Ethical Consumer?

Are You An Ethical Consumer?

An ethical consumer is a person who makes careful choices about what it is they’re buying. Determining whether you fall under that category of consumer goes based on your purchase history. The goal of being an ethical consumer is to help minimize environmental and social damage. It also aims to prevent negative impacts on a society. 

When you think of being an ethical consumer, just think of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s “Less Is More” principle. 

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How do I determine whether I am an ethical consumer or not?

It’s easy to get lines confused on whether we’re being ethical enough when it comes to what we purchase. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind that can help you define how to shop ethically.

1. Is the item that you’re buying a necessity or is it an impulsive purchase?

We’ve all had that moment when we’re at a store, about to check out our products, then we see one thing at the checkout line that we’ve got to have. We don’t necessarily need it, but we want it.

That’s being an impulsive consumer--feeding into our wants rather than our needs at time of purchase. This is what differentiates whether we’re being ethical with our purchases or not.

2. Are you supporting small businesses?

Supporting small and local businesses contributes to being an ethical consumer because you’re keeping your local community stores running. By purchasing from them rather than big companies, not only are you saving a business, but also preventing environmental waste that comes from supporting large franchise manufacturers.

3. Are you doing your research about the brands you’re shopping from?

Proper research on the brands you’re purchasing from definitely determines what kind of a shopper you are. You must look into the places you’re buying from.

Support companies that are creating and producing their own products. Or companies that are buying from foreign countries, but contributing to helping those communities become stronger. Shopping resourcefully and sustainably. If you’re doing this, then you’re shopping ethically. 

Sustainable Fashion
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Is BeachCandy an ethical brand to shop from?

BeachCandy has always strived to be ethical in all areas of our business, from the local production workers we employ to the materials we source. We have recently transitioned into becoming an even more sustainable and ethical brand, creating natural fiber products that are not only fashionable, but that are also sustainable and support a non-toxic way of living.

For example, we’ve recently released our Be The Change Organics Collection, developed in collaboration with ancestral artisans in India. These pieces are organic from thread to finish, with mix and match styles to bring women of the world fresh, chemical-free clothing style.

Organic Cotton Pants and Top
Organic Cotton Khadi Crop TopOrganic Cotton Flare Pants

These iconic Indian artists use ancient block printing skills to create the different textile designs. Using organic plant dyes to vibrantly color splash your wardrobe. We use different natural fibers such as 100% organic cotton and hemp to awaken the magic of this collection. 

Written by Precious Castellanos.

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