#1 Made in America Bikini

#1 Made in America Bikini

When it comes to quality swimwear, BeachCandy sets the standard on every level. From cut to sew to sparkling finish, every BeachCandy swimsuit is crafted by local artisans in America. We take pride in our decade of unwavering American craftsmanship, as it is a cornerstone of our brand. In truth, there is no swimsuit like a BeachCandy from fit to feel.

From the start as a brand BeachCandy has cherished each request as we began as a custom swimsuit shop in Corona del Mar, California. We would welcome women of every age, body type, and size to share their exact wants and needs from a bathing suit. From swim dresses to thong bikini sets, our american made swimsuits have been adored and collected by women around the world. BeachCandy has been serving women the highest quality swimwear in the world since 2011.

Serving American-Made Quality Over Everything Since 2011

Not only does the BeachCandy brand value quality but also ethical, sustainable eco friendly practices in all that we do. We always work with small batch productions to eliminate waste, upcycled fabrics, and beading with real stones and crystal glass. We have a firm no plastics rule when it comes to our beads.

All too often, women hate the process of swimsuit shopping and we blame the poor swimsuit options. There has never been a brand built on fitting room feedback like ours. Our female founder and designer has been in the fitting room with countless women over the years. And with this deep understanding about what women want from swimwear, you experience our famous fit. 

Each and every BeachCandy swimsuit has been built upon a decade of fitting room feedback.

halter bikini top
RACHEL Halter Bikini Top

In fact, what makes our fit most famous is the support in our bikini tops. There are so many best selling styles to choose from but our highest recommendation is the RACHEL Swarovski Halter Top. This was one of our original styles from our brick and mortar start in Newport Beach. It is an absolute go-to for all women seeking a supportive bikini.

Now if one piece swimsuits are more your style, we can’t wait to let you shine with confidence. From bust to booty, each style has multiple high functioning details to ensure a flawless fit. No matter what your body type, a BeachCandy swimsuit will set you free. 

best swimwear for women by women

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Experience our famous fit, made in America for women worldwide. If you have any questions or concerns when shopping, please make sure to reach out to our expert customer service team. It would be our pleasure to guide you to the most exquisite fit personalized to suit your exact wants and needs. Fall in love with swimsuit shopping again while supporting a decade-old made in America brand.

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