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No Pinch Swimwear for Women

Here to myth-bust no pinch swimwear for women. We learn after a certain age swimsuit shopping just isn’t that fun anymore. After a certain age, we find the experience positively dreadful. 

My body was born to be curvy by the 5th grade.  

My name is Brit and I am the founder and designer at BeachCandy Swimwear. And I find myself quite reminiscent these days because I founded the brand almost 10 years ago. And what’s funny is that with all the time that’s passed, my “why” has remained intact. I embarked on my lifelong journey with BeachCandy back in 2007.

And my mission with the brand was to provide a pristine swimsuit experience for women of all kinds. I could relate at such a young age to what most women don’t experience until after childbirth. And at my young age, I could barely express how awkward I felt when it was a pool birthday party. 

I truly believe this deep rooted insecurity in a swimsuit and in my body fueled my adoration for fashion. I wanted to rewrite the narrative of what I wore and how I wore it. And after years of study through my teens and into college in NYC I met my destiny. 

I trademarked the name ‘BeachCandy’ in 2007 during my Junior year of college. With every intention to to build a brand that empowered women.

no pinch bikini bottoms

Almost 10 years later...

And so here I am, almost 10 years later, in self-quarantine, worried about our world, but reflecting on all the blessings and positivity in my life. And BeachCandy is certainly one of those blessings. 

The simpler term “no pinch swimwear” means so much to me because it is one of the building blocks that led to my “why.” I wanted to be the one to make swimwear that didn’t pinch, but smoothed. Didn’t slouch but supported and most of all, was an extraordinary experience. 

I like to take a stand for the women with larger busts and everyone in between. Those who have been burned by ill-fitting swimsuits, but love the idea of wearing a bikini. 

Our swimwear is built for all cup sizes and if you wanted something outside of what's available guess what? We offer a world-class custom swimwear service. I believe strongly in providing coverage without sacrificing style. 

I stand for every woman finding her perfect fit....

Whether it’s high waist bottoms, a bikini or one piece swimsuit, I love to create the illusion of perfection for each individual woman. And with the right coverage and support that feeling of “extraordinary” is possible for women of all body types. If you have a smaller bust, our molded cups are engineered for the best cleavage you have ever known.

We offer a beautiful selection of swimwear options to suit the direct needs and wants of women. I have personally been on the receiving end of every request from our customers in our fitting rooms over the past 10 years. I am so blessed to say that this real feedback is what our brand is built upon. So let’s draw attention to all the beautiful parts of you and conceal any and all of your concerns.

While shopping online please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff. It is our passion to assist you in finding the perfect personalized fit for you. If you want to know what our BC Babe favorites are just head over to our bestsellers page. And feast your eyes on some extraordinary timeless classics you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

There is something truly magical about the BeachCandy brand and I am so inspired to find out just what that is. After 10 years in business you would think I have it all figured out, but the truth is we are just getting started. 

We have so many more lives to touch and so many more messages to market. I am so proud to say I stand for women. Period. And fashion is just an after-effect that has captured my heart. 

From the bottom of my heart,
Brit B. Founder & Technical Designer
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