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festival swimwear

Festival Swimwear

Speaking from 10+ years experience, we have dressed women in Southern California for all events! So prepping babes for festivals in the desert has become our forte!

Here Are Our Top Picks for the Best Festival Swimwear

Favorite Coachella Swimwear Print: Aqua Snakeskin


This isn't your average snakeskin bikini, this print is our favorite pick for Coachella swimwear because it's fierce, fiery, but still has earthy vibes. Plus, we love the bohemian feel of our brand new JOANNE Fringe Tassel Bikini, pictured here! (Shop the JOANNE!)

Favorite Coachella Swimwear Top: SHELLEY Bikini Top

fifty shades of grey bikini

This sexy bikini top / crop top gone rogue, is the SHELLEY, and trust us - she's worth the tan lines! This lace-up bikini front, paired with a fully adjustable criss-cross back, is a win for any size chest from XS to XL. We also build our bikini tops with American elastic, and top quality spandex swimwear fabric, so this top will lift and support you through every set list! Shop the SHELLEY Bikini Top!

Favorite Coachella Swimwear Cover Up: MARTINA Lace Pants

Cover Up Lace Pants

Hello Bohemian princess! These are the MARTINA Lace Pants, and these will be your new favorite Coachella outfit! We make the MARTINA from a crochet type lace, which means these are soft, but also high quality. In other words, these aren't your average lingerie lace! Plus the fold-over waistband probably looks familiar... your favorite yoga pants have the same feature ;) These are no hug, no bug, and no nonsense! Just a sexy good time! Choose from black lace or cream lace and Shop the MARTINA!

Can't find the right top to go with the MARTINA?

Our second favorite Coachella Swimwear Cover Up is the SHERRY Low Back Lace Dress!

low back dress cover up

So, whether you're ready to rock, roll, or just relax, we've got you covered! BeachCandy is the perfect place to start your music festival shopping, plus, we can also customize anything you want!

If you want to get in touch with our design team at BeachCandy feel free to contact us.

Check out our last blog for how a swimsuit should fit. 

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