Swimwear to Hide Tummy and Thighs

Swimwear to Hide Tummy and Thighs

Never settle when swimsuit shopping again! BeachCandy Swimwear has the perfect full coverage swimsuit to hide any imperfections to make you feel your best.

We know how hard it is to find the perfect swimsuit that isn’t too skimpy or flimsy. So many women have to compromise with their swimwear, but we exist to stop the compromise when purchasing a new swimsuit. Our expert team has created the perfect swimwear to fully cover any area you want, while being sexy and effortlessly beautiful. BeachCandy brings you stylish pieces without compromising fully covered areas. 

Our fabulous coverage comes complete with a stylish design or twist. This way you never ever have to compromise style for comfort or coverage again. This is the all too common complaint from women after swimsuit shopping--having to sacrifice style for comfort because the supportive full coverage boring swimsuit did what she needed, but isn’t exciting in design or “cute” in any sense of the word. This is precisely how we save the day every time a woman puts on her BeachCandy. You can have it all. 

SEXY FULL COVERAGE SWIMSUITS. Yes you heard us. You can have it all with BeachCandy Swimwear. 

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HOLLY Women’s Swim Dress

Our one-piece swimsuits are specifically engineered for perfect coverage and a slimming structure. Along with a chic and sexy appeal, the HOLLY Swim Dress is no exception. 

Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, a built in shelf bra for added support, and a thigh-conscious coverage. With a fun and flirty ruffled skirt, this is the perfect tummy and thigh coverage swimsuit. Perfect as a maternity swimsuit, or just as a full coverage piece for your swimwear collection. You can’t go wrong with our swim dress!  

Not only does our HOLLY Swim Dress provide modest and full coverage in all of the right places. But it also offers a classy and chic, high-fashion look. The adjustable straps in the bra feature a high performance elastic ring and slide. 

This enables the most out of the support and lift you’ll receive. Customize this swim dress with removable cups and removable padding for added support and comfort!

Featuring a conservative cut and a modest leg line to conceal and cover the upper thigh area. The HOLLY Swim Dress also provides full coverage for your back, so you can feel comfortable all day long. 

The halter top neckline along with the ruffle skirt is a feminine and elegant staple for any swimwear collection. Our built-in dress design provides additional coverage to help you feel your best and the most confident. 

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

Our ELYSIA One Piece swimsuit is the perfect swimsuit that offers support, coverage, and beauty for every woman. Featuring a ruching in the waistline for slimming purposes, and extreme support in the bust line, there’s no question ELYSIA is a favorite. 

The ruching details in the waistline also provides extra tummy coverage for any problem areas that women want to conceal! The ELYSIA includes our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy on the straps for an extra piece of sparkle and shine to look and feel elegant throughout your day. 

The back features a modest and flattering coverage to provide beauty and elegance without the compromise. Women swimsuits are incredibly difficult and challenging to engineer for perfection, but here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we have mastered all of the essential components for the perfect swimsuit. Don’t compromise sexiness and elegance for an unflattering swimsuit. Get the best of both worlds in our ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit.

The sexy plunge neckline and slimming waist for tummy control is perfect for every body type. The optional padded cups offer support, comfort, and confidence for any day on the beach or for your next vacation. *We also offer these amazing push-up pads separately so you can add them to whatever top or bra you wish. Get them here: Bra Pad Inserts.

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

Our world famous KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom is the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Featuring a folded waistband, it creates a seamless look at the hips which provides a moderate tummy-controlling and coverage look in the front. The back offers a full coverage shape with no squeezing or tightening at the hips. The most comfortable bikini bottom is now the most stylish.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we know the importance of functionality in a bikini bottom, which is why we designed these high waisted bikini bottoms. We pride ourselves in mastering the construction of swimwear to hide tummy and thighs and these bottoms are no exception. 

You can spend your beach day or vacation with no worries. Because the full coverage back and tummy control will leave you completely taken care of for any occasion. Feel and look as sexy as ever in a full coverage swimsuit without the compromise.

Full coverage, tummy control, and thigh coverage are all possible even while rocking a two-piece. The adjustable waistband on our KIMBERLY bottoms allows for you to choose where your bottoms cover, depending on your comfort level. The clean leg lines and smooth coverage in the back elongates the body for the perfect and elegant look. 

Mix and match with any of our world famous bikini tops, including those with removable straps for extra customization and added comfort. We recommend either matching colors or try color blocking to stand out and look your best in any of our bathing suits. 

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LISA Swim Skirt

Our LISA Swim Skirt is a customer favorite year after year. As a swimsuit cover up, it is the perfect addition to any of our BeachCandy bottoms for coverage and tummy control. Featuring a fold-over waistband which eliminates squeezing at the hips, the LISA provides the most comfort and coverage.

Wear the LISA in the pool, on the beach, or even for active wear. Because you can adjust the waistband, you determine how high or low you want to be covered. This swim skirt is perfect for thigh coverage and tummy control. 

And you can’t go wrong with having this as a swim cover up option. You can mix and match our swim skirt with any one of our BeachCandy swimsuits for the perfect and effort full coverage look. 


If you still can't find what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for help finding the perfect fit. 

Reach out to us or contact our expert team any time to get started. Our all-female team is devoted to and passionate about every BeachCandy Babe finding their perfect swimsuit. 

Whether you want a sexy swimsuit or full coverage and modest wear, there’s nothing like the construction and style of a BeachCandy swimsuit. Stop the compromise and begin your journey to feeling great in a swimsuit with BeachCandy Swimwear. 

Gift Cards Available

Give the gift of BeachCandy Swimwear to the woman you love most. All too often, swimsuit shopping is a dreaded experience for most women. This is primarily due to the lack of quality options that look on-trend and fashionable. 

The gift of the perfect swimsuit that lasts a lifetime is priceless. Shop our world famous fit for women online now. Learn more about our high end bathing suits for women.


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