Fringe Fashion - Spring 2022’s Newest Trend 

Fringe Fashion - Spring 2022’s Newest Trend 

For the spring and summer of 2022, we want to celebrate texture and dimension! With fringe pieces that are full of life, you can instantly elevate any outfit and liven up any space. When we think of this textured fashion trend, we envision sipping on drinks at music festivals, walks along the beach with loved ones, and the joy that the sun brings.

Fringe fashion is one of the best ways to welcome in the warm weather, and look stunning while doing so. It is extremely versatile as well, being featured on products that range from earrings to gorgeous cover ups. We’ve collected a few of our favorite BeachCandy fringe fashion products. Take a look!  

Fringe at BeachCandy 

crocheted fringe bikini top

GENEVIEVE Crochet Bikini Top

The GENEVIEVE is one of the newest pieces of the BeachCandy Swimwear closet, and it’s one that you’re sure to love. The texture of this bikini top is eye catching and would look perfect paired with any swim bottoms or a cute pair of jean shorts. 

Adorned with gorgeous fringe strings that are detailed with natural beading, this top radiates an amazing boho chic vibe, perfect for any upcoming festivals or vacations you have planned. 

knitted fringe cover up

DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up

If you’re looking for a lightweight, trendy, and multifaceted cover up, the DINA’s it. Our BeachCandy Ranch revamp of this piece had delicate knit details, with a sheer tone that provides coverage but still shows some skin. 

The white fringe along the hem of this cover up gives great movement to your ensemble, and is sure to be a conversation starter. Pack the DINA with you on your next vacation, and you’ll have the perfect poolside accessory that you can’t live without. 

fringe skirt cover up

ZOË Fringe Skirt

This may be one of BeachCandy’s most unique pieces, and that's why we adore the ZOË Fringe Skirt. In the color gold pictured above, this dynamic statement piece is a mini skirt, made of a bead-textured fabric. When crafted in the color black, this skirt is full length, made out of a faux leather material. 

The ZOË is the ultimate festival companion, giving you some coverage but still letting you show off your gorgeous outfit beneath. And made with an adjustable waistband, you get to decide how this piece fits you. 

fringe crossbody bag

SADDLE BAG Leather Fringe Crossbody

We wanted to create a product that was both practical and emitted a laid back vibe, not to mention fashionable. Made from genuine suede, this bag is soft to the touch but durable. The strap’s length is adjustable, and the body of this crossbody is big enough to hold all of your essentials. 

With braided straps, wild fringe, and beaded details, this SADDLE BAG Leather Fringe Crossbody is a crowd pleaser. The vibrant colors of the beads contrast beautifully with the brown leather, and will look at home either on the beach, by the pool, or in the crowd. 

Southwestern style beaded earrings

NATIVE Seed Bead Earrings

We love these NATIVE Seed Bead Earrings because they have all the drama of statement and costume earrings, but without the heavy and painful weight. These accessories are made of lightweight beading that are also packed with color, and the strands that make up each piece move in the wind, creating an elegant look. 

There are five variations of these stunning earrings, each one unique in its own way. You’re sure to find a pair that are perfect for you or anyone you’re shopping for. 

high neck halter top bikini

KASKADE High Neck Bikini Top

The BeachCandy Babes have spoken: the KASKADE High Neck Bikini Top is one of the favorites from the BeachCandy Ranch Collection. This product has already sold out, so we’re writing about this piece so you’ll be ready when it’s available once again. 

Designed with a classic high neck style and an open x-back, the KASKADE is sure to become a staple in your swim closet. This bikini top is made out of high quality material and gives you great security and support, so you won’t have to worry when wearing this piece. Adorned with straps that give fantastic texture, this swim top is eye-catching and has all the fun that fringe has to offer. 

All of the styles shown above are from our new BeachCandy Ranch collection for Spring 2022!

BeachCandy Swimwear has the best styles for every woman, including women over 60. Check out our recent post on our "Real Women Shine" podcast episode 13 about swimwear over 60.


Written by Bridget McIver.
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