Natural Fiber Robe 

BeachCandy’s All Natural Fiber Robe 

When shopping for robes, it can often be hard to know which is the best and most practical choice for you. Important factors such as comfort, function, and durability can often make or break your purchase. With BeachCandy’s Organic Cotton Robe, you can experience the feeling of a luxury robe, while making eco-friendly choices in your everyday wardrobe. 


Blue and White Organic Cotton Robe

Many of us don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping for robes. With so many choices on the market with materials ranging from synthetic to silk, it can be difficult to differentiate what works best on our skin and with our lifestyles. Recently, there has been an influx of interest in sustainable robes and other organic options. As both men and women across the globe are choosing sustainability, it is crucial that the perks of a traditional robe are also incorporated within the organic bathrobes. 

That’s what makes BeachCandy’s Organic Cotton Robe just so special. Designed with 100% organic Indian cotton and handcrafted in India with local ancient block print techniques, the robe is designed for you to feel both elegant and relaxed, accompanied by a material that naturally soothes the skin. Flattered with beautiful flared kimono sleeves and a beautiful mid calf hem, the BeachCandy Organic Cotton Robe is destined to be your go-to option all day and all night. 


Terracotta and White Organic Cotton Robe

Questions That May Be On Your Mind

What is it about the material of the BeachCandy Organic Cotton Robe that is superior to competitor robes? Since there are so many different cotton robes on today’s market, it can be hard to know which cotton will best suit your skin and which will pill and show a lack of durability early on. 

BeachCandy has performed extensive research regarding textiles and have partnered with textile and seamstress artists in India to harvest the best quality cotton, sewn and dyed with care. With no chemicals or synthetic materials used within the process, the organic feel of the cotton robe is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 


Is My BeachCandy Organic Cotton Robe Only Designed for Indoor Use? 

BeachCandy encourages you to wear and style your robe in whichever way allows you to feel comfortable and confident. While the robe may be used for post shower or bath use, or even just as a part of your nighttime routine, it also can be used as a stylized part of an everyday outfit. Due to the strength and quality of the material and natural dyes within it, the robe can be worn in cold weather, warm weather, inside, or outside, as its versatility breaks barriers. 


Grey and White Organic Cotton Robe

Does the BeachCandy Organic Cotton Robe Come In Multiple Colors? 

BeachCandy’s organic cotton robe features a combination of stunning and unique designs and colors within the robe. The cotton robe is currently available in three beautiful colors: Organic Mud, Organic Pomegranate, and Organic Indigo. Each color is accompanied by a unique pattern, ranging from sharper angeled accents, to more circular accents, the choice is yours! 

All BeachCandy Organics products are dyed using natural plant dyes only. We believe it is important to keep integrity within our items, as we honor our BeachCandy Promise. BeachCandy chooses to dye the entirety of our Organics Collection with fibers derived from plants, roots, and fruits, rather than chemical or synthetic options. 


Organic Cotton Eye Mask


How Can I Style the BeachCandy Robe? 

Due to the versatility of the robe, it can be styled both as an indoor or outdoor statement. If you are looking to style your robe for indoor use, paired with a cozy pair of slippers, BeachCandy’s robe is an excellent choice for your wine night in, or movie night. Its length allows it to be worn around the house, while displaying the ultimate comfort. Planning a spa day at home? Look no further! Paired with our Organic Cotton / Silk Eye Mask, you will reach the highest level of comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

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If you are looking to wear your robe outdoors, it can be worn in a variety of ways. The first is traditionally tied. Due to the elegance of the material, dye, and designs, the robe can be worn as a casual dress about the town for a coffee date or a day at the park. The robe’s waist tie allots a sense of security, knowing that no wardrobe mishaps will occur. 

A second way the robe could be worn is as a cover up to your favorite beach. Tired of stripping off an uncomfortable pair of jean shorts before hopping in the ocean? Now is your chance to get your hands on an elegant, comfortable, and versatile cover up that will last you for countless swim seasons. 

A third was the robe could be worn as a draped cardigan. The BeachCandy Organic Robe can add that perfect pop of color into your outfit that you have been searching for. Paired with an off-white jumpsuit , the robe can be worn off the shoulder as a statement piece, allowing you to experience the ultimate sense of warmth and style. This can be paired with a pair of wedged wickered sandals, or a pair of your favorite sneakers. 


How Long will The BeachCandy Organic Cotton Robe Last? 

All BeachCandy Organics products are produced with the utmost care and attention, allowing the lifespans of our products to be extremely extensive. Our design team carefully chose both designs and colors that will stay in style season after season. 

With the proper care, BeachCandy Organics products last for years. We recommend washing the BeachCandy Organics Cotton Robe in cold water, and with non-harsh detergent. Washing the robe with similar  products, such as other organic textiles, can help extend its lifespan generously. BeachCandy always recommends hanging our products to air dry. 

Written by Bryn Hager 


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