10 Holistic Habits That Cost Nothing

10 Holistic Habits That Cost Nothing

In today’s post we would like to share 10 ways you can detoxify your life without spending a dime. It is time to break the stigma that an organic non-toxic lifestyle is out of reach due to exorbitant costs. In fact, a less-is-more approach can be taken to decrease you and your family’s toxic burden. What we consume, breathe, and touch daily will determine our health and well-being.

While many of us women and moms out there are painfully aware of the toxic everyday products and practices out there, this is to serve as a reminder in the new year. Perhaps this inspires you to pay it forward to a friend who could use some enhanced awareness. 

Did you know research shows that the air within our homes is 2-5 times more toxic in our homes than outside? This is thanks to chemical cleaning products, toxic beauty care products, fragrant candles, plastic toys that give off gas, and more. 

We share this not to bring more worry and anxiety into your life but to empower you. Get proactive with these 10 holistic habits below. By decreasing the toxins in your household, you ultimately reduce risk of allergies, chronic illness, even hair loss. So without further delay, let’s get into it.


When shopping for your produce it is crucial to understand what to buy organic and what isn’t necessary. We understand eating 100% organic can be impossible. But there are 12 fruits and veggies that have the highest pesticide amounts to avoid. They are: strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, and potatoes. 

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The simple act of mindfulness in your home can lower your family’s toxic burden tremendously. When we wear our shoes in the house, we track harsh chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides into our home. And once they are in, these pesticides can remain for up to one year! So simply leave them at the door to keep your home cleaner with this simple holistic habit.

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Did you know that just the word “fragrance” is an FDA approved title to conceal over 3000 chemicals? This means all our favorite smell-goods are breaking down our health and well-being with each inhalation. There is always a healthier alternative.


Non-stick pans have a chemical make-up called PFCs and when we cook in these pans, it gets right into our food we consume. Stick with cast iron or non-toxic ceramic to feed your family a nutritional meal without harmful chemicals as an ingredient.


We are all moving at the speed of light everyday to get things done, but the stress of our lives is killing us. It is so important to take 5-10 minutes out of your day to breathe, check-in, and focus on each exhalation and inhalation. YouTube is a great resource for guided meditations at no cost. It is also a great place to find free workouts like yoga or simple resistance strength exercises.

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One of the BEST ways to detox your body of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins that do not serve you is to sweat. Research shows that sweating for 30 minutes a day is a free and easy way to detoxify. Whether you hit up your local gym’s sauna or sweat it out on an elliptical, take time for this holistic habit 4-5 times per week.


We are surrounded by our electronics on a daily basis. For most of us, they are the portal to making a living. But when it comes time to wind down at the end of the day, it's time to turn them all off. Blue light emitted from cell phones and all screens can disrupt your sleep, decrease production of melatonin, and throw off your circadian rhythm. Eight hours of sleep every night is crucial because this is when your body rejuvenates each cell in your body.

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As we have mentioned above, the air in our homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than it is outside. This is not a job for Febreeze, as that would fall under the toxic fragrances to avoid. This holistic habit is as cost-free as it gets, simply open the windows and ventilate your home daily. It is so important to breathe in fresh air everyday to oxygenate your body with each breath you take.


If the root of all disease is inflammatory, then why do so many Americans cook with highly inflammatory oils? We blame the media and food industry at large for countless unhealthy habits in America. Why are these oils so commonly used? Because they are cost-effective and friendly to a company’s bottom line. 

It is important to stay away from all vegetable and seed oils as they are highly inflammatory. These also contribute to weight gain if that's a motivator for you. Use refined coconut oil, organic olive oil, or avocado oil for all your meals and ditch the cheap inflammatory oils. 


Enter reusable shopping bags & reusable paper towels--two of our favorite ways to reduce waste. Upcycle, recycle, regift, reuse, repeat is an incredible way to align with a higher intention for future generations. If we all made the planet a better place while we were here, what a wonderful world it would be. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog article on our Top 10 Holistic Habits That Cost Nothing. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe in making women shine their brightest in a swimsuit and beyond.

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