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MAGGIE Swarovski Bridal Monokini

MAGGIE Swarovski Bridal Monokini

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The MAGGIE Swarovski Bridal Monokini is the best monokini and designed based off our bestselling triable top. Made with a gorgeous centerpiece provides amazing coverage and tummy control while creating and eye-catching hourglass figure. Adorned with Our Signature Swarovski crystals along the neckline and hips to have you shine.
Sizes: 0-2
Color: White


The MAGGIE Bridal Monokini is the BEST when it comes to monokinis and is designed based on our bestselling triangle top. Choose full or light VIP "candy" at the hips. Since several measurements are needed on the monokini style (torso length, waist, bust size, coverage, etc.), a customized fit is available. Just contact us!        

Swarovski Bridal Monokini

The MAGGIE Swarovski Bridal Monokini is a delightful monokini swimsuit that has the look of a bikini with the comfort of a one piece. If you're on the lookout for a cute one piece swimsuit, then this monokini may just be the perfect product for your tastes.

This is a top pick for a lot of our new mommies who are looking for a bit more tummy coverage without going to a full one piece swimsuit. This is also a terrific bathing suit for women who are interested in something that's a refreshing combination of alluring and modest.

Monokini Swimwear with Chic Tummy Coverage

We have designed the MAGGIE Monokini to provide the utmost support with our innovate triangle top design. The triangle top is built in and provides dependable support while also providing ideal back coverage.

The monokini's ideal triangle top is appropriate for women regardless of how big or small their bust size may be. Women can comfortably wear the MAGGIE Monokini regardless of whether their cup size so they can have their ideal swim look while feeling covered and confident.

We also styled the MAGGIE Monokini with a slightly longer torso design. However, no matter if you're petite or long and elegant, you can fit the MAGGIE to your perfect adjustments.

If you need to change up the torso length, please feel free to reach out and we can be sure to adjust it to your measurements for free. Our goal with the MAGGIE is to accommodate to all torso lengths so every woman feels their best in their individual MAGGIE Monokini.

The Perfect Simple Monokini Design

Due to the supportive triangle top, it is a great choice for all cup sizes (A-Cup through E-Cup)! Double straps are added on the Large (D-Cup), XL (DD-Cup), and E-Cup tops to provide even better support for a larger bust.

You also have the option to add pads to your MAGGIE Monokini to ensure extra comfort and support. For women with slightly larger cup sizes, the MAGGIE comes with convenient double straps. You can adjust your double straps to get your perfect amount of support.

You'll be able to fit your MAGGIE to your ideal comfort so you don't have to compromise comfort, look, or confidence. You can also choose between two distinctive hip choices for your ideal monokini look. We offer two different hip styles: the full VIP and the light VIP.

We hand bead each and every crystal to our monokinis. The Full VIP style is complete with over 300 individually handwoven Swarovski Crystals at the hips. The Swarovski crystals are the perfect choice to add a bit of shimmer and shine.

The Light VIP is the more economical option with less sparkle. We design the Light VIP hip style with over150 Swarovski Crystals, all hand beaded as well. Whichever hip style you decide to go for, your MAGGIE Monokini will be made to fit a queen. Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. All Candy Beading Guaranteed.

Customize Your MAGGIE Swarovski Bridal Monokini

The MAGGIE Monokini is available in two different colors - black and white. We have carefully chosen these two neutral shades so you can style your MAGGIE with your ideal cover up. These two colors fit any mood or environment so you look fit for any vacation or poolside getaway.

Paired up with any shoes or dress, the MAGGIE won't fail to please. With the MAGGIE'S wonderful versatility, you will be able to style and find your perfect swim look. If you lean on the more glam side of life, consider adding our BeachCandy Swarovski Candy. This perfect addition to the MAGGIE adds both elegance and glam in a perfectly small package. Our Swarovski "candy" is hand-sewn and detailed here at BeachCandy.

We guarantee your monokini look is glamorous down to the last Swarovski "candy". You can style your MAGGIE monokini with your favorite cover up! With its neutral colors, you can perfectly match up your MAGGIE, no matter your mood or style. Whether you're poolside or on a Bahamas getaway, your MAGGIE Monokini will look flirty and glamorous! And you'll be guaranteed to feel just as beautiful and confident.

Find Your Perfect BeachCandy Swimsuit!

If you need to adjust your MAGGIE Monokini to make it your ideal swim piece, please reach out to us here! We will perfectly adjust and design your MAGGIE to fit you and only you! Our goal at BeachCandy Swimwear is to design swim pieces every woman feels and looks their best in.

After several years of designing swimwear and listening to our clients, we have only the best swim pieces to offer. We have taken all of the requests and preferences we have heard and applied them to all of our swim piece designs. We want each woman to find their ideal swim piece because every woman deserves to own a swimsuit they look and feel their best in. Don't forget to add a cute matching beach cover up.

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Don't forget to add your Swarovski Bridal Monogram at checkout! Swarovski Custom Monogram: $100

Size Guide

BeachCandy Size Guide


BeachCandy Size Guide 


At BeachCandy, we believe all women deserve to shine their absolute brightest. From our ethically handcrafted American-made products to our signature Swarovski beading and now upgrading into the world of natural fiber organics. Experience our promise of quality over everything -- each and every design detail rooted in extreme quality and lasting power.

What began in 2011, as a famed custom swimsuit shop in Corona Del Mar, California is now packaged and shipped around the globe. Ultimately, we know what it takes to provide supreme support & coverage without compromising style. If you are looking to end the compromise when shopping, this is the woman-owned brand for you.

Our Signature Swarovski Candy beading is just one detail that ensures our customers feel exquisite in our famous swimsuits. When it comes to our world famous fit we are the best in the business. Tried, tested, and true on countless women from around the world. Our brand is built upon over a decade of fitting room feedback from women worldwide.

We recommend that you take your measurements first, then find your size on our chart above. See image that demonstrates how and where to measure yourself to find your perfect fit. If you have any doubts or questions about sizing, please feel free to contact our expert tailors at

Care Instructions

Plant-Dyed Organic Garment Care Instructions


How maintain your long lasting sustainable natural fiber garments — learn how to take care of your products, while extending their lifecycle and vibrant colors. 

— When it comes to washing your garment, you will want to wash on the “delicate” setting in cold water. Once complete, hang or lay your garment in the shade to dry.

— With all organic plant-dyed pieces, there is a possibility of natural bleed from the garment. Wearing your garment multiple times in between washes can help to prevent over-washing. We highly recommend using chemical-free detergent to keep these precious non-toxic garment pristine — even add a splash of white vinegar to preserve the color.

— When it comes to ironing your BTC organics, you will want to do so on the ‘wool setting’ of your iron. This allows the job to get done, while treating the fiber with gentle care. 

Be the Change Organics provide high frequency fashion made from natural fibers with benefits of sustainability, improved comfort, scientifically elevates your vibration (frequency), and reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.


BeachCandy Swimwear Care Instructions


BeachCandy swim is carefully handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, made to last season after season when cared for properly.

Start by filling a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear. Soak your swimsuit with a capful of swimwear cleanser and repeat this hand wash process after each use and only in cool water.

Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas. We recommend soaking the swimsuit for 20-30 minutes until it does not smell like chlorine or the beach any longer. Hang it to dry naturally in a shady cool place. 

Do not wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet. Chlorine and chemical exposure may increase the chances of damaging your suit. Rough surfaces, and/or heat may also shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric and Swarovski candy. We also recommend that you don’t accidentally toss your BeachCandy in a washing machine, dryer, or spot clean with harsh chemicals. 


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