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Petite Swimwear for Women

Women who are looking for petite swimwear have come to the right place. We help you choose the perfect designer swimsuits that are tailored to your figure. The petite body type would be defined as having a lean, column-like figure with narrow shoulders, leaner waist, narrow hips and a smaller bust. With a petite figure, you have incredible petite swimwear options at BeachCandy.  Whether you want a modest swimsuit with a high neck or a low-cut bikini with some sizzle, we have you covered with our collection of petite swimwear.

The ELLEN Push Up Halter Top creates a sexy push up bikini style with lifted cleavage and a beautifully high fashion supportive bust line. Mix and match printed petite swimwear are a great way to add dimension and elongate your figure. String bikini tops and bottoms accentuate your petite figure through its adjustable straps, providing more or less coverage wherever desired. The options of petite swimwear are endless and we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit just for you.

The Best in Petite Swimwear

Petite swimwear is an underserved niche in the market and we’re here to do something about it. We take pride in our commitment to luxury swimwear that breaks the stereotype of certain styles and fits only being wearable for one body type. 

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word petite is the assumption that petite means tiny. While this may be true in some cases, the reality is there is so much more to a petite woman than her size or height. 

To us, a petite woman is a force of nature, who embodies strength that she is able to use to empower other women. And, just like every other woman, petite women deserve to have swimwear options that give them the same gift of empowerment in return. 

We have found that concerns among our petite babes, when it comes to swimwear, often involve height, bust lift, and tummy control. From adjustable straps to high neck halters, we’ve got your back.

Take a look at our guide to all things petite swimwear.

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Year after year, the ASHLEY bottoms are the talk of the town. Everyone loves a good high waisted bottom for that extra tummy control, but what is often overlooked is the way a bottom like this can really elongate your legs. The higher cut redirects attention to the leg region, that appears much longer than it actually may be. Shop our entire collection of bikini bottoms for women.

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottom

The JOANNE is our cheeky, yet functional recommendation for petite babes. Complete with adjustable lace-up ties at the hips, the JOANNE holds everything down with no additional squeezing. This seamless bottom can be worn high waisted, which not only snatches your waist, but also gives you legs for days.

ST TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

We always come back to the ST TROPEZ bikini bottoms. High waisted styles are always a good idea for babes who are on the shorter side because the higher waistline extends your legs. The SAINT TROPEZ sits high on the hips to create an hourglass figure that gives the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. The simplicity of this bottom lets your body do the talking.

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The MADDY bottoms are where our loyalty lies. We clearly love a good high waisted bottom and the way it is able to throw our tummy concerns out the window, but the real selling point of this bikini bottom is the high leg cut. Perfect for our petite babes, the high leg showcases your frame like never before! Rain or shine, the MADDY is on your side. 

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

Longer legs with minimal effort? Sounds like our kind of swimsuit. The ELYSIA does just that! With a leg line that is cut slightly higher, even the most petite of our petite babes can feel elongated in this one piece. Some added benefits of this swimsuit are a cinched waistline and tummy control, both of which combined, create a dreamy hourglass shape. 

GINGER High Back One Piece 

Petite babes can be trendy too, thanks to the GINGER. This one piece allows for modesty and sexy to co-exist, thanks to the cut out that rests right above the stomach region. The GINGER has a high-cut leg line that effortlessly accentuates legs of any length. 

If You’re Looking for a Lift…

HALLE Corset Bikini Top 

The HALLE is what petite swimsuit dreams are made of. This bikini top is literally made to make something out of nothing. If you’re insecure about your chest size, we encourage you to give the HALLE a shot. The corset-style gives you a nice push up, without all of the push up padding.

RACHEL Halter Bikini Top

A moment of silence for halter tops. They stay working overtime and deserve some respect. The RACHEL is our original halter bikini top that we highly recommend for our petite babes! This top is built to support, and does so from cup sizes XS-E. 

LAURA Push Up Padded Bikini Top  

Low and behold, the LAURA. Our padded push-up top that was sent straight from heaven. The LAURA is complete with lightweight pads that enhance cleavage by one full cup size. To further tailor this bikini to your body, this top is adjustable at the neck, back, and front-center. Kiss your cup concerns goodbye.

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top 

The TULUM has our heart. The halter style offers several benefits in terms of lift and security. Plus, the wrap element of this top kills two birds with one stone by combining a cleavage boost with a lil extra stomach coverage. What’s not to like? Get your hands on this bikini top while you can.

We recommend pairing this top with a low rise bikini bottom, to maximize leg length, as the TULUM does cover a majority of your torso. If you’re looking for tummy control and/or coverage...

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Swimsuit Top 

Our ride or die tummy control suit is the JENNA. The V-cut of this tankini top minimizes tummy visibility, while still leaving some curves on display. If you’re not looking for the full coverage of a one piece, but still want to leave some things to the imagination, the JENNA was made for you. 

SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit 

Meet your match with the SUSAN one piece. We always recommend this swimsuit to our petite babes who are seeking a lil extra tummy coverage. The SUSAN offers a sort of security blanket, while still being cutting edge with mesh paneling and a plunging neckline. 

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

We see the KIMBERLY in our dreams on the reg. This bikini bottom is an over-achiever with a high-cut leg line and a fold over waistband, specifically designed for tummy control. Did we mention it’s a no-squeeze waistband!? Thanks to the KIMBERLY, your torso and legs both get their time to shine. 

KYLIE Swim Skort

If like us, you have days where you just aren’t down to wear bikini bottoms, then allow us to introduce you to the KYLIE Swim Skort. We know swim skorts don’t always get the best rep, but hear us out. The KYLIE is a mini swim skort, which is perfect for our petite babes who don’t want to lose any length. Plus, the hold-in waistband that completes this skort has a no-squeeze policy.

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