Is Synthetic Underwear Bad?

Is Synthetic Underwear Bad?

In a world with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to our clothing, it can be hard to determine what best suits our needs. With a recent rise in popularity of new synthetic fabrics in the fashion industry, it leads the consumer to wonder: what is really best for both my comfort and my health? Is it possible to prioritize both?  

While 100% cotton is the go-to option for many women who are seeking comfort in their underwear, it lacks the moisture wicking element. On the other side of the textile spectrum, the idea of underwear made from synthetic fibers has recently risen to the forefront of the fashion industry. This includes fabric such as polyester, nylon, spandex, and elastane. While synthetic underwear can remain durable for a long time, there is often a lack of comfort associated with synthetic materials. 

Saying No to Synthetic Fibers

This lack of comfort can sometimes result in reactions as severe as skin irritation and yeast infections. Many women describe wearing polyester underwear for extended periods of time as “unbearable and suffocating.”  For many women who are more prone to irritation, rashes, and other infections, synthetic underwear is simply not an option for them. This leaves many women feeling torn in their choice of underwear. What can best suit the active woman’s daily needs, while leaving her comfortable and supported? BeachCandy’s team understands this, and continues to work to channel all the benefits of synthetic underwear – including flexibility, durability, and mobility – into a more sustainable, yet still comfortable undergarment. 

Through our organic cotton and hemp blend, we are able to access the agility that synthetic underwear and other fabrics deliver, while also having the benefits of 100% cotton underwear, allowing women to reach optimal comfort and support. Recently, the BeachCandy Swimwear team has been working on many sustainable efforts. As a brand who prides ourselves in our Eco-Promise and clean practices, BeachCandy is ready to dive into the underwear industry. 

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In preparation for the launch of an underwear line in the near future, BeachCandy has spent  hours tirelessly researching both the benefits and downsides of both cotton underwear and synthetic underwear. As the team researched fabric combinations that best complement womens’ bodies, BeachCandy discovered a cotton and hemp blend, created of all-organic and natural fiber materials. 

This is not BeachCandy’s first time creating sustainable clothing, however. Within many recent collections, BeachCandy has curated an assortment of designs and styles, all from sustainable and organic blends. Recently, our CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up has sold out in all colors and sizes. The silk-like cotton feel has women all over the world excited to get their hands on items like these, which flatter the body while embracing comfort. 

Long Maxi Cover Up Dress

CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up

With BeachCandy’s newly introduced underwear line being released, there could not be more excitement surrounding the fact that BeachCandy is further expanding into an industry that is oftentimes an afterthought in many consumers minds. Our team is working hard to create elegant and comfortable underwear, which allows women to embrace their femininity while staying free and confident. BeachCandy cotton and hemp blend underwear will first be released in a basic hipster cut, complementing the figure.

BeachCandy Babes in Southern California Enjoying our Innovative Swimwear

Too often, women’s garments are designed based on men’s measurements, but BeachCandy Swimwear is committed to creating clothing designed for women, meant for women.  As women begin to feel the difference of  natural underwear that allows for both breathability and flexibility, the underwear game is bound to change for good. BeachCandy Swimwear is always looking for new ways to innovate the fashion industry, to further the practice of sustainability and allow women to embrace themselves fully. The release of BeachCandy’s Cotton and Hemp Blend Basic Hipster Cut is May 2023. 

Written by Bryn Hager

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