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BeachCandy’s Guide To A Healthy Mind

It’s easy to get lost in everything that's going on around us. Stress can be caused by anything--small things such as what to wear, school, and work can often tip an uneasy mind over the edge. 

Our minds easily take an excess of responsibilities and become overwhelmed with numerous thoughts, both negative and positive. This can be very stressful for us and our health, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s important to find ways to prioritize your mental health and find ways to cope with stress. 

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What Causes Stress on Us?

Anything and everything can cause stress and anxiety. There are triggers that can be different for every person. Some examples of common stress triggers are:

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Nervousness
  • Unhappiness
  • Feeling On Edge 

And many more... There are different levels of stress but they’re all impactful. Feeling overwhelmed by what's going on in your world can take a big toll on your physical and mental health. Acknowledging your stressors is important if you want to have a more Zen and stress-free daily life. 

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How to Reduce Stress and Have a Healthy Mind

Living a stress free life is almost impossible in today’s society, but that does not mean there are not ways to manage stress in your life.


Meditation is a highly recommended way to relieve stress because it allows us to take a moment and just breathe. The world around you is loud and intense and can easily overwhelm us and drag us into chaos. Taking a deep breath and becoming in-tune with yourself and your peace is a major stress reliever.

Physical Health

Engaging in physical activity and exercise is another great way to cope with stress. It can be any type of physical movement, including swimming, dancing, the gym, or anything that brings you happiness. There are endless options to discover.


Sleep is very impactful when it comes to the level of stress we’re experiencing. Not getting enough sleep is a major stressor that triggers more emotional stressors to be amplified. Making sure you’re getting a good amount of time to sleep should always be a priority. Scientists recommend that adults reach eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, experiencing each sleep cycle. However, this is not attainable for everyone, so we recommend keeping a consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine.

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Take Breaks  

It’s important to know when to stop and give your body a second to breathe. You have to take a minute to be with yourself and your thoughts. The world we live in is so fast-paced, so taking a moment to gather yourself is a necessity. Remember to dedicate yourself to whatever you do in the present but also allow time to take care of yourself.

Be Mindful of Who You Surround Yourself With

Taking time to surround yourself with people who make you happy is a key thing to do. We often get caught up with work and whatever else is going on that stresses us out. Going home or going out with people who make you happy is something that should be prioritized for your mental health. 

When you surround yourself with the wrong people, you pick up on their habits. As the saying goes, you are who you surround yourself with. Making sure you surround yourself with people who have a great stress response will make that rub off on you.

Increase Your Productivity

Procrastinating is something we all do. We’re all guilty of saying “I’ll just do it later," “in a bit,” or other remarks along those lines. What we don’t realize is that procrastinating only adds more stress to our plates later. We become frustrated and annoyed which further stresses us and others around us out. 

Prioritizing needs over wants is the key thing to do in scenarios like this. Saying “I need to” changes the picture completely, and dramatically increases your productivity. If we leave a door open to be less productive we're going to take it. Allowing ourselves to fully step into our most productive state of mind feeds the brain and soul.


Getting away from our phones and technology in general is essential in today’s society. We all need a cleanse from our phones and computers every so often. Setting aside some time to breathe in fresh air and not wonder what’s going on in the internet world, can dramatically improve not only your mood, but overall life. 

By unplugging we allow ourselves to be in the present, with people we love. Everyone becomes easily distracted with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and all other social platforms out there. We have to spend time healing our mental health rather than browsing our social media platforms. 

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Beach Candy’s Belief in All Things Healthy

Here at BeachCandy, we believe that it’s important to be healthy in every way possible. Whether it’s about our clean, eco-friendly products or about topics like mental health and being ethical shoppers. We want to support all forms of healthy and happy ways of living.

A goal of ours is to spread as much information about healthy living as we can. We’ve created collections that are dedicated to spreading a more healthy future for our planet. Our founder strongly believes that wellness is the most timeless trend of our lifetime. It’s important to us that we are a small beacon to a better future in all things healthy. 

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