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BeachCandy Swimwear: An Ethical Fashion Brand

If you are looking for an ethical and sustainable swimwear brand, look no further than BeachCandy! BeachCandy specializes in sustainable and ethically made swimwear that will quickly become a part of your wardrobe staples! Women-owned and operated BeachCandy is a brand based in California with over a decade of success. All BeachCandy products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

What is sustainable and ethical fashion?

Sustainable and ethical fashion reduces harm to our environment, people, and even animals. This means using recycled materials instead of artificial or animal materials. It also means paying those who help produce the clothing in the supply chain living wages. Lastly, it means focusing on slow fashion rather than the latest trends and buying fast fashion goods.

Let’s break this down a little further.

Many companies in the fashion industry choose to manufacture their clothing lines overseas due to the low cost. Low cost may be intriguing to the brand itself, especially fast fashion brands. However, we need to take a closer look at why the price is significantly lower. 

Many garment factories provide dangerous working conditions for their employees, which at times have become deathly. Garment workers are also highly underpaid in second and third-world countries, leading to the low costs of the garments themselves. They are also forced to work unimaginably long hours without proper breaks in order to meet deadlines. 

Illegal child labor in second and third-world countries is also highly prevalent as children can perform low-skilled or physical labor jobs. This means children sometimes lose out on going to school and getting an education. Not to mention, these children are also exposed to harmful and dangerous conditions. 

Fast Fashion and Climate Change

Not only does fast fashion endanger humans, but it also has significant effects on our environment and climate change. Daily, the fast fashion industry contributes to filling our air with CO2 emissions, wasting substantial amounts of water, and polluting our oceans with toxins. With this enormous carbon footprint, the fashion industry has become one of the top industries polluting our environment. 

Many old garments and textiles are sent to landfills at a staggering rate. Here they can take hundreds of years to decompose or are burned. Burning clothes releases toxic chemicals and dyes into the air, soil, and water. If textiles or garments are not sent to landfills, they are either exported or end up in the ocean again, taking an extensive amount of time to decompose. 

Lastly, animal products and animal abuse are serious ethical issues within the fashion industry, as if we do not harm animals enough with our careless waste. Some well-known brands have been called out for their animal products or horrible treatment of animals. 

Inhumane animal conditions are still a problem in the industry today. Animals are being hunted or even raised in unlivable conditions and harvested for animal materials to produce fashion goods. Not only is this incredibly sad, but it also has a significant effect on our environment. 

How can you become a better consumer?

It can be a bit overwhelming learning about ethical and sustainable fashion. With so many important issues that need to be fixed, you may feel like you can't create an impact. 

However, you can make an impact on these crucial issues. What are some simple and easy ways you can contribute to this lifestyle? Below, we have rounded up a few suggestions for you to follow!

First, start by dropping the latest fashion trends you see posted all over social media! Trends come and go within a matter of days, weeks, or even months. Focus more on handcrafted quality goods that can last you a lifetime. 

Also, be aware of the companies you are supporting. Do some quick research to determine how and where their clothing is produced and if they use ethical and sustainable practices. Made in the USA is often a good indication that ethical practices are being upheld. The price of the clothing can also be a good indicator.

Quality Over Quantity

Next, less can be more when it comes to fashion and especially in your wardrobe! Quality products are going to cost more due to extra steps being taken to ensure ethical and sustainable practices. Instead of focusing on filling up your closet, focus on buying quality products, ensuring that you are wearing these pieces for many years to come so they don’t end up in a landfill or ocean.

Without a doubt, thrift your goods as they are as good as new. Take a trip to your local thrift store and breathe new life into used pieces. Not only is this fun, but it also creates a unique look with pieces not everyone will already have. This helps prevent clothes from ending up in landfills or the ocean. 

Lastly, spread the word to those around you to make a difference. While this is a very important issue, it does not get the publicity it deserves. Let your family and friends know how they can contribute and tell them why it is so important. They may never know how vital ethical and sustainable fashion is without educating them. 

Don’t forget, change takes time and will not be completed overnight. Do not be discouraged if you find these changes somewhat challenging to apply to your everyday life. Every step towards sustainable and ethical fashion counts! 

Why Shop with BeachCandy?

Here at BeachCandy, we focus on using high-quality, sustainable materials that are ethically made to last a lifetime. All BeachCandy swimwear is designed in California and made in the United States. This ensures sustainable practices, as well as ethical practices, are being upheld throughout the entire process. We are proud to call ourselves a sustainable brand and work to reduce our carbon footprint to help the environment we so genuinely love. 

