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ISLA Womens Concho Belt

ISLA Womens Concho Belt

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The ISLA Womens Concho Belt is our absolute favorite accessory this season. Especially when worn with your BeachCandy swimsuit and cover up. Add bold raw confidence to any look with this timeless Americana style. Add-to-cart before ISLA sells out. Again.
Color: Clay


Womens Concho Belt to Cinch Your Look

Ever felt like your wardrobe needed an extra accessory to compliment your one-of-a-kind style? Or, felt like creating the perfect hourglass figure? You won’t believe when we tell you that you really only need one piece of decor to place around the waist to upgrade your next look. 

Add a charming accent to your shopping bag that’ll bring all eyes adoring your new look.

The new and extravagant BeachCandy Ranch collection of women’s concho belts are a great accessory to upgrade your next look. Whether you find your way to the saloon, a fenced stable, or at an elegant western diner, this accessory will never disappoint. 

Our new collection provides four different charming concho belts to match with anything in your closet. Add an effortless gleam to a flowy dress or some flare to our variety of our other beachwear clothing.

The concho belts, available in four different colors, have the magic to elevate whatever fits your heart’s desires. Did we say you can also use the concho belt to create a slimming look?  Adjust the belt around your waist to your comfortability and still be able to move freely. Every person deserves to make themselves feel like an hourglass model. 

This concho belt is exclusively for women with luxurious, high-quality taste. Not only are the belts beautifully crafted, but they are also effortless to mix-and-match with other pieces of clothing. 

Mix and Match Your Style

We give you the option to match your outfit with the clear blue skies with a concho belt consisting of a turquoise blue stone. This belt attracts the eyes towards the waist with it’s vivid stones decorated on top of a silver, metal plate that reflects the rays of the sun. 

The elliptical stone in the middle of each decorated metal plate is finely arranged to create an elegant flower design. Each metal plate that is decorated with stunning stones is connected with circular metal chains that creates a long and superb design of a concho belt. 

The quality of the chain stays consistent with each and every concho belt. We guarantee that this belt will last you for endless options of outfits you can create for any occasion. Get ready to serve and look like the BeachCandy babe you are! 

Looking to match the concho belt with other accessories? Just like our beach cover ups – we’ve got you covered. 

Jessica Mesh Cover Up

With our perfect eye for upscale fashion at a reasonable price, we believe that this belt would best add color to fabrics with light colors. The JESSICA mesh cover up, with a dress-like fit in a sandy, champaign shade, would look even better with the turquoise-colored concho belt. 

Adding a pop of color helps enhance a more neutral-toned look. The contrasting color of a more natural shade will allow the vibrancy of the turquoise shade to draw in eyes in awe. 

The vivid color of the turquoise stone compliments outfits that show your relaxed and tropical vibes. Bundle your beautiful body with a concho belt that will perfectly accent our BOHO sheer beach cover up. This belt will complete the BOHO chic you were born to be.

Put on your rancher boots, that flaring cowboy hat, and our new concho belts to elevate your beach day in the water into a ranch runaway. 

If the last concho belt already sounds like your next item on your wishlist, wait until you see about this next style of concho belts. Our next selection of concho belts is very similar to the last design. Except his belt it’s dashed with a different color we think you’ll love. 

This style of belt has the similar type of stones forming a gorgeous flower – but with a peachy, desert rose. This concho belt peachy color will remind you of the pretty hues of pink in a radiant sunset while sitting on top of a beautiful horse. 

This color for the belt will be great to accessorize with lighter colored articles of clothing. Some great ways to add this belt to your wardrobe is wrapping it around our grand selection of white swimsuit cover ups.

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

Style the SABRINA Beach Cover Up with the concho belt to add some curve to the loose fitting fabric. Or, wrap the belt around the elegant FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress to upscale the beach wear from waves to the shore. 

We think those with an eye for fashion aren’t afraid to wear clashing patterns. But who said it wouldn’t look fiercely stunning. Don’t be afraid to wrap the delicate pink shade of the concho belt around your hips as you wear the VIDA Reversible Wrap Skirt.

On any occasion where you can get creative with a great selection of concho belts, you can never go wrong with our grand collection of BeachCandy clothing. 

We’re sure there are times you want to add a burst of color to a formal –  but fun – look. You have this vision in mind, and we can help. 

Imagine yourself wrapped with a belt that perfectly balances our tropical SEYCHELLES Summer Blazer. The concho belt will nicely peek through the blazer, wrapping yourself in a rich, fashion statement. Add this concho belt to your apparel and be the boss lady with an eye for quality style. 

Deciding to add a twist to your cocktail apparel? We have the two pieces to complement each other like the sand and the sea – or a saddle and a bronco. Never hesitate to create that  perfect ranch fit that illuminates your classy side. 

The Best in Vacation Clothing...

Wear our charming PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress while wrapping yourself with a subtle pop of peach. The light blue designs that cover the cocktail dress will create a cute combination with a hint of rodeo vibes that the concho belt gives. 

This concho belt has no limits to what you can style with – endless beauty with no hassle. Choose our next style of concho belts that creates the perfect accent to match the aquatic sea or the ravishing roundup. 

This concho belt is decorated with a turquoise, diamond stone right in the middle of a metal plate. Surrounding the stone are carved sketched designs that give an artistic, ranch aesthetic. The design of the belt consists of embossed pillars, like the petals of a sunflower, surrounding the turquoise-colored stone. 

