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Top 5 Bikini Sets for Women

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we have a wide selection of bikini sets for women. From bikini bottoms to bikini tops with a mix and match vibe, you can always find the perfect fit at BeachCandy. If a high waist with tummy coverage is your style, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 5 selections for bikini sets this season…

lace string bikini

LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set

Inspired by our best selling ALEXA Classic String Bikini, the LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set is simply a must-have. Fit to perfection and cut in our limited edition midnight lace. Once you tie this bikini around you, you’ll never want to take it off. Perfect for late jacuzzi nights or a romantic weekend getaway. 

Your exotic escape is our forever inspiration – into a world of attention to detail and empowering fits. As a brand, we take full responsibility in making you shine your brightest in a swimsuit. Therefore upon inception, every swimsuit is crafted with care to ensure an extraordinary experience. In truth, there is not another swimsuit on the planet that fits and feels like a BeachCandy.

This incredible bikini comes complete with our Signature Swarovski Candy for a touch of shine. The Swarovski clusters adorn the ties and tops of the triangle top for the ultimate sparkle look. Although, the colors we chose always blend into the look of the suit so just a subtle twinkle surrounds you.

red, white, and blue bikini

AMERICANA 4th of July Bikini Set

Our most popular high waist look for women made into a patriotic playsuit just for you. As a tradition each year, BeachCandy produces an American swimsuit to celebrate. And we believe every woman should at least own one patriotic swimsuit to rock in their arsenal. An America loving woman in a bikini is as iconic as the bikini itself. 

Complete with our Signature Swarovski Candy for some beloved twinkle and shine. We love to make women feel as precious and deserving as earthly possible. Our Swarovski Candy adorns the neckline to flaunt and feature your feminine assets. BeachCandy is always the best choice for any pool party or event because it always stands out from the crowd. 

The hand-tailored craftsmanship alongside our sparkling details leave you feeling empowered. And there is nothing more powerful than a perfect fit, that power is priceless to a woman. All too often, swimsuits make women feel less than in every way. That is precisely why our female founder launched BeachCandy to begin with.

To Stop the Compromise for Women When Swimsuit Shopping…

mix & match thong bikini set

WEEKENDER Reversible Thong Bikini Set

When it comes to bikinis, sometimes less is more. Especially for those of us who love a staycation, nothing like walking around your house half naked. Don’t get us wrong, we love providing sexy full coverage swimsuits, but sometimes you need more booty. This is such a fun reversible style that carries two unique vibes. 

If you love a solid black bikini, you can have that with this, feeling wild? Flip it to the reverse side for our Wild Thang animal print. If you like the neutral clean aesthetic try our nude bikini with a metallic gold snake reverse side. There is nothing we love more than to provide your with swimsuits that empower your highest self. 

And the WEEKENDER is no exception to this standard. Adorned with our Signature Swarovski Candy on the tassel ties for an iconic twinkle. The Swarovski clusters also sit at the top of the triangles to awaken your love chakra as you shine effortlessly. This is an empowering swimsuit style and cut providing strategic coverage and sexy skin.

classic string bikini set

ALEXA Classic String Bikini

This silhouette has already been mentioned in the LA QUINTA style but this is the original bikini it was inspired by. Now why this style made the list is because every woman should own our iconic string bikini. Built to last a lifetime, our classic string bikini comes complete with our Signature Swarovski Candy. Enjoy a sparkling experience poolside as you shine with confidence.

Sold separately, the string bikini bottoms are available in cheeky or full coverage to suit your exact preferences. We understand completely that the perfect coverage with a swimsuit is the make or break. When a woman feels secure in her swimsuit, watch out world! And we love nothing more than supplying you with the ultimate experience that you deserve.

black and neon yellow bikini

REVERSIBLE Ribbed BIkini Set

This bikini set is another high waist option that is sold as a set. Cut in our luxe ribbed fabric to give a secure sexy fit and feel. This bikini is not only available in our luxe black rib, but is reversible in neon yellow. This set comes complete with a strapless top for those long sunning days on the patio.

The single one-sided tie at the hip provides a secure yet adjustable feel. With a flawless cut on the leg to elongate the body. This set was designed during the pandemic to ensure all women could enjoy their staycation at home. The secure fit and feel of this swim set at such an affordable price is the ultimate experience. 

two piece beach pants set

LORI Two Piece Pants Set

Enough talk about bikini sets because we are equally loving our matching resortwear sets. This LORI two piece set is simply a must-pack style for your next vacation. There is nothing like a tropical breeze while wearing a linen tube top and flowy pants. This look works from beach to bungalow and will have you looking effortlessly chic.

Available in black and white but selling out fast, make sure to shop now. Each and every style at BeachCandy Swimwear is produced in limited ethical production quantities. And with our style keeping things fresh, if you love something, buy it before it's gone.

Never miss a chance to shine your brightest on vacay because you deserve it babe. We watch all our powerful female clients take care of everyone all day but themselves. And on vacay it's time for our mamas to lean back and enjoy their loved ones. And packing the perfect items is our forté. 

If you need a vacation packing checklist check out this blog article on the topic.

GRETA Tie Dye Two Piece Set

This beautiful tie dyed set is the perfect complement to any woman’s wardrobe. The soft buttery fabric flows so beautifully as you stroll and the fit will make you feel like a mermaid. When it comes to fabrics we love soft, resilient quality that is made to last. The off the shoulder look with this style is undeniably sexy while the high side slit entices unapologetically. 

Women love to wear this style as a beach cover up poolside or to dinner. It’s versatile nature is exactly what we love most about it and also what makes it such a great packable item. Most tie dye styles are lumpy and lack a tailored fit, but not GRETA. This is a style that stands the test of time with an elegance that is timeless and will last a lifetime.

We love to pair this look with our HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top for a strapless, seamless look. Feel free to choose any BeachCandy bikini bottom as they are all perfectly personalized to your wants and needs. And if by any chance you need some accessory recommendations see a few favorites below.

Swarovski Crystal sandals

Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals

These sparkling beauties are not just drop dead gorgeous but comfortable as well. Quite literally a must-pack, as our female founder raves about touring Athens in these all day long. 

These shoes bring up a great feature we value most. Comfort is key to confidence and confidence is the key to all. Therefore, we hold the attribute of comfort to the highest standard. 

turquoise beaded pendant necklace

MYTHOS Layered Necklace

Speaking of Greece, this necklace is the perfect statement piece to wear any day, any time. Pair this look with our LORI or a tank and our VIDA Wrap Skirt. We love bold statement looks as you know Frida Kahlo is one of our all-time muses. And this necklace belongs to our powerful women out there who love to enjoy life immensely.

Experience our Famous Fit for Women Online Now

We make swimsuit shopping easy so let us help you find the perfect fit. From full coverage bikini bottoms to jeweled bikini tops, we offer a wide selection of timeless elegance. So for your next escape, let BeachCandy guide you.

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