BeachCandy Swimwear 10 Year Anniversary

BeachCandy Swimwear 10 Year Anniversary

A powerful message from our female founder on Instagram earlier this week... 

“This is for all the dreamers out there... Ten years ago I opened the doors to my wildest dreams, BeachCandy. My advice to you is it’s ok to start without a grand vision. I began with the simple hope to make women feel their best in a swimsuit. 

Day by day, I kept my head down and hustled for every. individual. customized. order! Learning inside and out what REAL women want from a swimsuit to feel their absolute best. Fast forward 10 years, as we now work with women worldwide providing our famous fit developed over a decade in our fitting rooms. 

Dreams really do come true, but the big ones take days, months, years... For those of you that need the reminder, never give up & let your bliss lead the way!”

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More about the BeachCandy Brand

Brit first founded the BeachCandy brand 10 years ago with the simple goal of mastering the art of a perfect fit for women. Established in 2011, BeachCandy Swimwear is an American designer swimwear brand synonymous with sophistication and style for the real woman. 

Each swimsuit is handcrafted in Southern California because the company values local relationships, authenticity, supreme quality control, and precise craftsmanship. BeachCandy Swimwear stands second-to-none with an unwavering standard on supreme high performance materials and a remarkable supportive fit. 

Moreover, the brand focuses on simpler terms for the swimsuit issues women face everyday. For example, no pinch swimwear is important to the mission of the company because it is one of the building blocks that led to the creation of their famous git. Swimsuits that didn’t pinch, didn’t slouch, but instead provided support, contributing to an extraordinary experience for any woman. 

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BeachCandy Swimwear is world famous for the extreme support provided in each and every top. Prepare for your sexiest cleavage with a touch of shine babes. As a brand, we believe in coverage without sacrificing style. We offer a beautiful selection of swimwear options to suit the direct needs and wants of women.

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Celebrating a Decade of Making Real Women Shine

In celebration of 10 years of swimwear and making real women shine, BeachCandy has prepared many virtual events to mark this milestone occasion. This includes filming a short film that highlights the story of how BeachCandy came to be.

Watch out for limited-edition BeachCandy logos and even the opportunity to listen to a special anniversary podcast series featuring women telling how their lives have been touched by BeachCandy. 

All of these festivities are just a few of the ways in which we would like to thank you, the women who support us. The past ten year journey has been filled with celebrations & challenges.

BeachCandy’s success forever lies in learning from our customers and constantly working to serve the best swimsuits imaginable. Cheers to the next decade of making real women shine!

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