7 Day Detox 

The Ultimate 7 Day Detox

This is not another juice cleanse. We are here to share the raw dirty truth -- as our founder heals from a crippling autoimmune disease and has now declared all women have a right to wellness.

The advancements of modern day living have led us all to a toxic overload. And with all the new ways to “lose weight” and fix your daily diet, you could be hurting yourself in the long run. You could also be deteriorating your body with just your everyday products and electronics around you.

From plastics to GMOs there are millions of harmful items society has deemed ok or even healthy. Low fat food diets have actually become more harmful with their sugar and processed qualities. While these seem like too many things to fix, you can begin by doing a simple 7 day detox to clear the body of what may be hurting more than helping.

We have compiled a list of ways that you can change your daily life in a healthy way with the ultimate 7 day detox. Our advice, tackle one toxic takedown per day.

plastic water bottles
Photo by George Becker.

1. Get Rid Of Plastics

One of the largest health topics of the last 10 years has been the use of plastic and how it not only affects the earth, but our own health. The simplest way would be to ditch plastic water bottles for water from your life forever. Invest in a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle and carry with you at all times. Micro plastics can pass through the blood brain barrier and causes altered immune responses and trigger cell death. 

Mircoplastics are found in food packaging, feminine products, cookware, bottles, McDonalds chicken nuggets, and so much more. This is where a slight investment would come, it would save you and your money in the long run. Water filters and your own reusable glass bottle is the perfect alternative to ever using plastic bottles again. Stay tuned for more on how important clean water is coming soon...

Another substance, similar to the one in plastics, that is harmful can be found in fire retardant items. While you may think that isn’t many things you would find in a home, it’s actually on almost everything in your home. From your mattresses to couches to even children’s pajamas. The way to fix this is to buy fully cotton clothes for your kids and organic household items.

2. Organic Single Ingredient Foods

The low fat food movement is one of the biggest setbacks on this country's health. It has only made us fatter and sicker in the long run. There is little to no health benefit from low fat foods and it is actually harmful to your health since fat is an essential to your daily nutrients. 

The added refined sugars in low fat foods are also extremely harmful to your health and any weight loss detox diet plans. Low fat foods are filled with refined sugars because the processing companies use it for flavoring. 

Healthier ways to eat and avoid low fat foods would be eating more fruits and vegetables or having homemade sweet potatoes instead of the healthiest brand of french fries. Clean eating with items like fresh fruits is just one of many ways to detox your body in an easy and simple way.

In general, you should avoid highly all inflammatory processed foods, apologies in advance, this means anything in a package. Your digestive system along with every cell in your body will thank you for it.

Did you know the more fat on your body, means the more toxicity??

Ever wondered how the French stay so thin? They are not as inflamed.

Fat is precisely how your body stores toxic heavy metals, glyphosate, herbicides, and don't forget the micro-plastics from the water bottles above. The additives, chemicals, inflammatory oils, and GMO ingredients in most foods today are slowly robbing us all of our wellbeing. Our body's on a cellular level are overburdened with toxicity, it's no wonder cancer and every inflammatory disease is growing at a rapid pace. 

Want a grocery list, check out our 7-day anti-inflammatory flush.

various pills forming a question mark shape
Photo by Anna Shvets.

3. Pill Pandemic

No, we are not giving any recommendations about serious pharmaceutical pills. We want to talk about pills in general. And what different ones mixed together can do to you in the long run. When taking so many vitamins and other health pills, you may actually be hurting your body's immune system and causing more harm than good.

When you take too many different pills to help with every function of your body and fight against every outside factor, your body begins to no longer be able to do it on its own. This is where you get the people who at some point in their life, for what seems like no reason, become allergic to everything. 

They sneeze in every house and get itchy eyes on every walk. It may be caused by too many pills that have actually caused their body to become overly sensitive to things like dust and any factor from nature. There is always a way to slowly detox from something like this. Talk with your doctor, they will be able to order lab work to map out the best supplements for you.

4. No To GMOs

In case you didn’t know what GMO might stand for, it’s genetically modified organisms. The GMO plant is modified so it can handle poisonously high amounts of chemical pesticides in the seeds so they can grow in abundance and not naturally. What that means is strictly business, higher sales and faster production. These poisonous food particles are in the bulk of our daily meals from children and adults alike.

GMO foods are more of a business scheme than a healthy option for consumers. They provide no sufficient nutrients and with the growth of GMO companies, farmers are rebuying GMO seeds each year instead of saving natural seeds from the season before. To avoid foods like this you can buy organic foods or buy locally from smaller farmers who don’t grow genetically modified plants.

wifi router
Photo by Aditya Singh.

5. EMFs

Don’t worry, this one isn’t in your food. EMF actually stands for Electromagnetic Fields. What is causing this harmful radiation... cell phones, your wifi, Alexa, and smart meters. These are all, as we know, harmful to your health. Overexposure to EMFs can lead to headaches, nausea, anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms that can be avoided.

There are many ways to block out any harmful EMFs. One way to avoid unneeded EMFs is to turn your WIFI router off at night. Some routers come with a timed setting to have it run at only certain times, but if not just turn it off then turn it back on in the morning. It’s like one long reboot each night, for you and your WIFI. 

You can also avoid unwanted EMFs by going back to the wired way of things. Ethernet cables and plug in headsets are easy ways to avoid any WIFI or Bluetooth EMFs in your home. You can also refuse a smart meter in your home due to its harmful electromagnetic field.

Last but not least, read our most recent wellness blog on how to Heavy Metal Detox. Follow these guidelines above for 7 days (or a lifetime) and feel the impact of a slowly detoxifying your life. We love to hear from you, let us know how your detox goes in the comments below.

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Written by Kayla O’Sullivan 

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