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BARDOT Dress with Built-In Bra

BARDOT Dress with Built-In Bra

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The BARDOT Dress with Built-In Bra is our most revolutionary style this season. Inspired by living a life of raw confidence and simple sophistication. This could be just the beginning of new horizons for BeachCandy, giddy up!


BARDOT Dress with Built-In Bra

Introducing the BARDOT Dress: a dreamy look fit for any occasion that calls for elegance and created with a built-in bra to eliminate the bra-hunt stress that comes after your purchase. Not to mention the gorgeous, shimmery material and high leg slit on the right side that will set you apart from the crowd. Rest assured, everything you need is already packaged within this piece. 

BARDOT features underwire for both support and style. Although every woman can benefit from a good underwire bra, they’re especially beneficial to women with larger busts. We understand that many avoid underwire since it’s known for causing discomfort, but we’re here to assure you that’s not the case with our built-in bra dress. 

BeachCandy always strives to give you the best, putting quality over everything. Our BARDOT Dress with a built-in bra is no exception, as it’s American-made. This means you can trust that your piece will hold up overtime. Don’t miss out on a dress with a built-in bra, style, and tank top comfort.

Our Favorite Features of this Revolutionary Design

Have you ever put a clothing item back on the rack simply because you didn’t know what bra could possibly work with it? You may have stopped yourself from getting items designed with a low back, plunging neckline, or no straps. If this sounds like an issue you’re familiar with, then you’ll appreciate our BARDOT dress with a built-in bra. 

The built-in bra makes it so you won’t have to worry about buying one separately that doesn’t work well, nor do you have to fear the dress shifting to reveal the bra; a dress with a built-in bra ensures your look will always appear effortlessly put together. 

Perhaps you also avoid strapless pieces because they’re known to often slip, not provide the ideal support, and take up your attention the entire time you’re wearing one. Our BARDOT dress with a built-in bra is different because it’s made to be extremely secure and convenient. 

The underwire ensures you will receive all the support you need up top and the wings are paired with a tie that can be adjusted until you feel satisfied with the fit. Your dress will be secure enough to stay in place the whole time while providing the support and comfort you desire. 

Shop Dresses -- Inspired by Women Worldwide

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Why Choose BeachCandy?

You’ll find no other place quite like BeachCandy which exists to take care of your style concerns and desires. Find it all when you shop with us, whether you want swimwear, accessories, or more gorgeous dresses like the BARDOT.

Since 2011, it’s been crucial to us that we bring our customers the American-made quality they love and offer every woman the chance to feel confident. Learn more about us and take part in our women oriented community by following our Instagram.

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