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The Coffee Enema and Other Alternative Holistic Practices

As you may have seen on our Instagram and other social media, BeachCandy has begun its "Wellness Wednesdays," a time when we share lifestyle advice with our Babes. BeachCandy Swimwear wants to be part of a bigger discussion, helping people cut out unhealthy habits and get on the road to feeling better everyday. 

A while ago, on our "The Real Women Shine" podcast, Brit interviewed two women, Kelly and Melody, the creators of the "Health, Butts, and Guts" podcast. These women are on a mission to discover the difference between a holistic lifestyle fad and what really works. Additionally, these ladies take on a realistic approach to practicing healthier habits, emphasizing that it’s all about balance. It’s a slow transition, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you "slip up" once in a while. 

For this episode in particular, Kelly and Melody discuss gut health and how it plays a major role in your overall bodily health. We’ve collected some of the key points and highlights from the podcast, we hope you enjoy it! 

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Everyday Holistic Healing Practices for a Full Life with Healthy Butts & Guts Babes

Melody and Kelly are two women who are interested in approaching health through the butt and gut, not just through prescribed medicines. Their podcast began because as a breast cancer patient undergoing cancer treatment, Melody had a curiosity about non medicinal treatments that could give her great health benefits. She had heard about enemas, and decided to try a coffee enema during her brutal chemotherapy process, in hopes that it could remove toxins and give her a good colon cleanse. 

It wasn’t an easy journey, but Melody found that the enema did improve how she felt physically, and so she began her journey of exploring butt and gut health, along with her other physical and mental health. Both Kelly and Melody would like to emphasize that if either your mental, physical, or spiritual health is out of line, your entire being will be out of balance, causing distress. 

And that’s why these two women created their podcast, to teach others that your gut and butt health is key to having a balanced body, which in consequence improves your overall health. They hope to provide a different perspective as people who have not only read about these holistic practices, but have experienced the benefits of them.  

What is an Enema? details an enema as a tool used to trigger stool evacuation. It’s typically used when your body cannot naturally push the stool out, or has no bowel movements (i.e., it relieves constipation.) You can conduct an enema at home like Melody, by purchasing the materials at a pharmacy. 

Enemas can also clean out the colon so your doctor can get an accurate image when they scan for signs of colon cancer. Healthline details two major types of enemas: cleansing and retention.  

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Gut Health During Travel 

It can be difficult to not be bloated or to have regular bowels when traveling away from home. Brit, Kelly, and Melody discuss that frequently eating fruits, such as prunes and apples, can help with helping reduce bloat. If you’re interested in enemas, the ladies detail that travel enemas are also available. Brit shares that she loves to drink celery juice when she is traveling or has returned home from a long day. 

Why is Gut Health so Important? 

UCDavis Health says that gut health is critical to your overall health because with a clean gut, your body is able to more efficiently and effectively absorb and process the nutritious foods that you consume. 

Additionally, when your gut is healthy, it will have the important immune cells that fight off infectious things like bacteria and viruses. 

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What are Elements of a Clean Diet that People can Practice? 

Brit, Melody, and Kelly discuss that organic produce is important to consume. Additionally, they share that apple cider vinegar can help prepare the gut for the breakdown of heavy foods. Also, that hot water with a slice of lemon can help your gut feel better while eating foods that your body isn’t used to. 

They touch on the fact that there are many additives in the products that we see in the grocery  every day, even the organic products. The goal is to be mindful of these products, and to avoid them when you can. The ladies would love to emphasize that their message is not to follow the popular fad diets, but to implement small healthy choices into your life that you can slowly and steadily incorporate into your life. 

Reduce Waste

Lastly, the women chat about the importance of reducing the amount of single use plastics that we may have in our lives. Waste and landfills are growing, reducing the health of our planet and of those that live near the pollution. Brit touches on the fact that one of BeachCandy Swimwear’s main goals is to reduce the immense waste that is a product of the fast fashion industry. This is accomplished through the BeachCandy’s use of high quality fabrics and their beading guarantee. Experience our long-lasting quality yourself with some of our bestselling swimwear.


Written by Bridget McIver
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