Bangle Bracelet, adding the perfect pop of color into any outfit. Try pairing your BeachCandy Flare Pants with your favorite platform sneaker or sandal. 

Be the Change with BeachCandy

At BeachCandy, we are overjoyed to be pursuing a journey of organics and of eco responsibility, and we could not be happier that you are joining us. Committing to an organic wardrobe will not only allow you to upgrade how you look, but how you feel. Shop our Be The Change Organics Collection and our Heritage Collection at any time at

Written by Bryn Hager.

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