You can feel good not only by wearing your BeachCandy but by buying any BeachCandy products knowing we are an ethical fashion brand! Below are some of our best-selling pieces! However, make sure to take a peek at our website to see even more of our best-selling pieces and product descriptions.

most supportive one piece swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

Looking for a suit that offers elegance and coverage, ELYSIA is the perfect fit. This one-piece suit is designed to hug in all the right places providing a slimming effect. A scoop back detail gives a hit of sexiness without being too over the top. With subtle detail of sparkle using our Signature Swarovski Candy, this suit is definitely a show stopper! 

Add a pair of skinny jeans over ELYSIA for a sexy bodysuit look that is perfect for any night out paired with your favorite heels. 

Handkerchief bikini top and strappy bikini bottoms

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

Looking for that luxurious bohemian feel, the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top is a must-have for this summer! This tankini top offers great tummy coverage with sexy back detail. Ranging in sizes Small to X Large this is the perfect top for almost anyone! 

Make sure to pick up the JENNA top for your next vacation, beach day, or pool day; you will not regret it! You can pair it with any bottom you choose, but our favorite to go with it is the JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom shown here with the JENNA. You can also style this top with a cute pair of high-waisted shorts and you are ready to hit any music festival and dance the day away.

sarong swimsuit cover up

MARIA Short Sarong Wrap

Looking for a bit of coverage but still want to keep your look a little flirty? Look no further; the MARIA Short Sarong Wrap will be your new go-to. This sheer wrap can be worn in many ways: tied around the waist over your bikini bottoms or one piece bathing suit, tied in your hair, tied on to your beach bag, or used as a top to go over your bikini and high-waisted shorts. 

You honestly cannot go wrong with an item that is so versatile. Grab your MARIA with a choice of seven different colors and prints! 

statement necklace

MIA Crescent Moon Necklace

Are you looking for something extra to add to one of your favorite BeachCandy pieces? The MIA Crescent Moon Necklace is definitely the statement piece you need to add.

This beautiful necklace is made with wooden beads and a pendant to create a show-stopping piece that will be in your closet forever. Add this to any of your BeachCandy pieces or even to a beautiful dress for a night out on the town. You absolutely cannot go wrong with MIA and the beauty she radiates.

bucket hat for women

MALIA Straw Women’s Bucket Hat

This beautiful MALIA hat creates the perfect beachside look, featuring woven straw detailing. It’s ideal to throw on to get some protection from the sunlight or just to add a fun boho look to your outfit. Pair this with any BeachCandy swimsuit for the perfect carefree look.

metallic gold bikini

GOLD Bikini Triangle Top - Limited Edition

Bring a little sparkle and shine to your bikini collection with GOLD Bikini Triangle Top. Our beautiful Swarovski Candy takes this bikini top to the next level providing a chic look for any woman. Add some extra lift by purchasing optional pushup pads to create a total beach babe look.

Pair with either the matching GOLD tie-side bikini bottoms shown above or the GOLD VIP bikini bottoms. Or mix it up and pair with any complementary colored bikini bottom. One recommendation is to pair it with our Gold Snakeskin print or go bold and try it with besame red. You can also wear our GOLD Bikini Triangle Top as a regular top under any semi-sheer t-shirt or sweater to get an eye-catching look that is perfect for grabbing dinner with the girls.

SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Flattering for all, SUSAN offers a unique fit that is sure to please any woman who slips this one piece on. Offered in three different colors and sizes, X-Small through XX-Large, so many women can feel confident. The mesh detailing provides a fun and sporty look, while the back detailing is ultra sexy, featuring a plunging back. 

The best part about SUSAN is she has adjustable back ties and a supportive strap below the bust line to create that comfortable feel. Make sure to purchase this gorgeous one piece for your next gorgeous trip! 

Pair SUSAN with a maxi skirt to make the perfect beachy lunch outfit. Our MARIA Long Sarong Wrap would pair well with the SUSAN and comes in a variety of colors so you can mix and match however you like..

2022 with BeachCandy Swimwear

In addition to our intentions of being the best sustainable and ethical fashion brand, we at BeachCandy want to be your partner for a healthier, happier you! Read about our holistic health goals for 2022 and beyond. We’ll be posting tips for a healthier lifestyle, which will result in feeling well-balanced and just plain happier.

We’ll also delicious yet healthy recipes, like these amazing chocolate peanut butter shortbread bars that you wouldn’t have guessed were healthy. We hope you will join us on our journey toward a more ethically responsible, holistically healthy, and positively mindful life this year and for years to come. We are excited to be able to share these experiences and positive changes with you!

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Written by Kaleigh O’Sullivan

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