Swimwear 2018

Swimwear 2018 in Joli Magazine

Swimwear 2018

Swimwear 2018 is the best BeachCandy season yet! The “Summer of Color” was the theme of Joli Magazine Summer Issue with the fabulous Madison Otterbein modeling pieces from the BeachCandy Swimwear 2018 Collection.

Photographed in the beautiful Laguna Arts District, these collection of murals from abstract, bright colors, and more, making it a great spot to check out and uniquely gorgeous shots. Each shot gives off a relaxing, fun, summer time enjoyment.

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The cover photo has Madison wearing this beautiful red, white and blue Mauritius floor length caftan. Though this is a statement piece, she wears this piece effortlessly. As a swimsuit cover, this is meant to cover up and yet she still embraces confidence and poise.

These colors balance off each other in a way where both the mural and the model are beautiful artworks and yet not distracting from one another; rather they complement each other.

As we get a closer visual in the next shot...

...her smoky eyes captivate you. Our CARNAVAL Caftan that is shown again reminds us how this is a swimsuit cover but also a dress that can be wore on a girls days out. Feeling confident and bold in this statement piece.

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The following white ensemble captures summer time fun from the oversize brim white sun hat, sunglasses that feel glamorous and wearing almost pure American white crochet over a slimming one piece.

Each piece sells the ready for the beach relaxation time. The white, red, and blue alternating tassels provide coverage yet a peak a boo vibe. Her accessories give dimension to her figure from her triangular glasses, low V-neck cut on her crochet and the side cuts towards the wall. She is ready for fun and knows she looks great.

Each piece complements each other with similar colors to not distract from the mural.

The Chelsea Round Straw Handbag is compact and perfect to wear during the summer to pack all necessities. The khaki strappy heels elevate the look rather than just regular beach sandals. And finally her crochet is shown more in length in this full body shot and still embraces the ability to move and enjoy the day.

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This next photograph has our model in this SABRINA Versatile 4-way Cover Up, topped with a pink cowgirl tassel hat and paired with rose and white gold diamond flower fashion earrings. She is a fun outdoorsy type girl, clean but loving the natural world.

More relaxed and natural in this shot, she is showing off her cover up and giving us a shoulder peak to remind us of the swimsuit that is underneath. Whether you’re going to the beach or just getting your tan on, this ensemble gives a refreshing tone.

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This change of environment calls for a change in mood and design. Madison switches our attention to her colorful and dotted tunic with neon tassel trimming over her slimming white one piece and she pairs with her yellow gold fancy diamond cuff bracelet. The photo moves to the “Luxury Design Wall,” located at the Laguna Art-a-Fair.

This ensemble is more for the girls night out. She is the center of attention and not afraid. As she relaxes on the yellow cushion chair, she invites you in on her relaxing night out. In the picture to the right, she poses shy and yet you still want more. Her body language shows she has a mysterious side waiting to be known more about. She is the focal as everything else is blurred behind her.

Swing on over to the next photograph....

...with Madison enjoying the swing set. Her body language gives off an effortless in the moment emotion. She shows off her Jesse dotted tunic with neon tassel trimming. The neon color leans you over towards her head piece with sparks fun and care free time she’s having.

Underneath, she has a ELYSIA Slimming One Piece in pure white to keep the simple and non-distracting layout. This is a simple girl with a pop of fun. Her white gold multi-colored sapphire bracelet has a cute feminine touch with the butterfly detailing.

The shot to the right shows our model leaning over the fence, showing her swimsuit covers some dimension. Her SABRINA cover up lays over her JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. And her white MARTINA Lace Poolside Pants provide coverage but give the fun breeze aspect. Her white gold amethyst cocktail ring pairs well with her cover up, drawing the center of attention.

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These last two shots embody the beach swimming vibe most. The first ensemble rocks this green on green piece with her LEYLA Ruffle Triangle Top in Olive, LEYLA Skimpy Scrunch Bikini Bottoms and a MARIA Short Sarong over her bottoms. Madison soaks up the warm of the sun, the waves to her legs and the sand at her feet.

The last photograph shows our Madison she is adventurous that can still rock a cute swim suit. Her swimsuit is truly a killer statement piece as she wears an ELLEN Push-Up Corset Back Halter Top & Signature Swarovski VIP Bottom. The colorful rio print design knows this is piece to be talked about, to be noticed and to be daring.

But a girl like Madison shows no fear, stating how anyone can be confident in their swimsuits. She stands next to this outdoor surfboard shower so she can get dirty at the beach but can stay clean the entire time.

The Best of BeachCandy Swimwear 2018

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