The sunflower-like design is then surrounded by circular engravings. Small, circular chains then connect each metal plate with the gorgeous stone and engravings, completing any look that comes to mind. 

With the turquoise concho belt you can boost any piece of wardrobe you decide to wear. 

Our eye for style says you can wrap the belt around our LAVENDER Tie-Dye Strapless Maxi Dress. The turquoise color of the concho belt’s stone will match well with the turquoise hues of the tie dye colors of the strapless maxi dress. This style gives off a crossover of BOHO with chic cowgirl. 

Our great taste for sophisticated style believes the concho belt on the TAMARA Long Pants Romper can give you an hourglass figure. With a piece of clothing that already gives a cinched look, this belt takes it to the next level while adding dazzle to your outfit. 

Accessorize Your Look

The turquoise stone of the concho belt matches effortlessly with the MYTHOS layered necklace and the MIA Crescent Moon Necklace.  

The fourth option to style the waist is the concho belt with a squared metal plate embedded with a turquoise diamond-shaped stone in the middle. Surrounding the turquoise stone are small, intricate designs – like those on an embroidered knit blanket. Each detailed, metal design is then linked together by circular chains in the perfect length that elegantly accents the waist. 

We believe in consistency throughout our variety of products at BeachCandy. So, we think matching your accessories and outfits should also be consistent. For an aesthetic look, you’ll  definitely need to complete the turqoise theme aesthetic. 

That’s why we think this concho belt will perfectly match with the GRETA Tie-Dye Two Piece Set, a set consisting of a turquoise tie-dye blouse and long-slit skirt. The concho belt has the ability to transition the beachy fit on the pier to a night out on the ranch. 

The concho belt also compliments other BeachCandy’s pieces of clothing that lets you shine on a night out on the ranch. Slip into the sandy shaded Festival Fringe Tunic and add some vibrancy to the look with the turquoise hue of the stone on the concho belt. 

The retro look is definitely in, but you also don’t want to look outdated. Slip into a DAISY Mini Flapper Dress that gives off those 1920’s vibes, but creates a more modern, rancher look with the concho belt. 

While the dress looks immaculate on its own, who says adding an extra accessory was bad...

Experience our Famous Fit for Women Online Now

We definitely care about the wellness of BeachCandy users, which is why we make our accessories practical and stylish. That’s why we created our concho belts that match with an accessory that puts you first. As you wear one of the finest, protective face masks we offer, match with an elegant concho belt and call yourself the protected, chic rancher. 

Our new variety of accessories to glam your next outfit is available through the BeachCandy Ranch collection of concho belts. 

Create a more feminine look with the concho belt decorated with a peachy stone in the middle of a beautifully carved metal plate. Or create a more vibrant look to your fit with the concho belt embellished with the light blue or turquoise stone. 

However you imagine your next beach getaway or a night out on the ranch, make sure you bring the right essentials: a beach blanket, your favorite pair of sunglasses, and of course, an unforgettable accessory – a BeachCandy concho belt.

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Size Guide

BeachCandy Size Guide


BeachCandy Size Guide 


At BeachCandy, we believe all women deserve to shine their absolute brightest. From our ethically handcrafted American-made products to our signature Swarovski beading and now upgrading into the world of natural fiber organics. Experience our promise of quality over everything -- each and every design detail rooted in extreme quality and lasting power.

What began in 2011, as a famed custom swimsuit shop in Corona Del Mar, California is now packaged and shipped around the globe. Ultimately, we know what it takes to provide supreme support & coverage without compromising style. If you are looking to end the compromise when shopping, this is the woman-owned brand for you.

Our Signature Swarovski Candy beading is just one detail that ensures our customers feel exquisite in our famous swimsuits. When it comes to our world famous fit we are the best in the business. Tried, tested, and true on countless women from around the world. Our brand is built upon over a decade of fitting room feedback from women worldwide.

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Care Instructions

Plant-Dyed Organic Garment Care Instructions


How maintain your long lasting sustainable natural fiber garments — learn how to take care of your products, while extending their lifecycle and vibrant colors. 

— When it comes to washing your garment, you will want to wash on the “delicate” setting in cold water. Once complete, hang or lay your garment in the shade to dry.

— With all organic plant-dyed pieces, there is a possibility of natural bleed from the garment. Wearing your garment multiple times in between washes can help to prevent over-washing. We highly recommend using chemical-free detergent to keep these precious non-toxic garment pristine — even add a splash of white vinegar to preserve the color.

— When it comes to ironing your BTC organics, you will want to do so on the ‘wool setting’ of your iron. This allows the job to get done, while treating the fiber with gentle care. 

Be the Change Organics provide high frequency fashion made from natural fibers with benefits of sustainability, improved comfort, scientifically elevates your vibration (frequency), and reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.


BeachCandy Swimwear Care Instructions


BeachCandy swim is carefully handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, made to last season after season when cared for properly.

Start by filling a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear. Soak your swimsuit with a capful of swimwear cleanser and repeat this hand wash process after each use and only in cool water.

Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas. We recommend soaking the swimsuit for 20-30 minutes until it does not smell like chlorine or the beach any longer. Hang it to dry naturally in a shady cool place. 

Do not wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet. Chlorine and chemical exposure may increase the chances of damaging your suit. Rough surfaces, and/or heat may also shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric and Swarovski candy. We also recommend that you don’t accidentally toss your BeachCandy in a washing machine, dryer, or spot clean with harsh chemicals. 


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