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Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress
cute flare mini dress
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PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

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The PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress is the perfect combination of cute and chic. A one of a kind vintage inspired dress is designed with a fun cactus print that is getaway dinner ready. This dress hugs you perfectly at the waist while giving you a flirty flare.
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The PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress is too cute for words! Feel unique on any vacation in this one of a kind vintage inspired dress with a fun cactus print. The PENELOPE dress hugs you perfectly at the waist while giving you a fun and flirty flare at the hips.     

Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

The perfect Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress, this is to be taken all over the world, from relaxing by the shores of Fiji, or enjoying your boat, meandering about your favorite lake, this dress is the perfect companion. The fit is perfect for any body type, and is only more flattering by the fun patterns this dress has to offer.  Let yourself be transported into a different mood. Feel unique in these one of a kind silhouettes. This retro mini dress will take you back to a simpler times, while you create new memories.

Enjoy your vacation and let the busy patterns of this dress put you in a relaxed mood. Nothing says vacation more than loud prints, bright colors, and flowy dresses. This Fit and Flare Mini dress is perfect for any cocktail party. You are guaranteed to stand out in this one of a kind design. 

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This dress is a 50's inspired fit and flair dress, coming in three different patterns and color families. It has a straight neckline, supported by two spaghetti straps, and complimented by a small collar, emphasizing the bust.

The waist is meant to be as fitted to the body as possible, while still keeping comfort, and to be cinched with a bow. Play with a bit of customization and choose to tie the bow in the front or back of the dress, for two different looks. The PENELOPE then flairs out from the waist, creating a beautiful a-line figure, bound to flatter numerous different body types.

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The fabric is giving and flexible, without compromising quality. Additionally, to the touch it feels smooth and strong, but not too stiff so that when you move, the fabric won't give. No, this dress is quite comfortable. The fitted waistline hugs the body, will never pinch or chafe, and the flair of the skirt is quite voluptuous, allowing for quite a bit of breathability.

Feel free to test this effect and give it a twirl upon the first try-on, and fall in love with how the skirt moves with you. Perfect for those with a pear shaped body and like to show off their waist, and excellent for those who have hourglass or heart shaped figures as well.

Depending on your height, the hemline should be a few inches above the knee, which is fantastic in creating a more playful silhouette. Also, the skirt length is fantastic for the summer season. It allows for more ventilation, it shows off some leg, and it exposes more skin to some much needed sun.

No need to pause, this dress is ready to be taken on any vacation getaway, bound to make you feel flirty and relaxed. Imagine yourself in the PENELOPE, sipping on your favorite mimosa at brunch time, or relaxing and enjoying a leisurely picnic in the park.

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For the summer, a vintage cut dress is our pick for the ultimate vacation dress. Like so above, this is a 50's type dress, which  from the collar neckline, and the fit and flair cut is obvious. This style of dress is particularly resilient, as it emerges in fashion throughout time. This retro mini dress is always in style, and is one of those dresses that are classic, and may never go out of style.

This type of clothing creates a feeling of uniqueness, it stands out in a crowd of women who are wearing body con, off the shoulder, popular dresses of today. There is no need to worry if someone else could be wearing the same dress as you, this style is exceptional, a one of a kind pattern, which aims to prevent such moments. It's a way to express one's personality and individuality, especially so knowing that when wearing a vintage type dress, it is a way to keep history alive. 

Cute Vacation Clothes for Women

You see the reemergence of vintage clothing in swimwear. You see it with high waisted bottoms, which prove to be complementary to a waist, concealing and smoothing out the tummy. A style that was once photographed on a fashion icon such as Marilyn Monroe, is recycled and used today, seen on popular influencers and icon and the like.

And again on bikini tops, you see a similar vintage influence in halter swim tops, mimicking an older style, but recirculated due to its flattering effect of the bust. These styles are classic. Also, a way to compliment a swimsuit style such as these is to go all out. Choose a retro mini dress to pair with your retro swimsuit bottoms and tops and complete the look. Vintage is synonymous with summer.

Unique Vacation Looks

This dress is in three exceptional patterns that will truly bring out your individuality this summer. The PENELOPE has patterns of blue stripes, green cacti, and various fruits. These fun designs are going to bring out an inner playfulness left undiscovered until now. They compliment a retro mini dress perfectly. Every woman loves a good cocktail dress and that is why you deserve an extraordinary one. 

The blue stripes are unique in that they aren't the typical pin stripe pattern, no they are much less uniform and much more playful.  Also, this dress replicates a polka dot type of pattern. I know, stripes and polka dots, how can you have both? They must clash, in some way, somehow.

No, this mini dress doesn't behave that way, the two styles don't clash. The blue stripes are contained in a polka dot style pattern, they are spherical in shape, and are scattered along the dress, on the skirt and waist. This creates a unique effect, especially on the skirt, as the excess in material folds in on itself. The blue and white pattern is light hearted and perfect for summer.

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Another pattern, as previously mentioned, is the green cacti pattern. Truly a favorite, this pattern feels delicate and playful, perfect for summer time. It features different shapes and sizes, and creates a feel of a more arid climate. Possibly reminding some of their time in various music festivals like Coachella where cacti and succulents, and other dry plants of the sort, tend to frequent.

The dress features a color story of green, pink, orange, and white, which are playful colors of summer. Also, the cacti are a rather large print,  messing around with placement here and there, resulting in the dress appearing more lively.

The last pattern is a black dress with various fruits placed frantically throughout the garment, giving a busy and fun feel. The mini dress features a color story of pink, orange, yellow, and green, reminding the viewer of fun fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. All the citrus fruits are a perfect nod to simpler times involving lemonade stands, and easy afternoons.

How to Accessorize

The Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress is perfect to wear in the summertime when you want to relax and enjoy some sun. Wear this dress with pride and accessorize it with some dainty jewelry to make the dress feel modern and classic. Also, choose gold or silver pieces with simple detailing. 

Additionally, studs on the ears will make the dress appear sweet, and a medium length necklace will compliment the neckline perfectly, especially if it hangs just above the collarbone. Choose to go the extra mile and opt for a few slim rings for the fingers and delicate bracelets for the wrists.

If you want to protect your eyes from the sun and still keep the integrity of the vintage style, try some cat eye sunglasses. They fit the 50's era perfectly. Try getting them in a classic color like white, and keep the vibrancy of the dress, let it stand out. If the cat eye sunnies are too much, opt for an updated version of the cat eye. It has a similar elongated shape of the eye, but still rounds out the bottom to make the eyes appear larger. Try them in a tortoise shell color, or continue with the summery feel and get them in white.

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As for footwear, try a pair of our leather sandals. Some strappy sandals would be a great way to merge the look into becoming more modern. A light sable color will go great with the white and black dresses. Or, choose a pair of sandals that fasten at the ankle for a more secure fit and feel.

It is a delicate detail that certainly transforms the look into becoming more dainty and fresh. Whichever the style choice, make sure the sandal is a nude color so that it matches with either style of dress. Most importantly, make sure the shoe is  comfortable. 

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