Bridal Swimwear

Bridal Swimwear

Bridal Swimwear

Congrats bride-to-be! The bridal shower, bachelorette party with your bridal squad and the big day have all came to and end. One of the most important times of any women’s life is getting married. But, the honeymoon is just as spectacular if not more so for some.

Many of these top destination escapes require a bikini to tag along. Your honeymoon is a vacation that you’ll never forget. Why not treat yourself to a timeless suit for a bride like yourself? This can also be the perfect gift for a loved one tying the knot.

First of all, we take quality very seriously at BeachCandy. Each white swimsuit is guaranteed not to be see through, as the fabric is thick & double-lined. Swimsuits featuring jewels are hand-beaded genuine Swarovski crystals that will never loose their shine over time.

BeachCandy Swimwear prides themselves on a fantastic bridal selection. We kill it when it comes to glamorous and luxurious swimsuit styles. We have created a fantastic look book for you to see some of our favorite bridal pieces. You are going to fall in love with what we have to offer our beautiful bridal babes.

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bridal bikini bottom

BRITB Bridal VIP Swarovski Bottom

The BRITB Bridal VIP Swarovski Bottoms are a BeachCandy favorite! This is truly our famous bikini bottom. These sexy and glamorous bottoms are our ultimate bridal swimwear due to the Swarovski Beading. They are classic and elegant in style, yet the beading makes it extremely unique and sophisticated.

The crystals make this bikini a true bride bikini. Furthermore, bottoms are designed with comfort and security as a priority without comprising the style. Our customers come back time and time again just because of these magical bikini bottoms.

The designer recommends this bikini for every bride on their honeymoon to feel like ultimate princess. Additionally, you can call to make an appointment. We will take your exact measurements and makes sure that your bikini is the perfect fit for you. This way you will be feeling as good as you look.

ALEXA Classic Bridal Triangle Top

The ALEXA Classic Bridal Triangle Top is the best top you will ever on. If you know and follow BeachCandy Swimwear, you know how much we rave about the ALEXA top. We truly believe that this is the greatest triangle top out there. It is one of the most supportive bathing suit tops out in the market.

The ALEXA Classic Bridal Triangle top provides support, quality and has a superior fit. Even more, with the pristine fit and quality, this baby is guaranteed to last a life time. You will fall in love with how comfortable you will feel. Furthermore, superior performance fabric creates a sexy lift for every cup size.

It truly enhances the shape of any bust line making you feel and look sexy on your honeymoon. We sell out of this top every year and that should say something.

The ALEXA Bridal version of the top is so special because of the signature Swarovski Crystal beading that lines the edge. This extra sparkle is exactly what you need to complete your special bridal look. Have the ability to shine on all your honeymoon pictures. You will definitely stand out in this swimsuit and why shouldn't you?

luxury bridal swimwear for women


Wow this bikini is one of a kind! THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI is no joke. If you like to sparkle and shine this is your top ! Expertly made with Swarovski Crystals for more than 100 hours, this baby is incredible! The crystals are strategically placed throughout your triangle top to accentuate your cleavage and give you that super sparkle.

There is no other bikini like this one. Even more, it provides great support and comfort. If it is your honeymoon, there is no way that you are not going to want that super sparkle! You should feel like an absolute goddess walking the sandy beaches with your lover and this swimsuit will do exactly that.

As stylish as this top is, it does not lack in quality, support, and comfort. This top is designed with superior construction so that your bust is lifted and enhanced in the best way. Even more, this top is perfect for all breast sizes. You will shine like no other with The Billionaire Bikini Top LITERALLY.

MARIA Bridal Short Sarong Wrap

With your bridal bikini, there is no doubt you will need will need a little cover up to go with it. No vacation or honeymoon is complete without a beach skirt or wrap. This is perfect for a walk on the beach or for just a little more coverage. The wrap has to be as fabulous as your swimsuit and as fabulous as you.

That is why we have created the MARIA Bridal Short Sarong Wrap. This wrap is made in a super soft slinky mesh that is light weight and quick drying. You will feel effortlessly carefree in this simple wrap that can go with every swimsuit.

You can adjust this sarong in many ways so that you an have the exact amount of coverage that you desire. This is a must have purchase for every BeachCandy babe out there.

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

For the ladies that desire a bride one piece swimsuit, we have the perfect fit for you! Bestseller ELYSIA Slimming One Piece will not leave you unsupportive or unsophisticated wherever you rock this chic classic. It comes with ruching on the high waist that narrows the waistline & gives extreme support for the bust line.

It is gives you the perfect touch of modest, yet sexy look. This is a good fit for our BeachCandy Brides out there that feel more comfortable with full coverage. The Swarovski crystals add elegance and an unparalleled beauty to your look.

Just because this look is more covered than our other two piece selections doesn't mean you won't be looking sexy. We make sure all or swimsuits make you feel sexy. Many of our customers tell us how they feel sexier and better about themselves in our fabulously designed one pieces. The high cut sides elongate your body and slim down your waistline. Do whatever makes you feel the best for you honeymoon. 


For even more ways to add a special touch to your bikini you can add personalized Swarovski “Mrs. Monogram” to the booty! Your swimsuit & honeymoon will stay memorable forever. With over 17 swimsuits to choose in our Bridal Beachwear Collection everyone can find a perfect match.

Don’t see anything that quite fits your style? Take our Custom Swimsuit Quiz today! Design your own one-of-a-kind swimsuit perfectly tailored and made-to-order just for you.

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