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Real Women Shine Season 3 Is Here! Swimwear Over 60

Today is a very special day at BeachCandy as we launch Season 3 of our Real Women Shine Podcast. We talked with iconic pioneers of fashion and lifestyle over 50, Sheree Frede and Shauna Grow, who you may know as @shesheshow and @chicover50 on their social media platforms.

Over on the podcast, we talked about everything from how it all started, confidence, age, health, and of course, BeachCandy. So saddle up as we break down the podcast for you! 

How It All Started

Shree and Shauna met through the blogging industry, where Shree or “SheShe” reached out to Shauna and took her under her wing! Shauna was newer to the blogging world and could not believe SheShe had reached out.

After meeting in person in Los Angeles, they immediately clicked, and since then, the rest is history. Shree and Shauna are truly long-lost sisters and have continued strengthening their bond over the years.

Words Of Wisdom

“Be confident, be beautiful.” These are the keywords to Shauna’s brand that she has continued to build upon. Once starting her Instagram with these words as her foundation, Shauna says, “I saw the need for women to be able to see other women their age not look their age.” Shauna knew she had something special to teach her audience with this knowledge. 

Shauna goes on to say, “Life doesn’t stop when you hit midlife. Honestly, it is just beginning because your family is raised, and you are enjoying those prime years, so why not make the most of them.” She then continues to say, “Fashion can be so fun when you put some effort into it; it can do everything for your confidence.” 

Life In The Industry

Both Shauna and SheShe admit the industry is constantly moving, and the pressure is always on. This makes it extremely difficult to have a balance, but they both try to slow down and enjoy the time. They also agree that organization is crucial, and having their schedules planned out can really help relieve stress.

Shauna and SheShe also emphasize family, especially their husbands, and realize as they are getting older, spending time with the people who matter the most to them is truly important.

Health and Wellness

Brit, Shauna, and SheShe all take health and wellness very seriously. Our founder Brit shared her journey about being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease with Shauna and SheShe, which opened up a great conversation about health and wellness.

Shauna and SheShe both emphasize how a healthy diet and exercise are vital for them and have kept them looking and feeling young. SheShe loves doing pilates and takes part in 16-hour fasting by not eating breakfast. She has found that this has personally worked for her alongside making healthy choices throughout the day. 

Shauna loves to exercise and also makes a conscious effort to eat healthy foods. However, both of them agree, you need to treat yourself and not deprive yourself. 

Shauna says, “My message to other women is to let yourself have a treat. Learn to let yourself have a treat in a more conservative way.” Shauna does this by limiting her portions while still indulging in her favorite treat, which is her daily dark chocolate almonds to curb her sweet tooth. She notes that while she doesn't have too many of them a day, she has just enough.

BeachCandy Babes

Shauna and SheShe are true BeachCandy babes and have been wearing BeachCandy for years! Whether it's for a special occasion like a birthday celebration or a vacation, you will catch both of them in BeachCandy. 

They love how confident and comfortable they feel while wearing BeachCandy and mentioned how they loved the sparkle of our Handcrafted Signature Swarovski Candy.

Both Shauna and SheShe are also huge fans of our new BeachCandy Ranch Collection that captures Americana and Western flare. They love the Southwest feel and fashion, making this collection fit right in!

Shop The Looks

Shauna and SheShe both know how to rock swimwear over 60; shop their BeachCandy Ranch looks below!

sexy one piece bathing suit

SheShe is shining in our SAMANTHA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit in “Suede.” This suit is universally flattering and provides full coverage, which is perfect for older women. While SAMANTHA offers plenty of coverage, don’t be fooled, as this suit still has a touch of sexy.

Our SAMANTHA suit was paired with our Turkish Towel Cover Up to complete SheShe's look. This cover up is super versatile and easy to mix and match with so many outfits.

corset style bikini

Shauna wore our HALLE Corset Bikini Top and our HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom in “Black.” This iconic tops and bottoms set is great for many different body types as it is adjustable and provides moderate coverage. Offered in a handful of colors and patterns, you are sure to find one that complements you.

swimsuit cover up pants

Shauna finished her look with our ​​MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants, which offer excellent tummy control with the fold-over high waisted band. These pants are perfect to layer over any of your BeachCandy bathing suits as they provide a unique look with the highest quality materials.

Don’t Forget

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Thanks so much for following along and listening; we cannot wait for our next episode! Make sure to check out How to Style Swim for Festival Season.

By Kaleigh Medellin

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