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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

Searching for a Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. Especially when you want nothing but perfection. We understand because that is exactly what your mom deserves. If you are out of Mother’s Day gift ideas and do not want to get her an average gift like another picture frame. We have the perfection solution.

Give her the gift of BeachCandy. 

BeachCandy is specially made for women in their 30s-60s. Our swimsuits are designed specifically to solve common body insecurities. Including ones that come with age such as child bearing and surgery scarring. Getting her a BeachCandy swimsuit or cover up will make her special day a bright one. After all, we believe all real women shine the brightest. 

Swimsuit shopping can be a chore for most women. We got our start as a storefront in Newport Beach. And after 10+ years in the fitting room we know what women want. We have expertly designed styles to feature and flaunt your assets while remaining elegant and sophisticated. 


Quality and longevity are another solid reason to own a BeachCandy. Our swimsuits are expertly crafted all in the United States and last wear after wear for years! On top of that, we have styles that are to die for. There are looks for every woman and every need and want: sexy, cute, modest, sophisticated, you name it. 

Your mother is bound to love some of our styles. Here are a few of our most popular, best selling styles...

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perfect bikini for moms

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

A classic, best seller for good reason. ALEXA is your basic triangle top which flatters every woman. The BeachCandy difference is our outstanding quality which will last and support women up to an E cup. String ties are adjustable to suit any woman of any size without squeezing the hips. 

On top of that, we offer our signature Swarovski beading in this style. No other brand offers high quality, luxury crystal beading swimsuits like BeachCandy. 

Our Signature BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottom (photographed above)

This exquisite bikini bottom has been a best seller for years because it is that iconic. The VIP bottoms make any woman who wears it feel as fabulous as they truly are. Every detail down to the individual crystals are flawlessly executed. 

The cut of the bottoms are along a classic style. But it has a modern twist with the beaded hip. Everyone will ask where she got it. Beading is available in either full or light beading for your personal taste. The bottoms are also available in a cheeky cut if she is a cheeky kind of gal. 

If you want some more coverage than an average bikini, then check out these styles.

handkerchief tankini top

JENNA Handkerchief Bikini Top

JENNA is a very cute strapless bikini top with a handkerchief cut on the front. The strapless style in general is one many women gravitate towards not only because it is an iconic look but because of the added benefits only a strapless swimsuit can give. 

We have all had those awkward moments after some time in the sun when you have uneven tan lines. It can be so embarrassing and down right unbearable for some. Wearing a strapless swimsuit allows for an even tan. 

Like the rest of our tops, bra support is kept in mind and somehow incorporated into the design. There is a bra sewn in and it even has the option for adding bra cups for an extra push up and support. 

The handkerchief design doubles as a tummy coverage feature. The belly area is a common concern for many women. JENNA wears carefree like a bikini but the security more of a tankini.

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

You cannot go wrong with a cute, flirty, sophisticated tankini like SOPHIA. SOPHIA has three tiered ruffles along the front for a flirty yet modest look. The open back gives it a sexy and comfortable finish. To balance the ruffles and give it a sophisticated look. 

The neckline is a halter neck and it is not only for fashionable purposes; in turn it works to lift and shape the breasts to give a beautiful cleavage. This ruffle tankini even has great bra support too. To wear SOPHIA feels like you are wearing a loose, comfortable tank top. SOPHIA is a solid choice & the best tankini we've ever seen. 

TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top (sold out)

With her bejeweled shoulder strap, TINA can be described as regal, sophisticated, and elegant as well as modern and stylish. It is the fashion embodiment of chic. A modern take on a classic asymmetrical tankini with the adorned. But not over the top Swarovski shoulder strap. 

TINA is not only a beauty but has complete support with a built-in shelf bra. Feel free to be completely mobile. Chase the children or jump around worry free of slippage or any other insecurities. Not tight fitting but fits like a loose, comfortable tank top.

If you are looking for a one piece, then you cannot go wrong with these:

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

ELYSIA is another one of our timeless swimsuits with a modern twist that creates a new classic masterpiece. This swimsuit is a perfect balance between femininity and modesty as well as sex appeal and sophistication. 

The one piece works to slim and carve an hourglass silhouette with its waistline. At the waist, it has ruched fabric to conceal. Complete with proper bra support makes ELYSIA an ultimate choice. Complete the look with Swarovski slider crystals for even more sophistication and femininity. 

best gift for mom

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

This one piece is more on the cute and trendy side of fashion with its modern cut out design. GINGER is a one piece swimsuit with a scoop neckline, perfect for someone with tummy concerns and does not want to go all the way and bare their belly.

Since back coverage comes up as a high back and has full butt coverage, this is also for the woman who wants to conceal her back. Complete with shelf bra support. Straps are adjustable for maximum comfort. 

stylish swimsuit dress

HOLLY Swim Dress

HOLLY is as full coverage as we get. Some women want to be able to swim while wearing a cover up and this is just that. A cover up you could wear while swimming. 

HOLLY is a complete dress with a whole functional one piece swimsuit sewn into it. The neckline is a whole feature in itself with its adjustable halter straps. It gives a beautiful cleavage line. With built in shelf bra support and design of the neckline with the freedom of maximum comfort. 

The dress comes down to mid thigh to give some upper thigh coverage for those thigh conscious women. It is polished off with ruffle detailing at the hem. P.S. It is one of our maternity friendly styles, check out how cute it looks.


We have many cover ups that will polish off that swimsuit look. They vary from wraps, dresses, pants, etc. Some of our best selling cover ups are our MARIA sarongs in both long and short, SABRINA Beach Cover Up, and HARUKO Kimono in both long and short. Shop our one-of-a-kind beach cover up collection online now. 

Worried on how to clean a swimsuit that will last you for years? We sell our own swimsuit cleansers! Refer to our video on how to clean a BeachCandy swimsuit if you are curious as to how to use it. 

Not sure which style your mother is going to love? Get her a gift card and let her choose her own style. After all, she knows herself the best. Learn more about our designer swimwear for women.

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