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Stylish Mastectomy Swimsuits for Women

At BeachCandy, our goal is to make sure that each and everyone of our customer finds the perfect swimsuit. Every woman has been through something different and we wanna make sure that she feels her best in our suits. That’s why we have created swimsuits designed especially for our survivor babes, suits where they will feel confident and strong. 

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#StrongerTogether Breast Cancer Bikini

This incredible bikini top was made by and for cancer survivors. This top is made with and power mesh and built-in pockets for interchangeable pads so that you will feel supported. This top was designed with wings on both sides so that you can feel extra secured and to hide any scarring. 

This top is a perfect fit and our unique Swarovski beading not only adds some shine but can also be slid up and down to give you more or less coverage.

Pair this unique top with our #StrongerTogether Tie Bikini Bottoms that are perfect to hold the tummy. They offer great coverage and the ties on the side are perfectly adjustable so that you can feel your best. 

Another option is our #StrongerTogether High Waisted bottoms from the same collection. These are great for the babes who have some tummy control concerns. They offer great coverage and will pair perfectly with the bikini top. You will definitely have a look that will turn some heads in this due

Whichever you choose I assure you that you will feel extremely supported, secured and ready for any of our beach activity. 

padded mastectomy swimsuits for women

#StrongerTogether One Piece Mastectomy Swimwear

This incredible one piece is a must have for our warrior babes. It has all the components of the perfect one piece. 

The top of this bathing suit is made with built-in pockets as always so that you can distribute our soft cups pads however you like. The power mesh material offers some tummy control that will have an incredible sleek effect. The backside offers full coverage for the ultimate comfort. 

For adjustable straps our Swarovski Candy is here, they not only can make you shine but are also very functional if you want to show more or less skin. Slide them down to show a little more cleavage or up for the ultimate coverage. 

Post mastectomy or not, this swimsuit is a staple to have in your collection. It will make any of our babes feel like the strong women that they are. This one piece is a must have for any of the beach activities you may have. 

high neck mastectomy bikini top

SWAROVSKI St Regis High Neck Halter Bikini

Another great option for our survivors is a high neck swimsuit top. They provide great support for the bust as well as the sides.

For our warrior babes, the St Regis top is a great top to add to you bikini collection. Order them with our soft cups to adjust the padding to your liking so that you can create symmetry in the bust line. The sides not only offer great support but can also hide any scarring you may have. The high neck protects you from the sun in the most stylish way with its black and gold Swarovski beading. 

You will definitely feel like a goddess in this top. The St Regis will have you feel supported and secured in the most glamorous way so that you can hit the beach or the pool looking like a total babe.

one shoulder tankini

TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top

This chic tankini top is perfect for our survivor babes. It’s glamorous and chic so that you can feel confident and look your best during your summer outings.

The TINA was created with a built-in shelf bra for support and you can order our soft cups pack to distribute padding however you like. A tankini is a great way to get some sun protection while still looking amazing. 

Our TINA top is designed with our unique Swarovski candy on the one shoulder so that you can get your shine on while lounging by the pool. 

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Here are some of our picks for the best mastectomy swimwear but we have a lot more pieces that will look great on our survivor babes. We definitely want you to feel empowered while wearing our swimsuits and while browsing through our list make sure to reach out to our expert staff if you feel like you have any questions.

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