What is the Best Style of Bikini?

What is the Best Style of Bikini?

In reality, there is not a one size fits all bikini style. But here is your guide to our most popular bikinis for every body type so you can feel comfortable poolside. Whether you have an hourglass shape or smaller bust, our famous fit will find you. Although, if we had to choose one swimsuit to recommend it would be our string bikinis.

Here are a few of our famously supportive bikini tops…

string bikini

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

When it comes to triangle tops, the ALEXA reigns supreme worldwide. Our high performance fabrics get to work the moment you tie it on. Not to mention our signature Swarovski Candy sparkling in the sunshine. From A to E cup, this top provides world renowned support, cleavage, sexy, confidence. 

And from woman to woman, that feeling is priceless.

BRIDGET Underwire Tie Front Bikini Top

If underwire support is what you seek, BeachCandy knows best. The BRIDGET style with a tie front provides the ultimate support while begin extremely comfortable. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe our famous fit can transform your experience with a swimsuit. And there is nothing more beautiful than a woman shining with confidence in her own skin.

halter bikini top

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

In the world of halter tops and swimwear, the RACHEL is our champion style. Women of every body shape love this tops full coverage supportive fit. With our signature Swarovski Candy sliders to adjust the fit you can wear this top in any scenario. We understand there is a different cut desired with in-laws, kids, and a romantic getaway. And this famous halter top will be your go-to for every occasion.

Now here are a few of our most popular bikini bottoms to go with our tops. We also carry a few signature bikini sets if you prefer to shop with us that way. Not to mention our one piece swimsuits that turn women with apple shapes into hourglass figures. 

Our Most Flattering Bikini Bottoms for Women

string tie bikini bottoms

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

A classic we have carried at BeachCandy since day one. Not only does our high performance fabric hold every bit of you in place, but the bottom’s string ties provide an adjustable fit. And if that isn’t enough, this style is available in a cheeky or full coverage.

Like we said, a one size fits all with a bikini style does not work. But this string bikini bottom with both coverage options comes so darn close. In fact, each BeachCandy swimsuit has been built upon the feedback of our customers. We love nothing more than to empower you through swimwear.

Experience the Difference Our American Made Quality Makes…

full coverage ruched bikini bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

In search of a savvy swimsuit with tummy coverage? Our high waisted bikini styles are cut just for you. With a high cut leg to elongate the body you will be strutting your stuff poolside. We love to pair our high waisted bikini bottom with any of the bikini tops listed above the ultimate look poolside.

Complete your look with a crop top and a pair of our MARTINA poolside pants. When on vacation, there is nothing like having fun fresh outfits that exude your vibe.

PSA : Did you know one of our most famous bikini tops provides tummy coverage? Yes it’s true, this top is a powerful piece in any woman’s swim collection. Our JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top provides a strapless tan while taming the tummy. So many of our customers adore this top paired with their favorite BeachCandy bikini bottoms.

With an adjustable back and high performance shelf bra, this bikini is the ultimate suit. So many BC babes love to wear this as a crop top with our MARIA Sarong to the pool bar. 

strappy bikini bottom

JENN Scrunch Bikini Bottom

Hips, the most beautiful feminine body shape in our humble opinion. And all too often, women with pear shapes dread the squeeze of a bikini bottom. From the terrible fitting room experiences women then retreat to one piece suits to avoid the aggravation. But we believe it is the swimsuit’s fault not your body.

The JENN scrunch bikini bottom has three soft gentle straps at the hip. Available in cheeky or full coverage this style is the ultimate seamless carefree bikini bottom for women. The soft gentle straps glide over your hips without any squeeze. So you can feel comfortable and confident at your next pool party.

Experience our Famous Fit for Women of All Body Shapes and Sizes

We hope you found your fit with us in this blog article. If not, no worries--we have an entire collection of high functioning high fashion swimsuits to suit your desires. And remember, this is not your ordinary swimsuit shopping experience. A BeachCandy swimsuit is locally handcrafted to empower you through fit and attention to every detail. 

So this time when you slide on a swimsuit, an entire new world will unfold. We might take you to a time you have never known. Comfort and confidence in a swimsuit is rare, but countless BC customers have found their fit with us. But you don’t know what you don’t know you’re missing until you try one for yourself. 

Our entire collection of tankinis, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and one piece swimsuits has been inspired by you. BeachCandy got its start as a custom swimsuit boutique beachside on PCH in Newport Beach. And for our first 6 years in business, we worked 1-1 with each customer to discover their wants and needs. We cannot wait to assist you in finding the swimsuit experience of a lifetime.

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