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How to Order Custom Bathing Suits from BEACHCANDY

Do you have a dream swimsuit in your minds eye that you cannot find? Have you shopped our entire collection along with the worldwide web and not found what you’re looking for? We have heard this all too often. At BeachCandy, our founder is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make sure you feel pure confidence in a swimsuit.

This includes Custom Bathing Suits! Each BeachCandy Swimsuit is made in Los Angeles. With expert oversight from our design team in Costa Mesa, California. If you are looking for a perfect FIT, welcome to the wonderful world of BeachCandy Swimwear. We believe the feeling of a perfect custom bathing suit is priceless.

We work with women around the world when it comes to offering the perfect fit. Some women love to avidly shop our Ready-to-Wear Swim collection while others opt for the Custom Experience. Women seek this world class service we offer for a myriad of reasons. Some women just want a unique swimsuit.

Others have had some body issues come up after child birth. Then some women have scars from breast cancer or botched surgeries. There are so many reasons women find BeachCandy’s Custom Service as a solution.

All in all, we proudly exist to provide a swimwear sanctuary to women who want to feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. From our high end quality, to our attention to detail… you cannot know the intense quality of a BeachCandy until tried on.

Time after time, we change women’s lives with our swimsuits in the fitting rooms from Vegas to St. Tropez. The BeachCandy Experience is something we wish for all women. For we all deserve to shine in the sun.

5 Simple Steps to Create your own Custom Bathing Suit:


Send us your idea of your very own perfect custom made swimsuit. Attach in an email to any photos with a written description. These can be a bra or panty look, Pinterest pulls, or any other inspirations you would like us to start from.

You can also send us a favorite ratty old swimsuit to pull inspo from. Whether you want a direct replication or a few details you want us to work from. After our team has a clear idea of what you are looking for… We will ask any clarifying questions such as measurements, design specifications, & any concern areas. We will then send you a swatch card of countless fabrics to choose from.


Once we have confirmed with you every detail of your custom design we are ready to begin. Next, we schedule a phone call with our expert team to design your own customized BeachCandy. Once every detail is confirmed we will then place your custom order. Note: All Custom Orders must receive full payment up front in order to begin.


Next comes the fun part, bringing your exact bathing suit dreams to life. Our expert seamstresses begin with a fit garment and the entire process is overseen by our expert team. Next your rough garment is completed and ready for trying on.

Once you receive your fit garment in the mail, we schedule a fitting with the designer over phone, Skype, or FaceTime. This couture process is one-of-a-kind and the experience of a lifetime. Our extreme attention to detail throughout ensures a perfect fit to your exact specifications.


After the fitting phone call with our design team, you will send the garment back to our showroom. Over the call our team will instruct you with to mark the garment in locations you determine need an adjustment. Once we feel every adjustment is addresses you will send it back our way.


Once received back at our headquarters, we make the final changes then send back a PERFECT one-of-a-kind BeachCandy. This might sound simplistic and with our expertise it truly is at some level. But the amount of skill, experience, and one of a kind quality you receive is genuinely world class. There is no brand in the world providing this incredible service to women.

And at BeachCandy, we believe a well fit swimsuit can change your life. The psychology of wearing an ill-fitting swimsuit versus a perfected one is staggering. So, what are you waiting for? Who needs a lifetime of average swimsuits when you can begin to COLLECT perfected custom made swimsuits with BeachCandy.

**We have found this process to be extremely successful. If all shipments/scheduled fittings run as planned the process takes 3-4 weeks. Our custom pieces start at $200 per piece for a bikini. And start at $300 per piece for a one-piece or monokini. Additionally, BeachCandy Swimwear does not consider the process complete until you are 110% satisfied with your Custom-Made BeachCandy.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about our 5 easy steps to begin creating your custom bathing suits. Want to hear what our loyal customers have to say? Read our Testimonials to see what past clients have said about The BeachCandy Experience.

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