bathing suits for big busts

Bathing Suits for Big Busts

We know that all of our Beach Candy babes have beautiful bodies that deserve to be highlighted. Some of our babes like to wear our cheeky bottoms designs to show off their behind. Others love our monokini one piece suits to show off their beautiful curves, rock hard abs, and stunning obliques. Some people want to hide their bodies under cover ups and towels, but we want everyone's body to be embraced. 

Every inch of the body should be proudly embraced because every part is beautiful. Our swimsuits are made and designed to enhance the parts of your body that you want to shine a spotlight on.

We know that we have some babes who wish they had bigger chests. Luckily, we have a wide list of gorgeous bikini tops that will give you the look you always dreamed of. Today we are going to showcase our favorite bikini tops that give you extra lift to have an enhanced chest.

We want to show everyone that not only can our swimwear enhance your body but it can do even more. For those who want bigger busts these swimsuits will help give you that look.

string bikini

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

The Alexa triangle is one of our best selling tops and is the fan favorite in our collection! This bikini top is an all time classic and gives the chest area a lot of support and comfort. 

Not only that but the design is made to give you the perfect fit which helps give your bust more lift. The Alexa top would be a great choice to wear when you want to highlight your chest.

BRIDGET Underwire Tie Front Bikini Top

Bras and bikini tops with underwire are widely known to be uncomfortable. But the BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top is the exception. The design of the tie front makes it really easy to put on and ensures a perfect fit every time. 

The underwire bikini also offers maximum security and support while the thick straps ensure comfortability. For our babes that have smaller chests the adjustable tie front can be tightened to give more lift to your chest.

If you would like your chest to have an enhancement this top can definitely give you that look. This is one of our cutest swimsuits for large busts and it’s available in cup size B-DD.

lace up bikini top

HALLE Corset Bikini Top

The Halle Corset Bikini Top is one of our trendiest and best selling tops.  One of our timeless bikini tops that was created to have a corset like lace up front. With the corset lace design it gives the wearer a lot of security and also gives the chest a great push.

This top is perfect for our girls who want to have a raised chest and to look perky at all times. With the lace front design the ties can be tightened to give your chest a big push. This will give your chest the illusion of a bigger bust.

tie front push up bikini top

LAURA Padded Push up Bikini Top

If you are looking for a swimsuit to enhance your cleavage, the padded push up bikini is for you. The pads that we use are of the highest quality and comfort. We sew the pads directly into the bikini top to give you the perfect enhancement and to make sure that they do not fall out and become misaligned. 

Not only will this bikini top give you a more enhanced bust, but this bikini top is all around adjustable. It is adjustable on the front, back, and neck area. The personal fit ensures that you the top will be extremely secure.

strapless bikini top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

The Heather Underwire Bandeau Bikini top is the top that is the most flattering for the chest area! We all know that strapless bikini tops can tend to not be as secure as other bikini tops. However, the Heather Underwire Bandeau Bikini is super supportive with reinforced sides for extreme stability. 

This top also offers ties in the back to offer the wearer flexibility. This top is perfect to offer for those who are looking to enhance their cleavage. It gives your chest a great lift with its underwire cups while still maintaining the security and extra support.

halter bikini

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

Our best selling top all year around is the Rachel Halter Top Bikini. This halter top is designed to be one of the most supportive bikinis we have in our collection. The Rachel Halter top can be adjusted to your liking . 

You can adjust how much cleavage to show or how much you'd like to hide by using the Swarovski Crystal strap sliders. Sliding the straps down can give you a revealing look and sliding them up will give you more coverage. This swim top gives amazing lift for all sizes, but is especially great for larger busts. 

best bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

If you are looking for an ultra supportive top that offers a great amount of cleavage this is the perfect top for you. For our babes with a smaller bust, this top can give you the appearance of a fuller bust.

This will definitely help those looking to have bigger busts because sizes small and medium come with our removable high-quality double sided push up pads. The double sided push up pads gives the top extreme lift and support. With the double sided push up the top will also give you a big push to show more cleavage. 

The back has a criss-cross design that also contributes to adding more support and cleavage. The wearer can adjust the straps to choose whether or not they want to show more or less. With this bikini top wearers can choose to show more cleavage or have more coverage, the choice is all up to you. This is one of our bestselling swimsuits for big busts and it’s available in bra sizes ranging from B to E!

push up pads for swimwear

Bra Pad Inserts

These are the same push up pads that come with the small and medium sizes of the ELLEN top as well as offered as add-ons to some of our other tops. We are now offering them separately so you can use them in virtually any top you like. Expertly engineered to provide the best lift, these lightweight, comfortable pads will help to make your breasts look larger and your cleavage rounder.

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Here at BeachCandy, we have designed our tops to cater to every woman's dreams. Whether you are looking for extra support or security in your bikini tops we have it all. We made sure to design our swimsuits to solve every needs of every woman. We have even designed tops to make sure that they enhance everyone and anyone's figure. Whether you want to highlight your curves or enhance your booty, we have got you covered.

For our girls who want  to have a fuller bust, we have a lot of tops that can help with that. All the tops that we have featured above are perfect for our girls with smaller chests but want a bigger one. The tops above all give great push and lift to enhance cleavage and give you the look you crave for. 

Make sure to check out BeachCandy for all your swimwear needs. All of our swimsuits are designed to make sure it is perfect for every body, shape, and size. Whatever you are looking for we guarantee you can find the perfect bikini or one piece swimsuit here. We also have the best beach accessories to kick your look up a few notches. Check out some of our favorite beach accessories here.

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