How to Know if Your Swimsuit Fits

How to Know if Your Swimsuit Fits

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How to Know if Your Swimsuit Fits. PERFECTLY.

Written by: Brit B. (Founder & Designer at BeachCandy Swimwear)

I know, I know another ‘bikini’ blog, but I have fashioned women of all shapes and sizes in my career as a designer and trust me when I say, I know a thing or two about how to make ALL women look smokin’ in a swimsuit.

As women, we all see these types of articles time and time again, yet are we really correcting the issue for ourselves? In my quest to build the perfect swimsuit for women of all shapes and sizes, I’ve traveled as far as Brazil (the swimsuit capital of the world) to the beaches in Nice where fashion reigns all summer long. In fact, when we were sent to the St. Regis in Monarch Beach for the weekend to do research at the pool to see “What Women Were Wearing” we saw more often than not…flimsy old one pieces, lack-luster unsupportive tops, and wedgie diaper muffin top bottoms, say that five times fast ;). In the studio we see these kinds of swimsuits everyday, these are the ‘favorite swimsuits’ women are wearing and the most comfortable they have been in a swimsuit.

I have BeachCandied women from all walks of life, from celebs and the RHOC to mothers of six children and great grandmothers.

What is it with swimwear and the compromised fit we accept as women? Do we not think we deserve better or can have better? Well I’ve decided to write a blog based on the difference between complete compromise and a well-fit swimsuit. While we are featuring the MOST COMMON ISSUES, we will be offering problem-solving design solutions that we create at BeachCandy Swimwear.

How to Know if Your Swimsuit Fits…


how to fix bad fit swimsuit top

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#1) SUPPORT IN BUST: The #1 compromise I see on a daily basis is the lack of expectation of support with a swimsuit. Your top should NEVER make your breasts look “long” or “saggy” that is a BAD top, aka DO NOT BLAME YOUR BREASTS BABES. If you have a drawer full of tops that make you look or feel like your breasts are not lifted and fabulous you are a victim of the flimsy, “made in china” swimsuit industry. My apologies in being the bearer of bad news, but there IS a solution to this epidemic. The entire swimwear industry does not point out this ‘droopy matter’ because almost all off-the-rack brands do not construct garments with mega support. Each and every BeachCandy Swimsuit Top is double-lined and engineered through fabrication and construction to feel thick and mega-supportive. In fact, our ALEXA Triangle Top featured above sells out in our E-Cup size because our naturally larger busted clients feel incredible in a triangle top perhaps for the first time ever. See our previous blog with all of our recommendations for Swimsuits for Big Busts.

bottom swimsuit issues with fit

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#2) COVERAGE/SECURE BACKSIDE: The other looming issue I see unresolved is in the back of our bottoms or one pieces. There are so many ways the fit goes wrong in this area, but to start… all women are not created equally in body size, shape, or simply weight distribution. And when we go to the store we have 5 choices: XS, S, M, L, or XL. What if you are in between sizes?? This is where I see the largest compromising storm brewing… Do you go with the small that is snug, but at least won’t move around when you walk… or fall off in the water…. OR do you go with the medium that is loose but doesn’t give you “muffin top?” In this photo above, an A-List Celeb is in an ill-fit bikini and if she can’t seem to find a perfect fit, what example does that give the rest of us? I cannot stress enough the empowering fit and feel of all our bottoms. Every single style is designed to resolve coverage issues (choose your coverage with any style!) and no squeeze at the hips. Furthermore, if you still can’t find a swimsuit that fits your needs in our incredible selection of bottoms we can make you one by custom-order, made to fit YOU perfectly. Need a Medium and a half? You got it!

swimsuit tummy control issues

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#3) TUMMY CONTROL/SUPPORT:  This is an overlooked problem when swimsuit shopping because we blame ourselves not our swimsuit for any tummy issues. Yes as women we are are trained to think that we all need to loose “the weight,” but my argument is if you feel held in and supported as you move about and more importantly sit down in your swimsuit you will feel a world of difference. The RISE in a swimsuit (where it hits on your tummy and back) is very important when swimsuit shopping. If you feel the bottom is 1/2″ or even 1″ too low in the front, *warning* you will never be comfortable when you wear that swimsuit. I watch women when I am poolside constantly fiddle with their swimsuit to feel more comfortable. Note to Self: A well-fit swimsuit you put on and never touch again. It is hard to capture the incredible feeling of THE BEACHCANDY FIT in a photo, but if you take a closer look you will see all our bottoms are cut to take RISE into deep consideration and with each description we will mention the RISE and recommendations for each bottom. And of course, if you still can’t find what you are looking for in our incredible selection of bottoms we can make you one by custom-order, made to fit YOU perfectly.

muffin top issues with swimwear

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#4) HIPS/”MUFFIN TOP”: Numbers 2 and 3 above give you a good idea of what we are talking about here. This goes back to the “only five sizes to choose from issue.” And the fact that swimsuits are cut smaller and smaller these days. But again, muffin top is a result of a badly fit swimsuit and it is not your body’s fault. Women are meant to have curves and I am happy to see more and more the popularity of a curvaceous woman for I am one myself! Here at BeachCandy, with several of our bottoms we mention the “no squeeze” factor for example the SKYLER bottom is a magnificent solution. I know I might sound like a broken record but this is important…. if you still can’t find what you are looking for in our incredible selection of bottoms we can make you one by custom-order, made to fit YOU perfectly.

Swimsuit Fit Issues

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#5) THE ABILITY TO BE ACTIVE IN YOUR SWIMSUIT: Last but certainly not least, is the ability to be active in your swimsuit. Want to paddle-board, snorkle, play with your children, and simply enjoy yourself in a swimsuit?? We all do! So if you are constantly re-tying, adjusting, or not moving in your swimsuit due to fear of a wardrobe malfunction or “nipplegate” (Janet Jackson Super Bowl circa 2004)… You are in the wrong swimsuit for you. Each and every style at BeachCandy is engineered for fit and function, don’t let our Swarovski Candy fool you. What is most important is to know what you are looking for, because we have everything from Brazilian cuts to mega-full coverage bottoms and beyond. Shop our entire collection online for a swimsuit that fits you perfectly and if you have any questions or feel you would be a candidate for a custom-made BeachCandy just give us a call!

We know there are so many other issues we face as women when it comes to wearing swimwear, but these top 5 above cover the basics we problem solve everyday. For example, have thigh concerns? Read our recent blog on Best Skirted Swimsuit Options.

It is our passion to make perfectly fit swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. Thank you for reading our “How to Know if Your Swimsuit Fits” blog and we hope this shed some light on the fact that it’s your swimsuits fault if you don’t feel good in your suit.

The reward when you get your swimsuit to FIT RIGHT is pure confidence in your body on your next vacay and in our humble opinion… that feeling is priceless.

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