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Animal prints are such an iconic classic because it embodies elegance with such sass. A classy look that transcends time and is not only limited to clothing. BeachCandy has 5 distinct styles available in our leopard print flirtatiously called Wild Thang. 

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leopard print strapless bikini top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

Strapless is a popular choice for its comfort and tan benefit. Without straps you could get a more even tan. We have all had uneven tan lines and understand how frustrating and embarrassing they can be. The underwire is expertly crafted to not dig into the skin but lay comfortably and supportively. 

You wouldn’t need to sacrifice proper bra support either with HEATHER; this bikini top was built like a strapless underwire bra. Needless to say, it has bra-like support. 

leopard print high waisted bikini

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Ultra-high waist bikini bottoms are for the cute, fashionable woman; she might want secure tummy coverage or want to make a statement while wearing a bathing suit, but she looks great while doing it. Ruching at the waist tightly holds you in to mold an hourglass shape. The edge of the waistband was created to not squeeze in an unflattering way.

leopard print full coverage bikini

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

These bottoms are for anyone who wants more coverage than on average; the coverage is a true full coverage, concealing the whole bum and not leaving any cheeks hanging out. KIMBERLY is designed with a fold over waistband intended to smooth any imperfections away. 

Most of us have probably have had the moment where we wear something high waisted and our pouch of belly fat protrudes profusely. The problem is not our bodies but what you were wearing. You are beautiful, sexy, cute, etc. just the way you are. 

NILO Underwire Bikini Top (photographed above)

An underwire top created for women of larger breasts, NILO offers unbeatable bra support without the discomfort of usual bikini tops; this bikini top does not tie around the neck but has a criss cross design that is adjustable. Women of any size with larger breasts are meant to wear this style. 

Our Wild Thang print swimsuits will pair fabulously with black, white, or black and white cover ups! Here are some to name a few: CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up, CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up, DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up, Fringe Tunic Cover Up, and the HARUKO Kimono Cover Up. 

Brazilian leopard print bikini

JENN Brazilian Scrunch Bottom Bikini

JENN bikini bottoms are cut in the right places to accentuate the body just right in either full coverage or cheeky. The full coverage in the JENN style is not quite a true full coverage but offers a moderate amount of coverage. Unique to the JENN, the triple stripe hip is eye-catching and communicates the woman who wears it is not shy. 

Not to mention, JENN is one of the styles that has the option for the butt scrunch. Scrunches add a flirty flair and rounds the bum for a beautiful back look. 

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit Just for You

Our goal at BeachCandy swimwear is to create designer swimsuits that fit and flatter every woman! We want each and every woman who wears a BeachCandy to feel confident the moment she puts it on. Therefore, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, why not create your own suit?

What makes BeachCandy Swimwear so unique is we offer you the chance to create and personalize your own bathing suit. If you want your very own customized swimsuit made by an expert design team, then contact us and set up an appointment. In fact, they will work alongside you to ensure you get the perfect luxury swimsuit! To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit!

Give the gift of BeachCandy today. Every woman deserves to be fully confident in a bathing suit they love! There is truly no better gift than a BeachCandy gift card. Choosing the perfect bathing suit for your wife, mother, or best friend might be a daunting task but gifting a gift card allows them to pick out their own luxury designer swimwear. 

BeachCandy has those trendy mystery bags. What is more fun than a surprise! It comes with two bikini pieces, a top and bottom which can be different sizes to accommodate for you body. For an unbelievable price of $20-$55 for the worth of $220, you get one of our amazing swimsuits that will last you for years to pass, and with our styles are engineered to flatter any of your feminine bodily issues. 

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