Benefits of Wearing an Eye Mask

The Benefits of Wearing an Eye Mask

BeachCandy’s Organic Eye Mask: The Benefits of Wearing an Eye Mask

Looking for the secret to getting a full night’s sleep? Tired of time spent waking up with brain fog and inescapable exhaustion? BeachCandy has the solution for you. Our brand new Organic Cotton Eye Mask is carefully designed to help you achieve a full night’s rest, while also soothing your eyes and skin. Curated with organic and ethically sourced silk and cotton, the benefits of your sleep are endless with the BeachCandy Eye Mask. 

How Do I Know If An Eye Mask Is The Right Solution For Me? 

According to the American Psychological Association, 50 to 70 million American adults suffer from chronic sleep issues. In a society that turns to pharmaceutical and other medical answers before exploring the root cause and homeopathic solutions, many of us don’t know what our body truly needs. 

In order to achieve certified sleep each night, many people require a dark room, with blackout curtains or other resources to block light dramatically. However, for some, a consistently dark and quiet environment is not available. Wearing an eye mask can mimic the same benefits, while also providing a slight weight upon your eyes, which allows you to reach your maximum circadian rhythm, and provides an instant calming effect on the eyes and body. 

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What if I Have Sensitive Skin? 

You are not alone. Tens of thousands of Americans suffer from dermatology related issues each year, alongside autoimmune and chronic illnesses which result in further sensitized skin. Oftentimes, an eye mask can be an excellent option for those who suffer with sensitive skin, due to the smooth, soft, delicate, and cooling sensations that come alongside an eye mask. 

The weight of the eye mask can also apply pressure to the eyes and head, which can prevent and lessen severe headaches and migraines. Sleep quality improves as we experience comfort and ease while falling asleep, which are just two more excellent benefits of an eye mask. 

Will an Eye Mask Help Improve the Quality or Quantity of My Sleep? 

The short answer is both! However, a more scientific approach to the answer explains that it is very likely that eye masks increase our REM sleep. REM, standing for “Rapid Eye Movement,” is a stage our body enters while we are sleeping. 

Often, when we experience REM sleep, it means we are in one of the deepest stages of sleep, dreaming vividly and experiencing optimal rest. Additionally, eye masks allow us to block out artificial light that may be inhibiting deeper levels of sleep and consciousness.

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Are There Certain Types of Light that May Make it Harder For Me to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep? 

There are many different types of light we experience in our everyday lives. This can vary from blue lights, to artificial lights, to natural lights and so on. However, some are a bit more damaging than others. For example, have you ever noticed that it is easier to fall asleep in a room lit with natural lighting as opposed to a fluorescently lit room, such as a classroom or office space?

This is due to our body's needs. Eye masks help the body regulate by creating a totally dark environment to sleep in, while providing comfort which allows you to fall asleep easily, and stay asleep, all while blocking out harmful lights to our eyes and skin. 

If I Move Around in My Sleep Often, Is This A Good Option for Me? 

For those who are sleepers who move around and shift in their sleep often, you may be one of the BEST candidates for an eye mask. Eye masks provide us with an extra layer of protection as we sleep on our stomachs, sides, and backs. BeachCandy’s Organic Cotton Eye Mask contains a flexible tie around the head, which allows you to sleep in comfort, as your eye mask stays in place, creating a protected and enjoyable sleep. 

Not only does the eye mask protect the skin, it also protects eyelashes and eyebrows, which oftentimes are intensely rubbed or bothered during sleep. Additionally, those who are lighter sleepers and move around more are oftentimes getting less sleep as a whole, which can result in dry eyes. Eye masks are able to prevent dry eyes as it locks in moisture and essentially creates a “safe space” for our body to fully relax, improving your sleep. 

Overall, eye masks are an excellent way to organically regulate your sleep. With benefits such as improved sleep quality and quantity, and increased health benefits, you are bound to love yours. As BeachCandy releases our Be the Change Organics Collection, we encourage you all to keep an eye on our website and social media, as we will be releasing The BeachCandy Organic Eye Mask, which will come in the shades “Indigo Floral Mud Dye” and “Pale Pomegranate Third Eye."

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Written by Bryn Hager

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