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Gorgeous Wrap Swimsuit For Your Next Pool Party

If you are looking for eye-catching bathing suits to slay in, then you definitely need to shop at BeachCandy Swimwear! We have everything you are looking for and we will make you look like the hottest babe at the beach, on vacation, and at pool parties. 

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we take pride in our collections because we put so much thought into making every single piece. We want to make sure every woman can find what she is looking for when they are shopping with us. The great thing about BeachCandy Swimwear is that we are 100% run by women so we know exactly what women look for in a bathing suit. 

One style we recommend to attract attention from everyone is our gorgeous wrap bikini tops. They look so unique and they are not your average, basic bikini top. Not only are they beautiful, they are adjustable and are very comfortable to wear all day. That is what’s great at BeachCandy Swimwear because all of our pieces are beautiful and comfortable!

wrap around bikini top

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top

The wrap swimsuit top we highly recommend is the TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top. This bikini top is a must have to add to your swimsuit collection because of the versatility it provides.

The TULUM is a halter style that ties at the top in the back and it wraps around your chest and ties at your waist. This bikini top is so adjustable, you can have it look any way you want.

Wear the straps like standard halter top or criss-cross the straps at your chest for an extra sexy look. This top has been designed for hassle-free support and comfort so you can wear it all day. The wraps will not be pinching into your skin, but will sit comfortably on your body. 

The great thing about the TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top is that it comes in a variety of sizes. The smallest size it comes in is in an extra small and the largest size we carry the TULUM in is XXL which is ideal for a babe who wears an E cup in bras. It gives the perfect lift for smaller chested women and offers great support for those who have a larger chest. 

This breathtaking bikini top comes in three different colors so you are able to match this with any bikini bottom. You might even want to buy more than one TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top because of how beautiful it is, one in each color. The TULUM comes in a simple black color to match with everything, an exotic golden snakeskin print, and an emerald color for a classy look. Choose a style that matches your personality so you can shine in it and feel confident! 

Since this top is so versatile, you can wear it for anything and not just use it as a bikini top. You can pair this top with denim jeans and accessorize, making the TULUM a cute piece for summer you can wear anywhere! 

Other Beautiful Styles To Shop

We have other beautiful styles to shop at BeachCandy Swimwear that are related to a wrap style top. We want to make sure every babe can find what they are looking for and find the perfect bathing suit. 

criss cross strap bikini top

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

The ELLEN Best Bikini Top has a gorgeous tie detailing in the back. The back has a criss-cross design with an adjustable tie for you to adjust to your liking. The front of this bikini top has extra support to give you a lift and create an attractive cleavage.

The best thing about the ELLEN is that sizes small and medium have push up pads to give you more of a lift and for sizes large through XXL, it has built-in thin foam liners. The ELLEN is perfect for every woman! Check out some other styles that are great for enhancing your bust here.

full coverage tankini

TYLER Halter Top Tankini

The TYLER Halter Top Tankini is a must have if you are looking for comfortability and coverage. This halter top is incredibly supportive because of the thick straps and the side wings built into it for the extra support. 

The TYLER is very comfortable to wear all day because of the loose fit it has in the torso. You don’t have to worry about this piece being too tight. The loose fit is also perfect for women who want to hide their stomach a bit.

sexy halter bikini top

EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top

If you really want to turn heads then you have to purchase the EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top. This bikini top is so unique and sexy, it is a mus-have addition to your collection because it’s not just any other basic bikini top. 

The criss-cross straps on the EMILY have great support for your chest while still looking sexy at the same time! This piece is a fitted halter top so it will hug your body nicely. The ties in the back are adjustable so it’s up to you how to style it!

Not Quite What You Are Looking For? Don’t Worry...

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we want to make sure all of our babes can find what they are looking for because making you happy is our number one priority! 

If these styles are not any of your liking, then you should check out our Find Your Perfect Fit page. to find the perfect bathing suit for you! The quiz asks specific questions about yourself to help you find the bathing suit of your dreams. You can also browse our bestselling swimsuits here.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service because we are very happy to help and we promise to resolve your issues as soon as possible. 

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