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High End Bathing Suits for Women

High End, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Maybe for some it’s over-priced and for others it’s worth the money. The point being, we all have our own associations with what we consider to be high end. 

Here at BeachCandy, we choose to define high end on our own terms. To us, high end is an investment- an investment in a bathing suit that further represents an investment in yourself to feel your best. 

Our objective is to make the BeachCandy brand synonymous with high end. To achieve this, we curate swimsuits that are the perfect fit for any and every body type imaginable. This involves everything from superior fabrics to padding to waistbands. 

We take pride in our commitment to making each swimsuit out of high-quality fabrics that are not only flattering, but also long-lasting. A BeachCandy bathing suit can endure the wear and tear of outdoor activities, but also appear presentable for a special occasion. 

We offer a variety of padding depending on your bust size. If your bust leans on the smaller side, we have padding options that can add up to an entire cup size. If your bust leans on the larger side, we have padding options that offer a thin layer of support but do not add any additional cup sizes to your bust. 

And, kiss your tummy concerns goodbye! We’ve got waistbands of all kinds calling your name. Whether you want one that goes a lil higher for some tummy protection or one that shows off your hips- we’ve got the bathing suit for you. 

If you think we forgot to mention our Swarovski Crystal Candy, then you’re mistaken. These candies epitomize high end with the sparkle and shine they add to any swimsuit. 

Skip this & take a look at a few of our fave high end bathing suits for summer.

high end designer bikini tops

BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top

This top right here, this is it. The BRIDGET is our tried and true bikini top that is always on our minds. It’s tie front style that is lined with our signature Swarovski candies brings a whole new meaning to high end. 

The padded inside structure supports bust sizes A-E like it’s a full time job. The underwire lining gives the feel of a normal bra, but in swimsuit form. Plus, the BRIDGET is complete with adjustable straps that allow you to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

Our fav bottom to pair with the BRIDGET is the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. The ASHLEY puts any and all tummy concerns to rest, with additional lining and ruching in the waistline to carve out your figure and conceal any unwanted tummy visibility. 

best bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

Where to even begin with the ELLEN. Ok so this top really does it all. If you’re looking for the most supportive top on the market, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’re one of our babes with a smaller bust, this top has double-sided push up pads for extreme lift. On the other hand, if you’re one of our babes with a larger bust, you have the option to purchase this top with thin foam liners sewn into the cup, so as not to add any additional boob-age in that area! 

And, if you’re feeling a lil extra- we always are, don’t worry. You can add slider Swarovski candies to the top of the neckline. This is what we recommend as we can’t help but feel ourselves when we’ve got a lil extra sparkle goin’ on. 

high end modest women's swimwear

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini 

I bet some of you never thought the day would come that you would find a strapless bathing suit top that actually stayed in place and didn’t slip and slide everywhere. Good news, today is that day. 

The HEATHER is literally a bra in swimwear form- it’s built like a bra with an underwire foam cup complete with ties in the back for adjustability and reinforcements on the side for maximized stability. This top ain’t goin’ nowhere. 

We can guarantee that you’re going to be trying to wear the HEATHER as a strapless bra under your clothes- it’s ok, we do too sometimes. 

high end ruffle swimsuirs

MADDY Bandeau Bikini Top

The MADDY brings all of our bandeau dreams and aspirations to life. Not only does it say BYE FELICIA to all of your tan lines, but it also has reinforced sides and removable pads for a perfect bust enhancement. After all, who doesn’t love a good bust enhancement? 

The MADDY also has ruffles, which only add to the appearance of a larger bust. The ruffles along with the top itself are made with a high quality fabric specifically designed to make this top outlast the test of time. 

Arguably the best part of all, the MADDY has a matching pair of bottoms. They are best known as the MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms because they not only have a high cut to lengthen and highlight your legs, but also cover the tummy region of your torso. It’s the best of both worlds in a bikini bottom.

TRACY Push Up Bra Bikini

The swimsuit world has never been the same since the TRACY entered the game. This push up bra bikini is incredible for our babes with small to medium sized busts looking for that extra lil boost! And here’s why… 

The TRACY is complete with push up demi pads that essentially turn the breasts slightly outward with less coverage to give them the appearance of being bigger than they actually are. This top also has a sturdy underwire to keep everything held in place, along with slim halter straps to contribute to that highly coveted lift. 

If you’re really feeling it, feel free to go all out and add our signature Swarovski candies to the cleavage lining of this top. We promise you won’t regret it, girl! 

sexy push up bikini top

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

What did we do to deserve the LAURA? - a question we ask ourselves everyday. If you want to increase your cleavage and add a cup size, the LAURA is for you. 

This top is constructed with superior padding that is lightweight, yet still does the job. Plus, those pads are sewn in, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out in the washing machine- talk about pet peeves. The LAURA is also adjustable basically all over- from neck to back to front center, the LAURA is literally made to fit YOU. 

The fabric of this top is made of superior strength and quality, as it is not weighed down by the additional padding. Not to mention, it’s extremely comfortable, which now more than ever is at the top of our checklist when swimsuit shopping. 

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

Ok, so maybe you ate one too many tacos, we’ve all been there. That’s what the KIMBERLY is for. 

This bikini bottom has a folded waistband to create a seamless look and really flatten out that tummy. And, the control is not limited to the front, the back of this bottom is also full coverage with no additional squeeze. The KIMBERLY is devoted to making you feel as confident and comfortable as possible. 

So eat those tacos, girl. You deserve them. 

skirted swimsuit bikini bottoms

KYLIE Swim Skort 

Skorts are the new bikini bottom, haven’t you heard? Block out all of those negative skort stereotypes and hear us out. The KYLIE is a testament to the fact that a swim skort makes the world a better place.

The high quality material of this skort has us daydreaming about wearing it out on the town. We seriously never want to take it off and even find ourselves wearing it around the house for fun. Comfort is KEY and girl, let us tell you, the KYLIE is comfortable. 

The KYLIE swim skort is the perfect alternative for bikini bottoms, as it is full coverage and complete with a hold-in waistband that is designed to eliminate any and all squeezing at the hips. This skort has coverage in the front and back that will allow you to let loose at the pool or the beach. We feel really good in this skort and think you will too. 


While shopping if our expert team can be of any assistance in finding the perfect fit please let us know. Our all-female team is passionate about each and every BeachCandy Babe finding their perfect fit.

Whether you seek supportive sexy one piece swimsuits or sassy bikini bathing suits. There is truly nothing like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit. Learn more about our unique swimsuits for women.

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