How To Detox Your Body 

How To Detox Your Body 

If you are looking to detox your body in a healthy way after a long weekend or perhaps a vacation where you might have indulged a little too much, there is no need to worry. We have curated the best holistic ways to help detox your body so you can be feeling your best! 

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  • Eat Healthy

  • Stay away from sugar and processed foods when eliminating toxins from your body. Instead, focus on eating organic fruits and vegetables to help naturally detox your body. Ginger, garlic, and turmeric are great ingredients to incorporate as they are natural detoxifiers and anti-inflammatory foods.

    Eating healthy can also help improve your overall health and, help reduce stress anxiety, and even lead to healthy weight loss.

    Take a look at one of our favorite anti-inflammatory recipes here.

  • Drink Water

  • Staying hydrated is also very important; this will help remove toxins from the body by flushing them out of your system. However, you must be drinking quality water as we do not want to add any unnecessary minerals to our bodies.

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  • Sweat It Out

  • Naturally, our body gets rid of toxins through our sweat. So if you are looking to detox after a long weekend or a vacation, try working out and getting a good sweat in! 

    Working out also helps aid in stress and anxiety, so you really are getting the best of both worlds when moving your body!

  • Sleep

  • Sleep is so important as it gives our bodies a chance to repair! Make sure to get the recommended amount of sleep. For healthy adults, that is about seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

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  • Drink Tea

  • Green tea is a fantastic tea to help with the detoxification process. Green tea is rich in antioxidants such as catechins which can help detox and protect your liver.

    Make sure you use high-quality green tea with no unnecessary additives, as this will defeat the detox process.

  • Coffee Enema

  • Needing an ultimate detox? Trying doing an at-home coffee enema. An enema is a tool used to trigger stool evacuation to help detoxify. 

    We broke down all of the health benefits of the coffee enema in one of our latest blog posts. Click here to read more about coffee enemas.

  • Supplements 

  • Supplements can also be a great tool to help the detoxification system. Taking these supplements long-term can have a very positive effect on your overall health. Some of our favorite supplements include:

    Magnesium: Magnesium is fantastic as it has laxative properties that help detox the body. This detoxifies your body by moving toxins through the digestive tract and promoting regularity.

    Milk Thistle: Milk thistle has immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and antifibrotic properties to protect the body, which makes it one of the best supplements to take.   It also has the ability to promote liver and gallbladder health by protecting against a variety of poisons.  

    L-Glutamine: An amino acid that helps protect against intestinal diseases and helps fight against leaky gut.

    Probiotics:  Probiotics are the “good” bacteria in your gut. Using probiotics are an excellent way to boost digestive health, which is necessary for the elimination of toxins.  

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  • Armpit Mask

  • The truth is that your deodorant and body care products are filled with tons of chemicals and additives that are not good for your body. If you haven't already, we recommend switching to an all-natural deodorant.

    A great way to get rid of these harmful chemicals is by doing an armpit mask. Below, we have shared one of our favorite recipes to detoxify!



    • Mix all ingredients in a metal bowl with a wooden spoon until getting a creamy consistency 

    • Spread an even layer of the mixture over your armpit

    • Let sit for five to twenty minutes (we recommend starting with five minutes and slowly building up)

    • Wash off with warm water

    Do note some redness may occur due to increased blood flow to the armpit area. This should go away shortly and should be pretty painless. As always, we recommend seeking medical advice to make sure these treatments are right for you.

    • Last But Not Least - Dry Brushing

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    Written by Kaleigh Medellin

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