2022 Designer Swimwear

2022 Designer Swimwear Brand Turns 11 and Tells All

Last year, BeachCandy celebrated their milestone 10 year anniversary. BeachCandy Swimwear has come into its eleventh new year with plenty of plans to make a difference beyond swimwear. Holistic wellness and harnessing our feminine super power is just the start of what the brand is striving for this year. 

BeachCandy is ready to take on 2022 and become more than just a beachwear destination. We aim to be a source of information on holistic wellness practices to lead your best life.

BeachCandy Swimwear was founded by master pattern-maker, Brit. A NYC Pratt Institute graduate with a mission to make real women shine through swimwear. BeachCandy got its start as a beachside boutique providing customized swimwear to women worldwide. After 10+ years in our fitting rooms, the BeachCandy brand now offers its famous fit exclusively online and ships around the globe.

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For Women By Women Since 2011

Beginning in 2011, Brit, or as she is fondly known within the brand, BritB, started her swimwear business. With a focus on making luxurious and most importantly, long lasting swimwear. She is adamant on resolving an issue that women experience all too often – discomfort while swimsuit shopping.

BeachCandy provided a swimsuit sanctuary, where women could feel confident within their skin while wearing an expertly tailored swimsuit. The brand has a deep understanding of what it takes to create quality swimsuits. Along with an appreciation for the vulnerable process of finding the perfect swimsuit. BeachCandy is the product of passion for both the product and the consumer. 

Proudly a woman owned/operated business, BeachCandy has worked tirelessly to create swimwear that would not only fit flawlessly, but also foster and boost confidence. The swimsuit shopping experience can be a stressful and intense experience for women, and one that may hold negative memories. 

For the first decade, BeachCandy has provided custom swimsuits for women at their flagship store located in Newport Beach, CA. With the purpose of reversing any and all negative emotions towards swim shopping. After accomplishing this with countless women in our local community, the BeachCandy brand has gone global.

Experience our Famous Fit for Women

Through its 10+ years of operation, the company has obtained a wealth of knowledge that has led to the formation of the business’s legendary "famous fit." This is a sizing and designing method that allows women to buy the perfect swimsuit without having to leave their home, which makes online shopping for swimsuits a breeze at beachcandyswimwear.com. 

BeachCandy products are all proudly offered A through E cup. Famous for its supportive swim, this fuels BeachCandy’s mission of making all women feel beautiful. 

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Our Forever Mantra – Quality Over Everything

One important mantra that guides the business is "Quality Over Everything." BeachCandy swimsuits’ standards for quality are truly higher than any of its competitors. With hand-sewn Swarovski crystals that also carry a limited lifetime guarantee. The brand is confident that its materials from start to finish are of the utmost quality. 

The thick, durable, and luxurious materials that make up a BeachCandy piece is another feature that sets this brand apart. And you will be able to tell the difference when you get your hands on a BeachCandy swimsuit. 

Another important principle that guides the company is a commitment to sustainable and ethical production. All BeachCandy bathing suits are ethically made in Los Angeles, then finished with world renowned Swarovski Candy details, hand-beaded by local artisans.

As a brand, BeachCandy is committed to using sustainable practices throughout its daily operations. This includes an upcycling program that utilizes pieces from BeachCandy’s past swimsuit collections, repairs, and products built to last. 

And through its long lasting quality, this swimwear company is providing balance to counteract the waste that disposable fashion brings. With BeachCandy, you can feel great about your purchase. Most importantly, your iconic BC swim pieces will be your go-to for years to come, if not a lifetime.  

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Shop these styles and more online at BeachCandy.

BeachCandy is Adored and Collected by Women Worldwide

Countless reviews and testimonies from women around the world who have felt the most beautiful and powerful in their BeachCandy. Other satisfied customers include the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The brand has also been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated (featured as Editor’s Pick), People, E! News…

A loyal BeachCandy customer, Chrissy, testifies…

“Working with BeachCandy was the most pleasant and easy process you could possibly imagine. My 32dd chest was supported, my bottoms stayed on, coming from someone who has never walked down a beach in a bikini feeling confident. I will NEVER buy a swimsuit for larger busts from another company ever! BeachCandy has literally changed the way I view my body!”  

BeachCandy hopes to continue to provide pure joy and satisfaction in the new year and not just through swimwear. 

Providing customers with quality swimsuits is the foundation of the BeachCandy brand. Over its 10+ years of operation the company has begun to focus its energies on additional philanthropic life enhancing pursuits. 

For quite some time, the company’s female founder has been battling an autoimmune spinal disease, known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. This fight has motivated Brit to use her company as a platform for spreading a message of wellness. 

Brit wishes to share holistic lifestyle practices with her loyal BC babe community. With weekly blogs on various wellness topics along with Wellness Wednesdays on Instagram. The brand wishes to encourage conversation among women surrounding self-care and steps to everyday wellbeing.

Serving Women in Our Local Communities

In further acts of service, BeachCandy has worked with multiple non-profits, centered on the well-being of their local communities. An example is the company’s work with Susan G. Komen, the nationally recognized breast cancer awareness and research funding charity. The most notable aspect of this collaboration was BeachCandy’s creation of a line of swimwear made specifically for cancer survivors. 

Since the pandemic, BeachCandy has actively sought out ways to personally connect with its community. Join the conversation and listen to the "Real Women Shine" podcast launched in March of 2020. This podcast is a place where women who have made an impact can have open and honest discussions about obstacles they have conquered, lessons learned, and beyond.

The BeachCandy brand has recently relocated to La Quinta. If you love the BeachCandy brand, the best way to keep in touch is through our Beachcandy Swim Club email list. Once you have joined the club, you will become the first to receive exclusive coupon code sales, early access to limited edition styles, and weekly wellness updates.

Experience the Difference our American Made Quality Makes

From fit to Swarovski finish, every BeachCandy swimsuit is one of a kind quality. Developed from countless fittings with women worldwide, we proudly present our world famous fit. Designed to serve your every want and need from a swimsuit, with personalized options for each product. This year is the perfect time to upgrade your swimsuit collection with pieces that allow you to shine with confidence. 

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